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(RP) The dark march of the black exodus

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by silmwarensurion, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. silmwarensurion

    silmwarensurion Journeyman

    Mar 5, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Before the cataclysmic shattering of the Gem of Immortality, There was a dark elf clan that pursued, created, and studied complex philosophies. They studied philosophy not to enlighten themselves; but, too strengthen the understanding that all philosophy is absurd. For if one lives by a belief then that person is like someone with one eye. For all philosophy is a single idea that is both weak and strong. Therefore it cannot be truly utilized. All who did live by a single idea were limited in the great workings of the natural world. That clan was known as House Surion. Brilliant and intelligent they were. But in the grand books of Sosaria one will be lucky to find any archival documents about the Surion monks.

    After the gem of immortality was shattered, The house of Surion was somehow corrupted and they became borderline feral. They became horribly barbaric. Any who unknowingly entered there territory where never heard of again. There martial battle skills were of the highest regard. They were precise with there weapons. They struck to kill. But they also had a shrewed side. They also used treachery as a political weapon. They created lies and used manipulation like a sharp sword. They would try to create distrust and sometimes the would slip information that they desired things to be a certain way, knowingly that an enemy would then try to make it that way. But in fact the thing that they pretended too not want; would be the thing they wanted. Many an enemy would find the truth to this right before they were struck down by a Surion monk.
    House Surion soon became too great a threat to Sosaria itself. The elders of heartwood saw that if the Surions were not stopped that they would eventually spill there violence into the human lands. They greatly feared this; For they thought perhaps the Avatar would come and destroy elvish kind and perhaps Heartwood itself. So the elves of Heartwood set upon house Surion.
    House Surion did not lose a single warrior an martial combat. Many heartwood elvish warriors of reknowned were no match for even the most unexperienced Surion Monk. But there was magic. It was the great mystics of heartwood that finally subued House Surion. As a precaution, Heartwood elders placed restrictions upon House Surion. They installed stewards to oversee and to educate House Surion into more civilized beings. They taught them social skills and stylish elven aristrocratism. But this of course is what House Surion wanted all along...

    They walked. They walked south towards Delucia. There they would use the underground Tunnel through the mountains. They did not speak a word too each other. There was nothing that could console them. For sevaral hours they treked through the wild environs of the lost lands. There collective grief was so great that it caused the ether around them too become an aura of misery. So when a predatory animal or a malicious creature approached to cause harm; The aura would cause the creature to be filled with great sadness that it would stop its action and be filled with unbearable misery.
    Along the march the elves would cry as they dwelled upon the memories of the dead. They cried when they remembered the sweetest events they shared with each other. They laughed when they recalled the silly times when they were angry at each other.

    It was deep into the night when the reached the outskirts of Delucia. They decided they would make camp outside the city; and, would enter the town in the morning before the sun rose. They made a small fire and then bedded down to get some sleep. They looked forward to it, because they knew that for a little while they would not have to dwell upon the horror of what happened...

    Silmwaren got up and began to add more wood to the fire. Her advisor got up and suggested that she should get some sleep. Because it was going to be a long hike tomorrow. She told him that he will lead the others to sanctuary in the morning. Arent you coming with us he asked. No Silmwaren replied. I am going back to the monastery. The advisors heart sank. No he said. You must not do that. There is nothing there but death and sadness. No good will come of you going back. Im leaving now. Do as i say! she ordered. Please matron do not do it! I beg you. Ive made up my mind. Im leaving now. With that she got up and began to walk north. The advisor watched her walk and fade into the darknight. He began quitely weep...
  2. Sadness! Indeed great sadness for the Lost and Un-Enlightened. Truth, Love, and Courage are neither ambiguous nor open to ever new interpretation. The Great Principles, the foundations upon which The Eight Virtues rest Immovable, are Well Known, Historic, and embedded in the Ancient Lore of Sosaria.

    Abandon thy sadness, eschew evil, and embrace The Virtues. DeLucia is well known as a Land Protected and dominated by Tamers of many supporting disciplines. Most, if not All Tamers, embrace and Defend the Virtues. Their ties to both animals and lands make self-evident the Truth, Love, Courage and blessings of the Virtues.

    Cast off thy use of pain, death, and lies. Walk unto the Light of the Virtues and be welcomed and educated.

    A Monk of Baja