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The definition of "hard" has changed...

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Rocklin, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Rocklin

    Rocklin Guest

    This is not a spiel or a rant, but simply a reminder of where we have come from, and where we are.

    I hear so many people today describing skill leveling like Imbuing as "difficult" or "hard".

    I made a Grandmaster Blacksmith in 1999. I began the task in June of 1999 and playing roughly six hours a night and twelve or more hours on the weekends I made Grandmaster Blacksmith in September of 1999. Four months, and that was considered fast.

    There were no macros, no smelting bags and if the vendor didn't want to buy your wares you were out of luck.

    My point is, that the game has changed and perhaps what we consider "hard" is not so much "hard" as time consuming. I just had to speak up, I continue to see posts proclaiming the pain or raising a skill today. And I have to laugh.
  2. maroite

    maroite Guest

    This is true. :x I think people just forgot how tough it was to skill up things.

    On a side note, is there a reason why your sig is named "Midori" yet lacks any hint of green? :x
  3. Rocklin

    Rocklin Guest

    You know I get asked that all the time. lol

    If I could get her armor in green I would. My sig will be changing soon anyway.
  4. As far as I'm concerned imbuing wasn't very "hard" to do, the gains came fairly quickly. The only (slight) complaint I had was the cost of gaining it.
  5. Jermosh

    Jermosh Guest

    I remember getting 20per for Iron ingots and it would take a few days to dig 10k.
  6. Taylor

    Taylor Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
    VIP Stratics Veteran Supporter Alumni Campaign Benefactor Alumni

    Oct 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Man, it took me forever to GM blacksmith back in the day. Good times.
  7. Rocklin

    Rocklin Guest

    I am having flashbacks now. I remember that I basically mined until my bank box was weighted down. The old days you used to have a 425 stone limit.
    Anyway I would load the bank, then smith until it was empty and go again.

    All of the PKs knew not to attack my guild, because the reds would send their alt blues into Delucia to get repairs. Myself and one other smith were all they had. So if they fragged us or any guildie outside of Del, they had no one to repair and they had to ride all the way out to the old lands. Ahh, memories.
  8. jfkeach

    jfkeach Guest

    Yes, I fondly look back on those days and long for them. You did good if you made 10k gold in hours of combatting undead. The City of the Dead was a rocking place. Before AoS, I have 7xGM Smith char, 7XGM Mage, 7XGM Prove Bard Mage, and 7x GM Shield fighter, and 7XGM Warrior Archer. There was nothing i could not do or go in game.