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[Atlantic] The Delicate Hand of Justice [RP Story]

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Assia Penryn, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. Assia Penryn

    Assia Penryn The Sleeping Dragon
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 20, 2008
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    [From earlier this year.]

    "Your Grace, " the guard said as he dropped to one knee and bowed his head. Ariana lifted her delicate hand upward slightly as she signaled the man to rise, giving her unspoken permission to approach her. "Here is the incident report from last night, " he said as he handed her a long scroll to her with another bow of his head. She arched an eyebrow as if enticing the man to speak further on the subject as she quietly unraveled the scroll. "A visiting peddler was arrested promptly for speaking blasphemy against our Lord Church, " he continued, "We acted quickly for it pained our very souls to hear our Lord spoken of in such a vile and disgusting manner." He took a step back, keeping his chin tilted downward and his eyes lowered.

    Ariana lifted her pale blue eyes to study the man for a long moment. The slight tremble of his body and the quickness of his breath spoke volumes. She was sure had she had the sensitivity, the smell of fear would have been rank and suffocating. She smiled calmly and her tone had a sultry gentleness to it, "As it should 'ave f'our Lord is nay deservin' o' such unkind words. Our Lord is one t'whom we all should be eternally grateful for he in 'is venerable wisdom 'as given love an' attention upon our noble city t'at the ignorant would seek t'destroy. It is by 'is grace t'at we live an' it is 'is words t'at feed our souls the succulent nourishment t'at will sustain us long after most others wither an' die. It is only wit' 'is power t'at we may go beyond t'at which others cannae' an' nay even death will 'ave power o'er t'ose wit' whom he is pleased an' whose faith is strong."

    The guard bowed his head deeper, "You speak only truth, Your Grace."

    "Indeed, " she said. She looked upon the scroll as she continued, "He 'as been placed in a secure jail cell?"

    "Yes, Your Grace."

    "Were there any witnesses to 'is verbal atrocities against our Lord?" she asked.

    "Myself and two of the other guards, Your Grace. As soon as he started, we quickly moved in. We moved him away as much as possible from the citizens so as to not burn their ears with his vile words. He continued to speak ill of Lord Church as we escorted him to the jail and we finally had to render him unconscious so to not upset those loyal to our Lord."

    "Very good. It would seem as if 'is guilt is beyond question t'en."

    "I have no doubt that he will be found guilty at trial, Your Grace."

    Ariana's pale blue eyes flickered up from the scroll to study the man with a deadly calm, pleasant smile, "Surely ye are nay suggestin' t'at I am lackin' in some manner t'at ye would express a doubt upon such a verdict from my own lips an' retain thy support f'a verdict from t'ose whom are beneath me. I was appointed by our Lord t'care for this city an' surely ye donnae' doubt the judgment o' our Lord, fer if'n I am 'is voice t'an my words speak only truth an' justice. "

    The guard looked up and paled slightly, "Uhh.. No, Your Grace. I didn't mean to..."

    She spoke again, raising her voice very slightly to silence him mid-sentence, "Should I 'ave any reason t'doubt my own guards o' our city f'their truthfulness?"

    "Of course n...n...not, Your Grace, " he said as his voice wavered slightly.

    She continued to smile, her tone mimicking her facial expression, "I'm relieved t'ear t'at. For if'n I thought even f'an instance t'at I could nay trust the words o' any whom who guard our fair city, I'd be forced to 'ave their... employment... terminated."

    The guard swallowed, attempting a nervous smile, "Yes, Your Grace. Our love and loyalty is yours. "

    She looked at him for a long moment and then let her eyes drift back down to the written text upon the incident report. "Are t'ere any others currently bein' detained in our jail?"

    "He is the only one, Your Grace."

    "W'en there is nay one t'guard in the jail... w'at is it t'at my loyal an' lovin' guards do wit' their time?" she asked inquisitively.

    "Our scheduled patrols. In the evening f there are none to guard, most of us can have the night off to relax at the tavern, Your Grace." he said cautiously.

    She lifted her eyes, attempting to capture his gaze as she did so. "So if'n t'ere was nay one t'watch this evenin'... ye an' most o' yer men would 'ave the night off t'drink an' enjoy yerselves?"

    He answered hesitantly, "Y..Yes, Your Grace."

    She slowly began to roll up the scroll, leaning forward slightly on the throne with that same pleasant smile. "It seems almost injust t'me t'at this blasphemer is nay only given food an' water t'at would go t'furtherin' the health o' our loyal citizens, but t'at he deprives my loyal an' lovin' guards o' enjoyin' themselves after t'ey work so diligently in the care o' our city... after all... t'ere is nay doubt in 'is guilt... is t'ere?"

    "No doubt, Your Grace..."

    "Splendid. T'en I will trust ye t'see t'at 'is pathetic life does nay cause further hardship on our city than is absolutely necessary..."

    The guard swallowed as he grasped what she was suggesting. He bowed his head obediently, "Of course, Your Grace." She smiled and gestured towards the double doors with a couple flicks of her wrist. "Thank you, Your Grace..." he said as he bowed and then turned to leave.
  2. Assia Penryn

    Assia Penryn The Sleeping Dragon
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 20, 2008
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    Early the next morning, the communication crystal in Ariana's bedroom pulsed and elicited a low beeping noise. Ariana cracked one eyeball open and glared at it from the warm furs of her bed. She grumbled slightly and attempted to muffle the sound with one of the pillows as she internally debated and cursed. With a dramatic mental sigh, she threw off the warm furs and walked naked to her desk. She took a deep calming breath and touched the surface of the crystal with her fingertips. "W'at is it?" she asked, her voice betraying none of the anger at the disruption that seethed in her mind.

    "The head of the city guards is requesting to speak with you, Your Grace."

    "Tell 'im t'return later w'en it is a more respectable hour. Suggest t'at he invest in a wris****ch lest 'is lack o' foresight inta' the sleepin' habits o' his betters earn 'im a much lighter weight upon 'is shoulders by means o' an executioner's axe."

    There was a slight pause as if her own personal guard hesitated before speaking, "With all due respect, Your Grace. He is saying his matter is most urgent and could not wait to reach thy ears at a more respectable hour."

    Ariana smirked at the communication crystal as he eyes narrowed slightly unseen by the voice on the other end of the link. "Very well. Escort 'im t'my sittin' room."

    "Yes, Your Grace."

    Ariana lifted her fingertips with a slight growl as she whipped around to ready herself.

    The head of the guards was seated and stood respectfully as she entered. "W'at is it t'at 'is so important t'at he chose t'risk yer own life t'bear it t'my ears at t'is unrespectable hour o' the mornin'?" she asked even before she had fully entered the room.

    He bowed, "The prisoner we had detained the other evening has been poisoned, Your Grace. He's dead."

    She arched an eyebrow, "An' ye thought t'at the death o' a blasphemer who spoke such horrors against our Lord was a topic t'at required my immediate attention?"

    "I... uh... thought you would like to know that..." he said hesitatly.

    "O'course I would want t'know... however... at a more respectable hour."

    "Someone obviously snuck in and poisoned him, Your Grace!"

    She arched an eyebrow as he raised his voice. She then smiled calmly and walked over to him. He took a step back as she approached as if realizing he had spoken harshly and bowed his head as if to appease her. "Ye are positive he was poisoned by someone?"

    "Yes, Your Grace. It was definitely poison."

    "I dinnae' ask if'n he was poisoned, I asked if'n ye were positive he was poisoned by someone, " she repeated.

    "Uhh... well it seems only logical... that would be..." he stammered.

    She allowed her voice to raise a half octave as she silenced him as she spoke, "T'at two times now ye've tried my patience. First, ye wake me at an ungodly hour f'somethin' t'at could 'ave been addressed at a later time o' day. Then ye insult my intelligence an' question my ability to reason logically w'en I politely inquire f'more information regardin' an incident t'at ye personally chose inconvenience me wit'. As patient as I am, if'n ye continue t'irritate me I will find the need t'find entertainement at yer expensive."

    His skin turned white as a sheet as he grasped the dangerous situation he was in. He wisely chose to remain silent.

    "Now yer prisioner ye were guardin' was poisoned... which could only 'ave happened one o' two ways as logic goes. The first theory, is t'at someone poisoned 'im, either one o' the guards o' someone from the outside. With either medium, the guards ye are supposed t'be in charge o' were nay doin' t'eir jobs as t'ey should 'ave been. So ye chose a guard poorly an' they poisoned someone on purpose they should 'ave been guardin' or t'ey were so lazy t'at they let someone sneak inta' do it. Since ye are responsible f'the guards, the idea of -someone- poisonin' our prisoner seems t'lead back t'a problem wit' ye..."

    The guard began to tremble as his heart rate began to race as he listened.

    "However, I 'ave another theory... t'at someone accidentally left copious amounts of lethal poison in the cell an' our prisoner, albiet foolishly, chose t'injest said poison in mass quantities o' 'is own free will. In which case, although yer guards should 'ave been more observant as t'the contents o' 'is cell prior to placin' 'im in it... well, accidents happen an' as forgivin' as I am... I am willin' t'overlook the incident with a strong suggestion f'them an'... ye... t'be more careful." She looked at him with a pleasant smile, "Now which theory do ye think ye wish t'report t'me as bein' the reason we 'ave a prisoner whom is dead?"

    "The... second one, Your Grace. Your logic astounds and humbles me."

    "I'm sure it does. Anythin' else ye wish t'brin' so urgently t'my attention?"

    "No, Your Grace."

    "Lovely. Go enter it int' the log as an accident an' dispose o' the body immediately, " she said as she turned around and began walking towards the doors.

    "Yes, Your Grace."