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The Dius Fidus Guide for Enhancing to Create or Improve Neon Weapons

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Lord Dius Fidus, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. First thing to know is that it is possible to make a neon weapon from any iron weapon whether crafted or found as monster loot that has 10% to 90% Physical Damage. However weapons that are crafted out of colored metals, weapons that have been already enhanced and ( at this time)weapons that are not found on the blacksmith menu (i.e pickaxes, pitchforks, quarterstaves.)

    I will first go over the two simple rules to follow when enhancing then demonstrate how you can:
    Create Neon Weapons out of plain iron weapons.
    Improve/"lighten" an existing neon weapons color
    Change neon colors from one element to another
    Enhance to 100% Element damage in certain cases

    Keep in mind the requirements though:
    If it is a crafted weapon, it can not be crafted out of anything other then Iron.
    It can not have been previously enhanced.
    The weapon must have physcial damage property between (and inclusive of) 10% to 90%.

    The Golden Rules
    There are two rules to follow when determining what metal to enhance with.
    First the material bonuses are always added in this order:
    1. Cold
    2. Energy
    3. Fire
    4. Poison
    Second the amount of the material bonuses added are directly subtracted from the existing Physical damage property of the weapon. This is why it must have at least 10% Physical damage.

    These are the material bonuses for the colored metals for damage properties:
    Dull copper: Does not give a material bonus for the Damage property. Not of use in making neon weapons
    Shadow: Adds up to 20% Cold
    Copper: Adds up to 20% Energy first then 10% Poison
    Bronze: Adds up to 40% Fire
    Gold: Does not give a material bonus for the Damage property. Not of use in making neon weapons.
    Agapite: Adds up to 30% Cold first then up to 20% Energy.
    Verite: Adds up to 20% Energy first then up to 40% Poison.
    Valorite: Adds up to 20% Cold first then up to 20% Energy then 10% Fire then 10% Poison.

    The total amount added depends on the existing physical damage. For example, if the weapon has 20% Physical Damage, then enhancing with Copper will only add the 20% Energy and subtract the 20% Physical. There will not be room to apply the Poison damage.

    Experiment one: I used a dull copper runic to craft a non neon Iron scimitar that has
    60% Physical Damage
    20% Fire Damage
    20% Cold Damage
    Knowing the order that material bonuses are applied and having 60% Physical resist to play with, I know what the end result would be with a successful enhance with each metal. If I enhance with Shadow, I would have a non neon weapon with 40% Physical/20% Fire/ 40% Cold.
    If I enhance with Copper I would have a non neon weapon with 30% Physical/20% Fire/20% Cold/20% Energy/10% Poison.
    If I enhance with Bronze, I would have a Neon Fire weapon with 20% Physical/60% Fire/20% Cold.
    If I enhance with Agapite I would have a Neon Blue weapon with 10% Physical/20% Fire/50% Cold/20% Energy.
    If I enhance with Verite I would have a Neon Green weapon with 20% Fire/20% Cold/ 40% Poison/ 20% Energy.
    If I enhance with Valorite I would have a Neon Blue weapon with 30% Fire/ 40% Cold/ 20% Energy/ 10% Poison.
    I decide that Bronze is the best for this weapon just to give it the highest intensity I can in a single element (60% Fire Damage)

    Experiment two: I used a dull copper runic to craft a non neon Iron Halberd with the following properties.
    40% Physical
    30% Cold
    20% Poison
    10% Energy.
    Comparing the varios metals I decide that I want it to have more cold damage which means using Shadow, Agapite or Valorite. I don't want it to have any physical damage property so using Shadow is out since it would leave me with 20% Physical.
    Knowing the order that the elements are applied and knowing that I only have 40% to work with, I know that if I use Agapite the 30% Cold would be applied and then 10% of the Energy. The other 10% Energy that Agapite has would not be added since I am not out of physical damage to subtract from.
    If I used Valorite then 20% Cold and 20% Energy would be added and 10% Fire and 10% Poison would NOT be added. I decide to go with the Agapite which would yield me a higher Cold damage property (60%)

    Experiment three: Using a dull copper runic I craft a non neon Iron double axe with these properties:
    40% Physical
    10% Fire
    30% Poison
    20% Energy
    I could use Bronze to make a Neon Fire weapon with 50% Fire/30% Poison and 20% Energy, but I decide I want another Neon Green weapon for my collection. I decide to use Verite which has the highest Poison modifier. However, Verite also adds 20% Energy and Energy is higher on the list then Poison. So I know that when I enhance, 20% Energy would be subtracted from the 40% Physical damage leaving only 20% Poison to be added using the remaining 20% Physical Damage. So I end up with a Neon Green weapon with 10% Fire/50% Poison/ 40% Energy.

    Experiment four: Making a Neon weapon Brighter. In this experiment I have a dull copper runic crafted Iron Battle Axe that is already Neon Blue. It has some Physical Damage though so I want to make it a brighter Neon Blue. Its properties are:
    20% Physical
    40% Cold
    10% Poison
    30% Energy
    Since I am going with Cold, I can use Shadow, Agapite, and Valorite. However I only have 20% Physical Damage to work with. All three metals will have the same end result; only adding 20% Cold. Agapite will only add 20% of the 30% Cold it can add and no Energy and Valorite will not add any Energy, Fire or Poison. Since Shadow is trying to do the least amount of enhancing, just 20% Cold and then durability, it will have the best success rate at enhancing so I go with it to make a brighter Neon Blue weapon with 60% Cold/10 % Poison/ 30% Energy.

    Experiment five: Changing to a different Neon Color I decide I want to Change from one Neon Color to a different one. I have a dull copper runic crafted Neon Pink Iron Mace that has these properties:
    30% Physical
    20% Fire
    10% Poison
    40% Energy
    I decide I want a Neon Fire mace instead and determine it is possible by adding Bronze. Bronze can add up to 40% Fire but in this case will only add 30% since Physical Damage is 30%. I end up with a Neon Fire weapon that has 50% Fire/ 10% Poison/ 40% Energy. Since the Fire Damage is of a higher intensity now then the Energy, the weapon changes color to Neon Fire.

    Experiment six: Creating 100% intensity in one element. Based on this information I know that in certain cases I can enhance weapons to 100% Fire, 100% Cold or 100% Energy. I also know I can NEVER enhance to 100% Poison. To enhance to 100% Fire, the weapon must be either 40% Physical/60% Fire or 30% Physical/70% Fire or 20% Physical/ 80% Fire or 10% Physical/90% Fire. The material I would use for any of these is Bronze which only adds Fire.
    To enhance to 100% Cold, the weapon must be either 30% Physical/70% Cold or 20% Physical/80% Cold or 10% Physical/90% Cold. For the 30/70 weapon, I would have to use Agapite. For the 20/80 and 10/90 weapons I could use Shadow, Agapite or Valorite but I would go with Shadow for the better success rate.
    To enhance to 100% Energy, the weapon must be either 20% Physical/80% Energy or 10% Physical/90% Energy. I can only use Copper or Verite for either of these , but I prefer Copper over Verite for the better success rate.
    Can not enhance to 100% Poison, The Only metals that modify poison are Copper, Verite and Valorite and each of these has a modifier thats higher in the order of application; Copper and Verite will always add the energy first and Valorite will always add Cold first (then Energy and Fire before getting to Poison.)

    With this knowledge, I go through my monster loot collection looking for weapon that I can enhance to 100% in an element. I find a bright Neon Blue war axe with these properties:
    20% Physical
    80% Cold.
    I try to enhance with Shadow and succeed to make a bright Neon Blue 100% Cold Damage war axe.

    Hope that helps for those who want to make neon weapons!
  2. Gizmo

    Gizmo Guest

    Very good info here. Thanks for the hard work. Hopefully at least part of that could be added to the FAQ.
  3. Aragorn_II

    Aragorn_II Guest

    Very informative and helpfull, well worth keeping up. One question though, I was aware of the need for Physical Damage, but I was advised that although that it is how it suppose to work, it currently doesn't work that way? As you have done tests, I am sure that it does work. =( I have a war hammer that is only 10% Physical, 50% Cold, 40% Poison (also 18 Mana Leech)... I wanted to buff up cold... but why take the chance with only a 10% increase. Anyway, thanks for the info, once again VERY helpfull!

  4. Gizmo

    Gizmo Guest

    There were some posts here, a while back, about people who attempted to enhance to increase only 10% (or less than the max value). although the enhance succeeded, the damage didn't change. I'm not sure when this was fixed, but it seems to work fine now.

    Success rate is pretty good for enhancing weapons (except with gold). but if you like your weapon the way it is, it probably isn't worth risking.
  5. For any weapon of about Copper Runic properties and below, the success rate seems to be very high for enhancing to get neon colors. I'd guess with al the iron weapons Ive created using dull copper, shadow and copper runics, Ive got a success rate of about 70/30 in enhancing. In fact most of my failures with these lower end weapons come when I try to enhance a luck weapon with Gold. I've had no problem enhancing weapons with 10% physical just to get 10% in another element. If the warfork was mine, I'd try to enhance it in a heartbeat. However if the weapon is one you use often, maybe you would be better off not taking the chance.
  6. chak

    chak Guest

    I have sat here for the last hour trying to craft a weapon with less than 100% physical. How in the hell do you do it? [grin] I have tried regular smithy hammers, runics from dull on up to copper, store bought hammers, nothing is working for me. But you clearly say in your experiments that you used a dull copper runic to craft the weapons. What am I missing here? I have no idea myself, as I have read and re-read through your post and still not getting it. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Animal1

    Animal1 Guest

    Only runics can do this. Making a neon is a pure random dice roll even with a runic. Neons will usually be made every 15 to 20 runic swings on avg.

    I recommend using iron ingots then enhancing with best complimentary color ingot for the neon color you want.
  8. chak

    chak Guest

    I must really suck then...heh. I used up a couple dull coppers last night and couldn't get a single weapon with less than 100% in physical.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    most excellent post dius!!
    it never occured to me that there was a sequence of events in applying colors and that you could enhance with a metal even tho you dont have the full amount of physical available.
    i gather weapons all the time, (daily) and i love making them neon.
    you just added to my fun!!
  10. Well then I suck right along with you on this.

    How did he use a dc runic, iron ingots and get a weapon with 60 physical, 20 fire, 20 cold? I sure cannot do this. I have gotton 100 percent poison, 100 percent cold and 100 percent fire. The rest were just 100 physical and or some mods.

    What am I doing wrong here?
  11. Where are you? Is this how you enhanced neons with varied elemental resists? You used neons that were monster loot?

    Your Experiment One is totally confusing me. I cannot duplicate what you did with a DC hammer and iron ingots. I get either 100 per cent something as in fire, cold, poison or 100 percent physical. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  12. modi

    modi Guest

    >>Experiment six: Creating 100% intensity in one element.
    >>Can not enhance to 100% Poison, The Only metals that modify poison are >>Copper, Verite and Valorite and each of these has a modifier thats higher in >>the order of application; Copper and Verite will always add the energy first >>and Valorite will always add Cold first (then Energy and Fire before getting to >>Poison.)

    Gotta Diagree With you here. I've enhanced several Poison Weapons To 100% Using Verite. The Chance Of the Properties Adding in the Order You Listed Dosn't Seem to be an Absolute Definite. You Will End up With Some That just Add Energy, But if you keep trying you will end up with a 100% poison.
  13. Nair

    Nair Guest

    Anyone can confirm what modi said?

    I'm working on the research, but still no luck to roll a poison in front of energy /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  14. Puebles

    Puebles Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I can't tell you how useful this was for me. I have burnt runics trying to get a good weapon or armor. I never thought to enhance after seeing the pieces primary attributes. Dooooh, do I feel like a newb. Three bronze runics just waiting to be used.
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have a question regarding the upcominig Publish 21 for you Dius Fidus. Would you use an extra aggy or verite hammer to make a bunch of iron weps to enhance if you have a ton of barbed runics for making your armor? Or would you make them out of color ingots and if so which colors?
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Just one question: When you enhance does it matter whether you have the ingot colouring option on/off in the blacksmith menu?

    I wouldnt want to try to make a neon fire weapon (for example) that ended up looking like a boring old bronze one.
  17. Arctic_Wolf

    Arctic_Wolf Guest

    It makes no difference at all.

    Neon and ingot colouring are two totally different things, and neon takes precedence
  18. Armitage

    Armitage Guest

    awesome thread!
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have to agree, infriggincredible work! After reading your post created neon weaps on the first two out of three attempts! Great work Dius!
  20. Rand_Chessie

    Rand_Chessie Guest

    just had to post this, created a neon 40 cold 20 energy with a dc hammer and it enhanced to 70 cold 30 energy.

    Thanks for the work you did!
  21. Rand_Chessie

    Rand_Chessie Guest

    I had a katana that was neon green 20% poison, 10% cold, 10% fire, 10% energy so I figured I would enhance with verite to get 60% poison. Instead I got 40% poison, 40% energy, 10% fire and 10% cold.

    Guess that there is a chance that the first type of damage can be skipped/split.

  22. Rand Chessie, I think you might have recorded your original weapons stats wrong on your last example.

    1. You say the original was Neon green but it only had 20% Poison. I believe it needs a minimum of 30% of an elemental to appear Neon.
    2. The result shows an addition of 30% Energy and 20% Poison. This can not be right as Verite can only add 20% Energy. This is even stated on the UO site. This is a property of Verite. It can not add more then 20% energy anymore then using Bronze can add more then 40% Fire.

    A few people say they can enhance to 100% Poison. None of my enhancing shows this is possible. If you can do this please show before and after pics, and also whether the weapon was initially runic crafted or found as loot. Showing a picture of a 100% Poison Copper Weapon does not prove it was enahnced to 100%, since:
    A: A runic iron weapon that is created at 100% Poison can be enhanced with a colored ore still. (I enhanced a 100% Fire weapon with Dull Copper just for the durability. That does not mean I enhanced a weapon to 100% Fire using dull copper.)
    B. You can use your runics on colored ore to begin with istead of iron. In the early early days of AoS, before I started using only iron in crafting my weapon, I made a 100% Energy Copper Dagger.

    So basically, what I would like to see is a before enhancing and after enhancing picture.

    Ive tried enhancing specifically using only verite and copper now on literally hundred of weapons and all follow the same rule. I will say that almost all of them have been runic crafted iron weapons though. I don't find many monster loot weapons that would be useful in enhancing.
  23. cephas47

    cephas47 Guest

    Again, for what it's worth, 30% is not the minimum to have a neon appearance: should you luck out and loot a 50% Physical, 20% Fire, 20% Cold, 10% Poison weapon and enhance it with Copper, it'd make for what I call a "5-20 spread", 20% damage against each resistance like the Zyronic Claw or a dark father.

    Unlike the Zyronic Claw, the weapon will be a dark purple. It seems that, although Cold Damage supersedes all when applying damage/subtracting physical damage, Energy Damage supersedes all when it comes to coloring.
    Personally, I've yet to successfully enhance a weapon into "negative" Physical Damage range. (60% elemental damage of verite or valorite in a weapon that is only 50% Physical, 50% elemental damage of agapite in a weapon that is less than half Physical, etc.)

    The Illustrious Lord Cephas [Lord of Knights, V] (Napa Valley)
    Grandmaster Armsman and Knight of Compassion, Valor & Sacrifice
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Actaully my husband and I have enhanced weapons to 100% poison just because I cant post a picture of it does not mean that we are lying about it. All weapons that were enhance from monster loot and we only pick up weapons that can be enhanced up to 100% using ingots that give the highest possible. You chance of enhancement do help if you are using a 60 ash. Simply becuase you have not had luck with it does not mean it is not possible.
    There have been others who have been able to enhance up to 100% poison also but I guess we are all lying. We never said you can do it all the time I man if i had 50 weapons with 80% poison and I enhanced it with verite I might get 10 that are 100%. It is hard to do but worth it when you do it.
  25. molinaro

    molinaro Guest

    "..just because I cant post a picture of it does not mean that we are lying about it."

    No, but it does mean you are mistaken about it.
  26. molinaro

    molinaro Guest

    And it seems official now. Over in this thread, Leurocian was kind enough to look at the code and confirm that it is impossible to enhance poison first to get 100%.