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The Drums of War Part II

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by The Hamburgerler, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. The smell of burnt flesh and woods filling the ocean air. Aboard the H.M.S Britain, men wept over their lost wives children and relatives. Brendorian stood guard on the bow, while other used the crew's nest to look out for land and enemies. Morning had broken and the watchman called out, "Land! I can see Moonglow!" Almost immediately, the troops awoke, everyone rushed to the sides of the ship to view the lovely site of Moonglow, the richest city in Britannia. The sandstone buildings seemed to made of gold. It looked like heaven after the Hell of Skara Brae. The 4 ships pulled into the harbor. Brendorian stepped off to a crowd of citizens confused about what had gone on. Brendorian and the captain of the Skara Brae militia made their way to the Town Hall, where the mayor was. The doors swung open and the mayor along with 5 heavily armored guard came out to greet them.

    "Welcome to Moonglow Captain Brendorian." Mayor Timily said with a slight smile.

    "Thank you kindly, sir." Replied Brendorian. "This is Roland, captain of the Skara Brae militia."

    "Hail, sir, tis very nice to meet you." Roland said.

    "As you sir Roland. So, gentleman shall we go discuss inside?" Asked Timily.

    Brendorain followed Mayor Timily through the tall wooden doors into the main chambers of the halls. They entered the meeting room where many important people sat. General Quade of the Brittanian Royal Army, Mayor Frendor of Trinsic, and at the head of the table, Lord British himself.

    "Hello gentlemen, welcome, please be seated." Lord British said deeply.

    Brendorian was in awe, in shock, the greatest leader known to man, Lord Britsih, was sitting right in front of him!

    "Yes, sir!" Exclaimed Brendorain

    "Now then, what is the condition of Skara Brae at the moment, Captain?" asked British.

    "Well, sir, it is completely over-run with....Well Im not sure with what, they looked like men but were extremely fast and agile, they attacked with great strength. They couldn't be human, sir." Brendorian reported back.

    Lord British thought a moment, closed his eyes and scratched his beard. He had a look of great sorrow on his face all the while keeping his wits about him.

    "Interesting. These...creatures, where did the come from?" British said softly.

    "I know not, sir. It was like the just....appeared from the depths of the sea! One moment the ocean was silent, the next explosions on the water." Brendorain said with confusion. He neglected to tell them about how he fell asleep.

    Lord British nodded. He motioned his hand to the corner as if he beckoned someone to come. Out of the shadow of the corner appeared a man. Not only an ordinary man, but the Commander of the Legions of Brittannia, Lord Dupre himself.

    "This is Lord Dupre. He-" Before Lord British could finish speaking Brendorian stood up walked over to him and shook his hand.

    "Oh...Oh my...You sir are the greatest warrior to ever live!" Brendorain yelled.

    "T-Thank you.." Dupre sputtered.

    Lord British cleared his throat. Brendorian looked said his sorries and sat back down.

    "Lord Dupre might know what these things are." He replied with a slight smile on his face.

    Dupre nodded. "I have encountered creatures of this type before. They hail from the land of Illshenar. They are minions of Lord Blackthorn. These creatures may have been jukas or possibly, upgraded savages. Blackthorn taught them how to fight longer, hit harder, and to kill better. Somehow, he managed to get them to The Lost Lands. He most likely created an armada, and took them to the serpent pillars of Papua. There, they crossed into our world. "

    "Of coarse...." said British.

    "There is not much time, the riders you sent out have reached the towns however, I don't know if any other towns have fallen. Skara Brae is now Blackthorns stronghold." Dupre added. "We must organize a Legion of Britannia. I shall lead it. Britain, the capital, has been evacuated, all have been moved to Gargoyle City, they will be safe there. Lord British, you must sign a declaration of war for us to free our lands from this....parasite" Dupre handed him a piece of paper. British looked it over a mintue closed his eyes, and signed it. Dupre looked up to Brendorian.

    "Assemble the troops in Moonglow, more soldiers in Trinsic, Minoc, and the Yew archers have been assembled anbd are ready to depart by dawn." Dupre told him. Brendorain ran out the doors and already, and army of armored soldiers were waiting outside the door. At least 300 men had come.

    Night fell and the horror of Skara Brae was stuck fresh in the mind of Brendorian, he fell alseep. Come dawn, the fate of Britannia was in the hands of only 8,000 soldiers half of which were farmers with longswords. The battle for freedom had begun...

    [sorry so long i kinda got into it lol feel free to jump in]