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The Drums of War Part III

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by The Hamburgerler, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. Moonglow: The harbor was filled with ships to carry the men off to Britain, which had been rumored to been infested with the Blackthorn hordes. The ships set sail just before dusk. The sailed for 2 hours untill the coats could be seen. The rumors were true. The watchmen from each of the ships saw the black warships docked in the Britain Harbor. They would come ashore just down the coast from Britain and set up a camp from which they could operate until Britain was once again theres. Slowly, cautiously, the ships crept onto shore and released the armies of Britain. Immediately they began setting up outposts from which to fortify their positions.

    Britain, British Castle: A dark warriors approaches the castle where the captain of the Dark Legion sat awaiting updates. The kneeled and spoke in a deep voice.

    "Sire, a fleet of Britannian ship has landed about a mile down the coast, what do you command we do?" He said.

    The captain looked up from sharpening his sword. "Kill them, all of them." he replied. The dark warrior nodded and ran out of the halls. A group of 200 Blackthorn warriors were heading out to ambush the forces of Britannia.

    British outpost (1 hour later): The night sky was cloudless. The watchmen on the makeshift towers looked outward. Nothing was seen. Suddenly, a great pounding came from the treetops. Louder and louder it grew until it seemed right on top of them. Drums. The watchmen yelled " INCOMING FORCES!" A horrible screeching was heard through the air followed by a booming explosion. Brendorain rushed out of his tent ready to fight.

    "ARCHERS ON THE TOWERS AND WALLS!" He yelled. "NO BLACKTHORN SHALL ENTER THIS OUTPOST!" A horde of archers in chainmail ran past him holding longbows made by the men of Yew. The hordes of the legion pounded against the walls of the outpost.

    "SIR THE WALLS WONT HOLD MUCH LONGER! THEY ARE MADE OF.." Just then and arrow pierced Roland's armor and he fell to the ground. Brendorian looked at him on the ground looked back up at the walls in time to see them shatter apart. In rushed the hordes of Blackthorn. They were met with the clanging of swords and sheilds. Brendorian rushed on with his steel Claymore.

    He took on 3 savages without being hit until the next explosion came from behind him knocked him to the ground. It seemed like an eternity until he regained his senses. Not a moment too soon either, as he rolled over a legionaire came full force down upon him with a sword but was caught by Brendorian's claymore. Blood ozzed from the man's mouth and onto the face of Brendorian. It slid all the way down on top of him. He pushed it off, and got back up a bit dazed. A rather large orcish looking man was standing in front of him now. Brendorian lunged at him and struch but the orish creature punched him to the face and stabbed him in the arm. Behind him a Yew archer dressed in a hooded cloak shot an arrow straight through his head.

    "Th-Thank you," Brendorian cringed. Behind him the fight went on but for the most part was over, on the side of Britannia. "This is only a... Preview of whats to come." The archer only looked at him. Brendorian looked back. "You, you look familiar, what is your name."

    The archer took his hood off to reveal a shock for Brendorian. "Blackthorn?! How....How did you get here." He was absolutly in shock.

    "We will meet again, captain." Behind him men realized who it was and rushed to kill him but before they could he chanted some ancient words and in a blinding flash, vanished.

    Brendorian looked around him at the bodies of Britannians and the Legionaires. Even though the number was greatly towards the Brits, Brendorian still felt as though they had lost. He was puzzled by Blackthorn's appearance, and the fact that he had saved him made him even more puzzled. Brendorian slowly walked to the walls of the outpost. The walls of Britain could be seen in the distance, smoke rose from the town. Britain needed to be saved, come that night it would be freed.....