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The Drums of War

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by The Hamburgerler, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. Twas a wonderful day in Skara Brae the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. The marketplace was filled to the brink with shoppers, socializers, and merchants. All in all a very peaceful day with no cry for the town guards. A young captain in the Britannian Navy, by the name of Brendorian watched on as the ships were docked in the harbor. " Ah, this is the day I wish I could spend the rest of my days on." Thought Brendorian to himself. He watched on into the ocean. The twinkle of the sun of the water was brilliant. In the distance fishing boats, trade cogs, and pure old treasure hunters skimmed the sea. Brendorian began to dose off.

    When he awoke he once againl ooked to the ocean. All the ships had gone to dock, it had grown late and he went to retire, when something caught his eye in the ocean. A small reddish yellow light flashed in the distance. Brendorian squinted and picked up a small spyglass on the desk next to him. "My god!" he said to himself. What he saw was amazing to even the most experianced traveller. By the looks of it, 300 black sailed black bodied warships firing upon a small island off the coast. Brendorian ran as fast as he could to the fleet commander. "Sir, a very large group of unknown battleships draw near!." He yelled. "Alright sailor, how far off and how long until they arrive?" Asked the commander. "By my estimate sir around 20 miles off, they shall be here in less than 1 hour!" He reported. The commander thought a moment and told Brendorian to assemble all off the available ships and get ready for sail. As the was said an extremely loud explosion came from the docks. The ran to the window and saw another group of warships coming from the south! "Send riders to Moonglow, Britain, and Trinsic!" Yeleld the commander. "We'll be over-run by dawn!" Brendorian ran to the stable and sent out 6 riders, 2 for each city incase one got caught. Just then, a great horn blew and the ship gangplanks dropped. Then, their worst fears were realized, out of the hulls came hordes of men dressed in black armor with long swords and sheilds. The took the town like a plague of locusts. Behind them, cannons fired on the shores on Skara Brae. The first group had already arrived! The towns milita was only 500 strong, they could not take on so many warriors in hand to hand combat. They piled as many troops as they could on to Britannian warships and set sail, there coarse was Moonglow. As the left to the north the saw their beloved town in ruins, in flames, many lives had been lost in such a short span. 4 ships carrying 435 troops set sail and made it safely into the ocean. In the distance the only sounds were screams and cannons. The drums of war sounded, a great battle has begun.....