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The Early Years of Elladan Faeryn

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by BajaElladan, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. BajaElladan

    BajaElladan Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 2, 2003
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    Footsteps on a Journey

    From the quill of, Elladan Faeryn

    I was born Elladan Faeryn, eldest son {by 7 minutes} of Elendil Faeryn and Sarah Goldenberry, Elrohir is my younger, and twin brother. My father Elendil was of the elvish folk, tho Sarah was human from a noble lineage. Elrohir and I turned five the year father gifted mother with wondrous jewelry handed down from his forebears, mother to son, for generations. That was also the year when Orcs & Ogres descended from the mountains west of Trinsic ravaging many Trinsic rural villagers. Father was away hunting food & gathering fruits when the cursed creatures attacked, Mother hid Elrohir & I beneath our homes floorboards along with her few prized possessions. Battle sounds told me she fought bravely & fiercely, tho to no avail. Guards from the Trinsic Paladin Academy freed us three days later from beneath the rubble that had been our home. Father returned within the week only to find his home ruined and the love of his life vanished. Leaving Elrohir & I at the Paladin Academy, father gathered some kinfolk and friends and set out to rescue mother or avenge her death. None of his party was ever seen again. Elrohir and I were orphaned.

    Father had often times aided the Paladins & thus they determined to take us in seeing to our rearing and education. For several years we were schooled at the Academy and also instructed in the faith of The One by acolytes of the Temple on Barrier Isle east of the city. Elrohir had long desired to seek out father's brethren among our elvish kin, and at age twelve he set out on his own to seek them out. I know not if he ever found them for I have not set eyes upon him since that bright spring day when he left Trinsic.

    I remained at the Academy until my sixteenth year. I was befriended both by the Paladins as well as by priests from the Temple. Yet, like Elrohir, I to longed to avenge myself against the Orcs & Ogres for their treachery visited upon my parents & so many others in the villages. I had become a highly skilled miner, and also well skilled with maces & clubs. I even had a limited command of arcane forces some call magik. Orcs & Ogres were easily found as they were plentiful in forests, caves, and mountains. I killed many but could never get my fill of their blood or quench my thirst for vengeance. I sold my service both as sailor and mercenary & traveled widely thru Britannia.

    My skills grew formidable with mace & shield. When the finding for killing of Orc & Ogres grew more difficult, I turned to lich, gargoyle, & eventually dragons, especially golden dragons. I hunted & killed them mercilessly, looting their hoards bulging with all types of treasure; gold, silver, rare gems, enchanted weapons and armor.

    Hailing from Elvin-kin, my life force is quite strong. In fact, father told my brother & I that were it not for mother's lineage we would likely never know death of natural causes. As the skies, once filled with golden dragons, began to empty, I was tracking a crafty & wise one high upon a mountain. Much to my surprise I tracked him right into the trap he set for me. I was his prisoner & at his mercy. Yet he killed me not. We chatted during my captivity and following is the gist of our talk which I now pen for the first time.

    He chided me asking if the Paladins & priests taught me naught but killing and greed. His question both enraged me and shamed me. Of course those were not the teachings of the mentors of my youth. Yet these had been my life's work for many years. The dragon found me absurd, and told me so. He pitied me for long life wasted on a search for vengeance which he explained was a search unending and a thirst unquenchable. He was saddened that a life so wasted had deprived him of so many of his family & friends. Then, he spoke the following words, stunning me almost unto shock; "How is it possible so noble a creation of The One hast fallen so low?" He paused, and I thought surely I had misheard him. How could he know anything of The One? He repeated the question and boomed after it, "Answer, human!"

    I collapsed before him and wept as I had not done since that night so long ago when mother was carried away.

    In coming days we spoke at length and I learned much from the wisest, noblest, creature ever I have met. He set me free! I went again to the city of my youth, to my beloved Trinsic, only to find the city had been ravaged during my absence, I went to the Paladin Academy, finding it had been rebuilt by Lord British once the city was reclaimed from the foul creatures which had overrun it. I set myself upon the Paladins path in service of The One. I visited the Temple which was still in ruin from the attacks. A caretaker remained; his name was Ferrous Sapien tho many call him simply, Ironman. He was a servant of The One, and a Grandmaster blacksmith. Tho I remember him not he knew me as a child and remembered well my parents. Our talk aided my recollection of the teachings concerning The One I heard as a child. Ironman & I became good friend, and I opened unto him & many others the treasure chests I amassed over my many years. A new Temple was built and Ironman told me of a fine young man whom he thought I should meet. He introduced me to Flint Locke not knowing I had met this fine fellow during my travels. As the eldest son, my mother’s jewels, father's flute, & a few odds & ends passed to me. While there is much more telling in the minor details, this is most of what I would have others know of me and my past, Elladan Faeryn of Trinsic, prior to my meeting Tasha, of whom I will write more anon. I dedicate this tome to my parents who gave me first life, to my brother who I pray lives still, to Flint who I've come to know well & hope to know better, and to a Golden Dragon who spared my life and taught me its true meanings. I pray Elrohir may one day cross again my path, and that The One may forgive my past and use me as He will for my remaining days.

    Elladan Faeryn, Elder Paladin of Trinsic, follower of The One, Paragon of Virtue among the True Paladins of Baja.