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The End of the New Beginning.

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Guest, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *wipes sweat from his brow and mutters softly to himself*

    “The work here is done. I hope my mentors can now find peace in this soothing place.”


    *a small sad smile crosses Johnny’s face as he begins to talk to his long past mentors*

    “I do not know what I have gotten myself into this certainly is a strange and wonderful place. I have traveled the familiar yet strange lands. So different, yet there is something so familiar. Sana my dearest of all, you would be so proud! The crafters here make fine wares and they are in demand. I fondly remember your metal works shop, and I’ve yet to find one as fine as yours, you would be proud of what many crafters do in these lands. I wonder if there are any treasure hunters around these parts? Do you think I could help them at all? Sana, dearest of all I will do my best to honor you and memories of the Guardians. Rest well my dear friend; we will see each other someday. “

    *kneels at her grave and places her feathered hat upon it*

    *stands before the grave of Slade*

    “Well you always could knock me down in a few seconds. You were the best I have ever met! I think you would like it here old friend. The folks around these parts are always sneaking around and throwing things at each other, be it bolts, blades, dragons *laughs yes dragons old friend* or mud these folks certainly love a fight. I will do my best to remember what you taught me, but I am still a “tree hugger” as you called me. Rest well my old friend.”

    *Johnny closes the gate and tells Thorpe to guard them well, then walks into the workshop to prepare himself for the challenges to come*

    He wonders to himself why so many folks worry about the factions and wars. Lord British is a coward that abandoned us to Minax. The Mages are just confused. *shudders thinking of the evil Minax and Shadowlords* What a mess these lands have become!

    *Johnny steps onto his porch and steps off to adventure and to find himself perhaps some fellow “tree huggers”.*


    I have the Prayer of St. Francis and a PETA mug on my desk and The Beatitudes on the wall of my office. I have a checkerd past and am moving on. That is all ya’ll need to know of me in real life. I’ve noticed that real life and Siege do not mix very well.

    I am going to try and role play if it kills me, or rez kills me in Siege’s case.

    I will see ya’ll in the fields.

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Welcome to Siege, good traveller!

    Aye, ye are correct - British is a coward.

    He has hidden himself from public view for years - although, there have been reports of a serving girl being forced to carry a large board with a painting of him back and forth before one of the castle windows - a vain attempt to convince the people that he is looking over them!

    The true heir to the throne will return to the lands one day.
    British thinks he has won. That all who oppose him have been driven back, or slain.

    He is wrong. We will rise again!


    Blind Otto
    Knight Commander
    Knights of the Silver Serpent