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The Ethos of The Damned

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by The Damned, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. The Damned

    The Damned Guest

    The Religion of the Damned – The Convergence

    “From hence the celestials of pandemonium came, expelled from eternity’s womb, their transcendence setting the realms aflame, their will molding reality to elysium.”

    To define the triple headed sculptor of all that is and all that shall be is a futile task best left to the audacity of scholars, the conduits in which the immaterial may be molded into reality are beyond mere oratory, their ears hear only faith, and only belief may fuel their acknowledgment, to see through their vision, and reap their rewards.

    The failings of the unblessed races have tainted the hallowed grounds of Britannia with vices of virtue and spirit, only through The Convergence can we, as oppressed races, reclaim the land in our image. To undo the aliment of virtue, and give birth to rot, to undo the noxious structure of society forged by benighted hands, these are the cravings we seek to satiate, the ambitions of all, un-living and demonic akin.

    To speak in mere rhetoric and riddles will not satisfy the arrogance of curiosity, for those who know its path, its sanctity manifests as instinct, for those in pursuit of clarity, a blasphemous simplification of existence shall be scrawled below in hopes of attainment of its actualization.

    The Beginnings

    As far as history dates, we hear stories of valorous knights, evil sorcerers, rampaging armies, and towering dragons. We do not however, hear of how these came to be. We look back not to society, nor to worship of immaterial gods, but of creation, and its role in birthing the very realm itself.


    Representations: The Void; The Unknown; The Energy of Existence

    Associations: None

    When there were no lands, no concept of time, no universe and material, the emptiness of nothing suffocated our realm. It is Ether that gave us existence, the void which strung together the fabric of reality, to fertilize the soil of our universe, to prepare it for its destiny.

    Ether exists as all and as nothing, it is Ether that exists within death and within life, it is a singular force, an avatar of reality itself. Ether stands within the triumvirate of powers as an encompassing, moderating force, its influence falling upon the designs of both Abyss and Oblivion.


    Representations: The Prime Material; Raw Elements; Fire and Brimstone

    Associations: Pain; Raw Emotion; Desire; Instinct

    Upon the birth of reality, Abyss entered its weave, intent on fashioning a material kingdom, a utopia fashioned from its own primal energies, a prodigal child of all it encompassed. These children are known as planets, Sosaria being amongst its most pristine creations. These planets lay in eminence as representations of Abyss’s glory; flowing lava, desolate earth, acidic waters and poisonous air, the raw material of creation ascending to apex. Sadly, as all things of material existence, Abyss’s children were susceptible to disease and rot. Through a mutation of Abyss’s elements, an untenable rebellion to his will, the plague known as life was born. Despite the infection of many of Abyss’s children, some remained untainted, these worlds eventually gave birth to beings created from the very prime of Abyss itself, beings which follow pure and untainted ambitions, spreading themselves like their fathers fires from world to world in pursuit of purity.

    Abyss commands prime elements and the fury they represent, mirrored in this function, Abyss fuels our instincts, emotions and drives. Abyss seeks merely to exist unmolested, to bask in the pure adrenaline and fury of its own creation. Abyss stands within the triumvirate of powers as a chaotic force, a rampaging power that will stop at nothing to subvert life and restraint.


    Representations: Death; Rebirth; Change; Restoration

    Associations: Thought; Consequence; Alleviation

    Upon the advent of the children of Abyss’s rebellion, the plague known as life was born, spreading its malicious infection throughout the once untainted lands of fire and brimstone. This inception, while baneful beyond comprehension, gave entrance to Oblivion’s exalted presence. Upon seeing the flourish of life, Oblivion scattered its mesh upon each and every child of Abyss, demoting life’s potency to a vessel of death, an eventual extinction wrought by time and action. This however, was not enough, life continued to spread as plagues do, and from this idea, Oblivion fashioned its own children, mockeries of life with the singular purpose of destroying what they once encompassed, servants of it’s order of unmaking.

    Oblivion commands the power of death, the unweaving of life’s tainted garment. Oblivion not only represents the destruction of life, but its return to purity, its rebirth. Oblivion is calculating and thoughtful, its art of unmaking precise and perfected over countless ages, time means little to a being of eternal existence, it’s only ambition is progress towards the permanent extinction of life. Oblivion stands within the triumvirate of powers as an orderly force, a concise and calculating power that will span the ages to achieve its tranquility.

    The Races and Religion

    Despite the averment of humanity, both Undead and Daemon fall far from the iniquitous label of “Monster”. Both exalted races existed far before humanities inception, far before elves and dwarves tainted the land; even before the lands themselves held shape. We maintain thought and action, conviction and ambition, we have desires, loyalties and faiths, it is with these qualities do we not only arise as races, but as transcendent ones. It is with this knowledge do we alone hold allegiance in hopes of a day where we will not be of many, but of two.

    While Daemons and Undead worship The Convergence in tandem, they maintain ties to their creator deity beyond that of their counterparts. Daemons feel a particular closeness to Abyss, acclaiming their creation to his fiery ambitions, and hold him close as a father figure, a raging inferno to which to aspire. Undead, severed from life, feel an undying loyalty to their liberator, and look towards Oblivion as their messianic deity, a savior from the servitude of life.

    The worship of Ether beyond that of either deity is a rarity, however some powerful members of the races may seek to harness Ether’s raw power, twisting the fabric of reality and unleashing torrents of energy, or merely peering through the void, a tear in the fabric of existence. Unlike Abyss and Oblivion, Ether is a silently worshiped deity, those who delve deep into its embrace seldom return, and those that do often command frightful abilities.

    The Convergence

    These three powers together form the very basis of reality; they span the spectrum of alignment as well as fuel our actions and thoughts. They are all that is, and shall ever be. Together they are worshiped as The Convergence, a unity of three in which absoluteness stems. The three are worshiped equally by the most enlightened, their aspects meshed together to form a balance, an ultimate coherence. It is through The Convergence do we think and act, it is our ethos, our existence, our singularity.

    It is who we are.