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NEWS The First Conseil du Roi

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Faeryl, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Faeryl

    Faeryl 2011 Winter Deco Contest 1st Place
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 23, 2008
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    The first council meeting between King Blackthorn and the city Governors took place Saturday evening, and was well attended by citizens of every city. After a quick speech welcoming those in attendance and explaining that these Governors are to be the voice of the people, King Blackthorn efficiently dealt with the first order of business by issuing a decree in regards to New Magincia’s Governor, Lady Andrasta, where he nominated her himself to end the debate of her election.

    After the debate was settled, and though Lord Bali of Moonglow was absent, the King then invited each Governor to briefly introduce themselves to those in attendance, starting with Lord SunWolf of Yew:

    “I wish to extend my greetings to all those present; my Liege, Lords and Ladies, and fellow travelers. Allow me to introduce myself. I am SunWolf, the newly elected Governor of Yew. In the past, the town of Yew has done a satisfactory job in defending against the orc raids and minimizing the damage during the town riots and protests of last year. When hard times fell upon the town of Yew, a soup kitchen detail was organized to help feed the hungry and clothing provided to those without. Together, we maintained a presence of support and weathered through those trying times. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to work with a number of great people, and I look forward to working with many more in the future for the greater good of the Town of Yew. Thank you.”

    Next was Lady Willow Smythe of Jhelom:

    “Greetings. I am Willow Smythe; Headmistress of the Jhelom Advanced Warrior Academy and recently elected Governer of Jhelom. We are a very basic town. Well, basic warrior town that fights for adversity and believe in the strength not only in arms but in all.”

    Then Lady Khaleesi of Vesper:

    “Greetings Your Majesty, Esteemed Governors and Fellow Citizens, I am Khaleesi, you're newly appointed Governor of Vesper. I believe that with a network of motivated and creative people, the pathway will emerge to allow each town to develop its own persona. Vesper is and always has been a place known for rich culture. My desire as Governor is to bring about the revitalization of the beautiful city of Vesper, while engaging all professions to work together for the good of the land and savor the community of Vesper in a fresh approach, merging into a unified and awakened Britannia. Thank you.”

    Next came Lady Andrasta of New Magincia:

    “Thank you my Liege, it is an honor to sit on your Royal Council. At present I am the Caretaker of Goodman’s Rune Library & Portal in Zento, Goodman’s Memorial Library on Magincia Beach & The Blue Crane Historical Society & Township. I ran for Governorship to bring to your attention the plight of the citizens in Magincia and in other towns in particular New Haven whose new arrivals suffer greatly. Every day new arrivals to our lands are robbed, cheated and murdered. I implore you to bring the King's Justice to New Haven and eradicate the scum preying on the new arrivals to our lands. I hope to bring ideas here to make the Realm a better place for all of us. I will work hard and do my very best as the Governor of New Maginica despite my critics. I thank my Liege Lord for his confidence in me. I will do my very best for my King and Country.”

    Followed by Lord Sage of Skara Brae:

    “Greetings my King, fellow Governors, and citizens of Britannia. We of Skara Brae have been on our island from time beyond memory. We are a simple people oftimes regarded that polish our more cosmopolitan by our bread. But this to us is no disadvantage or shame. We are bound to our land and each other by the common hardships of livelihood. It is our pleasure to provide the food and raw material our country needs to thrive and grow. To that end we pledge ourselves to you, our King in hopes that your leadership will provide the times of peace. We need to grow ourselves. My vision as Governer of the citizens of Skara Brae is to make are City the byword for beauty, peace and fellowship. Each contributes to the greatness and prosperity of Skara Brae as a hole. To that end we welcome all people to join our fellowship and through hard work prosper the land as a whole. I Thank You.”

    Then Lord Beldin Brightaxe of Minoc:

    “Hail folks.... Ah'll keep me comments short. Ah'm Beldin Brightaxe, newly elected Governor ae thae City ae Sacrifice also ken as Minoc an' Thane ae Kraggen Cor. As Ah'm sure maist folks ken... Minoc be a city a craftsfolk an artisans. We also supply Sosaria wit' many raw materials: ore, ingots, an' wood an' many other items. As thae City ae Sacrifice, we also look efter many homeless folk from all over thae lands tha' other Governors kick oot ae their cities...Tha's all Ah will say.”

    And Lord Lew of Trinsic:

    “Hail fellow citizens of Sosaria. I am Lord Lew of Trinsic, newly elected Governor of Trinsic. I grew up a stone’s throw from the west gate of Trinsic though I have traveled much of late, I have returned to the home of my heart. As Governor, I will serve the will of the people. I will be a Governor of the people, not a dictator over the people. As Governor of Trinsic, my first order of business will be the re-seating of the Trinsic city council. Once formed, the Trinsic Council will be tasked with re-development of our once grand city. Any citizen may bring ideas for our city directly to me, and I will present them to the council. Once the council has decided on the needs of our city, I will present those needs to the King. Thank you My Liege.”

    And finally Lord Solus of Britain:

    “Thank you my King.... I know I have to keep this short and simple for...some of you. We all know why I was elected... It is because I am the best military mind in the land. I’m here to protect the most important city of Britannia. And I am here to protect this whole land. And that is all you need to concern yourselves with. Thank you.”

    When the introductions were over, King Blackthorn took a moment to emphasize that controversial as it was, Lord Solus has his full confidence, but he also wished to make clear that no city was more important than the others, that we are a Kingdom of different talents, before moving on to issues, problems, requests and initiatives.

    Lady Willow started off by bringing attention to the pirates that pillage the coasts of Jhelom and how they drain the city's resources and deter them from the real issue of standing against Oblivion. "...Oblivion isn't just Jhelom's problem, it is all of ours." In response to her concerns, King Blackthorn issued a decree that all citizens are given authority and armed license to deal with the issue of Privateering on the oceans of Britannia. Looting, Pilliaging and worse against the nation is considered treason.

    Next, Lady Andrasta reminded us of the state of New Magincia, and how they still attempt to rebuild after the war that decimated the city. As a result of needing gold, Lady Andrasta proposed to raise the tariff on rum imports to Vesper by 50%, which was quickly recognized by the King for the sake of Magincia's war torn status.

    Lord Beldin then spoke of the attacks Minoc has suffered at the hands of the orcs, and how shipping to other cities had become more difficult as the roads were full of brigands. He proposed to build a dock to promote easier trading to all cities, and after a quick discussion of location, the King announced that he will consult with the royal architect and have the area put under survey.

    Lady Khaleesi, remaining quite calm despite the 50% tariff proposal, brought up her plans for a stable within the city of Vesper, near the mint. She claimed that it would facilitate the transport of stone and other merchandises that the city is known for. The King agreed, and stated that he would have Lord Wellings look into a suitable candidate.

    Lord Sage stated that the citizens of Skara Brae wished to make changes and that he would forward a list of changes at a later date for the King review. Lord Sage also mentioned that an outside influence had riled up unionist workers within the city, and wished help in calming them. The King claimed that the peace and tranquillity of the citizens of Skara Brae was the responsibility of the Governor, however after an investigation, Lord Sage was encouraged to approach the King with his findings.

    Lord SunWolf, with the help of citizens of Yew, had assessed the current status of the city, and come up with a few ideas, including the building of a dock that adjoins the Yew Mill to facilitate the export of flour and wine as well as aiding the shipwrights of the Great Oak Vessels in launching their ships more effectively. It was also said that it would potentially aid in regards to the annual losses suffered by attacks on caravans travelling from Yew. Similar to his response to Lord Beldin, the King announced that he would have a survey of the area commissioned.

    Lord Solus caused a bit of an uproar when he claimed that immigration into, and emigration out of Britain was now closed. He claimed that Britain would accept new citizens, so long as men and boys of age enlist in his 'Britain Guard'. He also brought up the Black Tower of Sage Nicosaen, and despite how difficult it has been, Britain has been able to hold back the demons. The proposed a new program to the Governors where Britain would donate any amount of gold to their cities in return for men for the Guard. He was also so bold to ask the King to be put in charge of all of the military operations of Britannia, claiming that change was needed. King Blackthorn quickly stated that he would not allow Lord Solus to raise a private army within the lands of Britannia, and denied his request for control over the Crux Ansata and the Britannian Army, claiming every confidence in Lady Amandine and Lord Dupre, in their respective positions.

    After pausing to wait out the ensuring arguments, accusations and threats, the King continued by saying that he fully recognizes the danger posed by the Black Tower and though acknowledging the danger the city of Britain faces, clearly warned Lord Solus to not stray too far into tyranny.

    Then came the issues of the Crown. The first being, as Lord Solus had mentioned, the Black Tower of Sage Nicosaen. The King has requested Lord Wellings to interfere in the matter, even considering the great price that would be paid. As such, the King outlawed denizens of the Black Tower West of Britain, and marked Sage Nicosaen for execution for crimes against Britannia.

    The second issue was that of the infantile dragon Sheon, offspring of Cranus of the Tehom, to which the King issued the decree: "The young dragon called Sheon is hereby under the protection of the Crown. As an intelligent species, self aware and sentient... Its rights are full and complete as a citizen of Britannia. As each of you are, as it will be."

    Finally, King Blackthorn ended with a few words to those present.

    "I am not an absent King, as some have been. Even our Great and Mutual Friend. Was long absent. I aim to be active and present and at your disposal. I shall not be an absent King. I shall walk among you, talk to you, meet with you. Listen to your concerns and act when needed.

    Citizens of Britannia... Should any of you wish to address the crown in the future. And be recognized by this Conseil du Roi... Speak with your individual governors. It will be they that will be able to call you to speak. Should you have an issue that requires attention. With that, I hereby close this Conseil du Roi, our first."

    Long Live Britannia! Long Live Britannia! Long Live Britannia!

    Faeryl Ty'rathem
    Atlantic News Reporter
    Knight Major of the Crux Ansata
    #1 Faeryl, Jul 1, 2013
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2013
  2. MisPrinTed LiEs

    MisPrinTed LiEs Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 15, 2008
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    Why was everyone in attendance except the Mayor of Moonglow, Mayor Lord Bali should have been in attendance or shouldnt have chosen to participate in the elections. After all Lord Bali is a LLTS member. I thought the amount of book material i see scattered about the land they could have at least had a representative present in place of Mayor Bali for the first official meeting. Moonglow has little leadership with an absent Mayor at the helm.
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