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(Player Event) The Fools Invade Tokuno

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Lord Exmortis, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Foolery began in the 1500's in France when the king changed the calendar for the celebration of the new year to the Gregorian calendar. Those people who didn't know or who chose to celebrate the new year in April became the butt of practical jokes. This is a worldwide event now and it is no different in Sonoma.

    The Sonoma Community Coalition hosted an event in Tokuno Friday evening, which would bring this foolery to life for the fine citizens of Sonoma. I caught up with Queen Mum, the April Foolery emcee, before the event as she was placing jester costumes outside the house. Was there a twinkle in her eye? I believed there was no doubt tonight would be an evening of fun and foolery.

    One by one, the guests began to arrive, and gathered around the scene. The doors to the house were locked. What would this evening bring us we wondered? Soon the guests began to don the jester costumes and there we stood, a fool's troop, waiting for the night of fun and frivolity.


    Mum then arrived and began to explain. Apparently, she had constructed a maze in the house that would be a challenge to us all. We were to make it through this maze to the top floor, gathering prizes as we stumbled around looking for the hidden transporters that would take us through each level of the maze. Soon we entered the dizzying multicolored first floor. It was a surrealistic scene as the jesters wandered around looking for the transporter to the second level. One hitch though, some transporters would take you back to the beginning of the maze. There were multi-colored chests along the way, which carried prizes for this foolhardy, confused, troop of jesters. Then, in an instant, one found the magic portal to the second level. The group followed. Some were not as observant and continued our circular walk on the first level. In fact, this reporter was left alone on the first level to wander hopelessly. Someone came to my aid though and we made our way to the second level to find more of the same. Multi-colored gaza and hidden transporters held a gateway to the final destination. Happily, I was led quickly through this cacophony to our final destination where we found a group of weary jesters sitting around in a circle, sipping wine and perhaps snickering as we listened to the footsteps of the 'lost ones' below us.


    Congratulations were also shouted out as Hera [TI] was awarded the grand prize of the pushme-pullu statue, a soulstone fragment and a heritage token for being the first player to reach April Foolery ‘the Llama” first. All other players were handed a soul fragment or a heritage token as a consolation prize for making it through the 4 story maze! *Also a special Happy Birthday shout out went to Princess [OSG] who received a special Birthday present from the Sonoma Community.


    The evening of joke telling began as the wine cleared our heads of the chaos we had just been through. Each jester had a joke to tell to the eager gathering. First Aid began with her story of two nuns driving in a car, when a vampire landed on the hood of the car. Both were stunned and the first nun said, "You'd better show him your cross!" The second nun quickly opened her window and yelled. “I don't like you!"

    Kupoking followed with his story of two bogglings who went into a pub for drinks. The pub owner said, "We don't serve your kind here." The boggling said, “Why not! I am a fungi!"


    Laughter was abundant as silliness was the order of the evening. Lubku Gotwok kept the merriment going with her hilarious laugh. "Har, har, snort", she belly laughed throughout the evening. Jocelyn continued...."How do you catch a unique rabbit?" The crowd speculated and Jocelyn stated, "unique up on it." Soon we were at the ever favorite 'knock knock' jokes. The drunken gathering reveled in their silliness.


    Finally, the prizes for the best and worst jokes were handed out. Kupoking [MoG] won 500k and the best joke prize for his hilarious “Boggling is a fungi”. Tui [MoG] won 500k and the worst joke of the night with something about a tinker that left many of us wondering if it truly was an April Fools joke – on us! The Stratics 1 Million gold Knock Knock contest was won by Jocelyn [HELP] who had a pocket full of them. No one left empty handed as Mum handed each one of us 50k in gold!

    We want to thank the Sonoma Community Coalition [SCC] and Queen Mum [TLF] for their efforts in creating this wonderful evening of joy and merriment.