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The Future King of Karue Gomis

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Kritterly, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. Kritterly

    Kritterly Guest

    Ahhh, I see that you have found out my secret, for I am the future King of Karue Gomis. Now that you know, I guess there is no harm in telling you what happen.

    My father was the great King of Karue Gomis. I was a young prince when the kingdom and all the lands surrounding it were taken over by an evil force. A dark shadow loomed over the land as a curse of poison slowly swept over the kingdom. The terrible pestilence spread throughout Karue Gomis killing all that inhabited it.

    Just as the poisons hit the palace, my father covered my face with a hooded shroud and ordered his royal guard to rush me away. The guard coughed and gagged as we made our way to the stables. We did not make it far from the city before he collapsed. My family was gone and all that I knew was lost, but I kept the hood over my face and continued to ride as fast as I could.

    Even though I was just a young lad, I knew that I must learn more about this curse if I was ever to over come it. I sought out the help of the Counsel of Mages. Upon explaining what had happen in Karue Gomis, the Counsel replied, “You are no king. You must first become worthy of reclaiming your cursed land. We shall teach you the ways of magic so that you may become a Lord.”

    I spent several years as an apprentice to the mages. Upon becoming a grandmaster mage, I approached the Counsel once again, “I have learned the ways of being a mage and have fought many battles. I am now a Glorious Lord and I am ready to reclaim my father’s kingdom.” The Counsel replied, “The evil curse that is upon Karue Gomis has made it a dark land. You must assume it’s bad karma in order to become the future king.”

    The mages gathered around and began to concentrate their magic. A green glow of light surrounded the room as a piercing pain struck throughout my body. The poison that plagued the dark land of Karue Gomis now pulsated through my veins. I became a Lord of Darkness. The Counsel spoke, “You are now worthy of your kingdom. You must seek out J’fer, Keeper of Wyverns, to learn how to control the deadly poison that struck your kingdom.”

    It was a long hard journey through the Lost Lands looking for J’fer. It was said that he lived on an island guarded by wyverns. Every island approached by boat was too overtaken with the vile creatures to even attempt to set foot on the land. Weeks were spent sitting on the boat studying the wyverns from afar. Suddenly, there was an old man holding a staff walking among the wyverns. It could only be J’fer.

    J’fer approached the boat along with a horde of wyverns. “What business does thou have here?” he yelled. “I have come to ask for your help”, I shouted back. Leaning his weight on the gnarled staff, he squinted to see the blurry boat. As J’fer turned to walk away, he yelled, “I cannot help thee! Only an Elder Ranger has the knowledge to learn the secrets of the Wyvern. Now be gone!”

    My mother was a grand tamer before she married my father. Much to my father’s disapproval, she was teaching me how to tame animals as well. Although my experience never went beyond taming the bulls in the palace courtyards, my ranger abilities were very high. “I am a grandmaster ranger from Karue Gomis”, I yelled. J’fer stopped dead in his tracks. Under his breath he exclaimed, “The Dark Lord of Karue Gomis”. “Be at the lighthouse by nightfall”, he answered and walked away.

    I could here the sounds of the wyverns outside the lighthouse as I waiting for nightfall. J’fer appeared with a white scroll in his hand, “This will help you become an Elder Ranger. You must study the creatures that have the poison ability and learn everything there is to know. By mastering the skill of your enemy, you will come to know their weaknesses. Once you have tamed the weakness, you will be ready for them to fight as your allies. Only then can you cure your kingdom of this curse.”

    Many a night I lay awake trying to unravel the riddle. I know that one day it will all become clear. Until then, I shall continue to tame the creatures of the land and master the skill of poisoning so that I may someday take back possession of Karue Gomis.
  2. A villianous man, donning black armor tilts his glass... After a hearty drink he begins to speak.

    "Karue Gomis... It sounds familiar for some reason... I did not travel much until I was exiled, but even then I didn't see all there was to see."

    The man looks into his empty glass. Then back to Dark Lord.

    "I ruled over a city as it's gov'ner in the Polarian Empire... But that was before I was cast out by my own people - the people who I protected! In any case though, the empire fell not long after I was cast out. Most of the nobility was slaughtered anyway. Maybe it was fate that saved me. All the same though, I know what it is like to be away from your rightful place."

    The man extended his hand towards the prince.

    "I am the black knight Gares, son of Orium, Lord of Caer."