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The Galactic Republic

Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by Darth Derriphan, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. The Galactic Republic


    The Republic, the bastion of galactic democracy first came into being 21,400 years before the treaty of Coruscant with the creation of the Galactic Constitution. Prior to this the galaxy had been composed of little more than independent states, conflicts between these states was frequent and blood. Whole sectors ruled by vicious warlords and would be Emperors. With the galaxy still recovering from the recent bloody conquests of Xim the Despot it was time for galaxy wide unity. Corellian and Duros scientists would unlock the means to achieve this goal.

    The Hyperdrive had finally been adapted from the Force based technology of the malevolent Rakata, a race of force sensitives whose Infinite Empire had enslaved many of the galaxies inhabitants 200 years previously. The Rakata suffered from a mysterious plague, allowing the fledgling nations easy access to colony worlds and opening up the galaxy for wider trade. Soon the independent states started to form alliances with one another for mutual protection and trade agreements pacts, these pacts would soon become the founding laws that would become the Galactic Constitution.

    Established by the Core founders Humans from notable Core worlds such as Alderaan, Corellia, and Kuat the Galactic Constitution was law by which all member worlds must abide by. These laws included many clauses that at the time would seem radical, one well known clause in particular would be the Rights of Sentience. This clause declared that all sentient life forms were equal and should be treated as such and would abolish slavery from its member worlds. Though this would still remain a problem in outer edges of the Republic and in cultures were slavery was normal, this momentous event would be celebrated throughout the galaxy on Founders Day.

    With the constitution came shifts in Galactic power, Coruscant would now be the Capital of the Republic on which a Senate of sector representatives would hold court presided over by an elected Supreme Chancellor. Initially it was so that should a planet have a large enough population they would automatically be granted a seat within the Senate. But this was abandoned when more and more planets joined the Republic, bogging down the speed on which a consensus could be agreed upon. The Republic would now be broken down into sectors in which planetary senators would be represented by a single Sectorial Senator.

    The discovery of the Perlemian Trade route would create a link between the new capital world of Coruscant and the Jedi world of Ossus. This direct link would see the ancient Force sensitive order declare loyalty to the Republic and becoming its guardians and keepers of peace. The Jedi and the young Republic working together would hold off many threats to their new galactic order. The Republic grew larger and larger as more Hyperspace lanes were discovered, the Corellian run would link the worlds of Corellia and Duro directly with Coruscant, the eastern section of space between the Perlemian and the Corellian run would come to be known as the Slice.

    And so began the Expansion Era of galactic history, more and more worlds started to flock to the Republic in the hope that they would protect them from alien slavers and power hungry Empires such as those ruled by the Hutts. But even with the Republic and the Jedi working together to protect these recently joined member worlds they could not see the devastating war that loomed just around the corner.

    On the Planet of Lettow an exile of the Kashi Mer Dynasty spoke out against the Republics Jedi defenders. Wielding the Dark side of the Force he was able to corrupt those from within the Jedi Order itself turning them against their former Jedi Masters. Tired of having to serve the Republic, believing themselves above such things, these Rogue Jedi would take on the name the Legions of Lettow led by Xendor and his lover Arden Lyn. The first great schism had taken place.

    The Jedi Order would stand victorious in the end, Xendor and his legions were defeated and the War came to an end. The Republic had survived its first major threat and still stood strong with peace once more returning; both the Republic and the Jedi order would re-grow and re-build.

    For nearly 500 years the Republic was in a state of peace until it once more saw war. Remnants of the ancient Warlord Xim the Despots Empire still flourished even after his death centuries ago. The Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion was one such remnant from this earlier age, entering into a war with the Republic that would see battles occur up and down the Perlemian trade route. The war would devastate the capital worlds, with Republic and Tionese fleets engaging in near endless bombing runs against each other. Coruscant would come under attack from volleys of pressure bombs that would lay waste to vast areas of city.

    In the end it would be more devious means that would secure a Republic victory. Sending agents into the Hutt Empire, bitter and old enemies of the Tionese since the days of Xim, the Republic was able to incite the Hutt into conflict with the Tionese. With the Hutts now involved, the Tionese were crippled and soon all but Desevro would start to fall under Republic control.

    With the Tionese defeated the Republic once more saw a growth in its numbers. The Great Manifest period was upon the Republic, expanding out further than it had ever before. The Expansion Region was established in the Rimward territories and the Metellos trade route was blazed as a solution to the overpopulation and dwindling trade of that region. Though the increased expansion of the Republic would uncover new worlds, much of the galaxy was still deemed as wild space.

    The first Alsakan conflict would mark the end of the Great Manifest period. The first of several conflicts to come that saw Alsakan, a rival ecumenopolis world, attempt to wrestle the title of Republic capital away from Coruscant. The conflicts themselves never managed to reach the two capitals but were fought exclusively within the Expansion regions, though it would see the destruction of various galactic wonders and locations. Coruscant would remain victorious in all of these conflicts which would occur a further sixteen times over the decades ahead.

    11,847 years before the treaty of Coruscant a team of Republic scout ships would come across a race of creatures unlike anything else seen in the galaxy. The fire breathing multi-legged serpentine creatures terrified the Republic scouts and in a panic they attacked the beasts. First contact had been a disaster, the scouts attempted to flee from the ‘Space dragons’ heading back home to Coruscant. This would ultimately prove to be a mistake as they were followed by the creatures who would then lay siege to the planet.

    Thanks to the efforts of Supreme Chancellor Fillorean and the Duinuogwuin ‘Space Dragon’ Philosopher Borz’Mat’oh peace was soon found and the Duinuogwuin Contention was at an end. Together they founded the University of Coruscant which would have multiple campuses across the Capital world. The name Fillorean would be remembered fondly by future generations who would go on to name star ships after him.

    It was now the Indecta era, the Republic would see more small scale warfare occur. The Republic, in hopes to have the recently unified Aqualish join them, sent a diplomatic vessel. The Aqualish refused the offer and fired upon the Republic craft starting a war they could not hope to win, soon the Aqualish surrendered agreeing to remove all weapons from their Hyperspace craft. It would also be during this era that Neimodians separated from the Duro gaining recognition as their own culture.

    The galaxy was always a melting pot for various Religions and the Republic had been tolerant and open to the different cultures religious back grounds, this would change with the impeachment of Supreme Chancellor Pers’lya. The secretive anti-alien religious sect known as the Pius Dias would orchestrate the downfall of Pers’lya and his place would see their own agent Contispex made Chancellor.

    Contispex spoke out against non-Humans labelling them as non-believers, in his fourth inaugural speech he would speak of punishing those who did not hold his own beliefs. With many of the Republic worlds already suspicious of outside threats Contispex had many under his sway, though some would speak out against his actions. Crusades would start across the Republic and the Rimworlds, the Hutts would feel the wrath of the Pius Dias first with other non-Human nations to follow.

    Even the death of Contispex would not put an end to the religious groups reign over the Republic. For a further thousand years the descendants of Contispex would hold power of the Republic, carrying on his work. The Pius Dias crusades would finally reach a bloody end leaving tensions in the galaxy between the Republic and the Rim strained. The Legacy of Contispex would forever haunt the Republic which has never truly recovered from Anti-alien hatred spread by the Pius Dias.

    Though with the election of Supreme chancellor Blotus the Hutt during the Rianitus period some of these tensions would be eased. Blotus was seen as a great leader both honourable and just in the eyes of the Republics people. Just as his predecessor Fillorean would be so too would Blotus be remembered for generations to come as one of the greatest Supreme Chancellors.

    The Jedi themselves would be the next threat to the Republic. The Second Great Schism would come about when a group of rogue Jedi discovered the means to alter life with the force, feeling such acts would lead to abuse and the Dark Side the Jedi Order exiled the rogue Jedi from the Order. These exiled Jedi turned upon the Order and creating armies of mutated beasts waged war upon the Republic and the Jedi Order. This War would become known as the Hundred-year Darkness.

    On the world of Corbos the Dark Jedi were finally defeated. The Jedi Order mercifully allowed the Dark Jedi to live but to remain in exile from the Republic forever. Herded onto a transport vessel the Exiles would be sent out into space leaving the Force to decide their fate. The Exiles would go on to discover Korriban, home world of the Dark Side worshipping Sith. They conquered the Sith and proclaimed themselves Dark Lords of the Sith, using their life altering knowledge to interbreed with the native populace. 2,000 years later the descendants of the Exiled Jedi would return.

    Two sibling Hyperspace explorers by the names of Gav and Jori Daragon would accidentally discover a route that would lead the Sith back to the Republic. Under the command of the Sith Lord Naga Sadow the Sith Empire attacked the Republic, the Great Hyperspace War had begun.

    As ever the Republic proved successful in their defense, stopping the invading Sith hordes and pushing them back into Sith Space. Supreme Chancellor Pultimo ordered a full invasion of the Sith Empire, searching out any remnants of the Sith and eradicating them. With the help of the Jedi the Dark Side corruption of the Sith was assumed to be banished from the galaxy once and for all.

    362 years before the treat of Coruscant a Great Droid Revolution occurred on Coruscant. Started by the assassin droid HK-01 droids all over Coruscant would rise up and slaughter their masters. This event would see a massive blow against the Droids Rights Movement whose aim was to get droids placed upon the ‘Rights of Sentience’. Droids would remain as servants and labourers, becoming distrusted by many organic beings.

    A mere 15 years after the Droid revolution the galaxy Sidrona Diath would become Supreme Chancellor and the Galaxy would once more feel the taint of the Dark Side.

    Two Jedi Ulic-Qel Droma and Exar Kun fell to the teachings of the once thought extinct Sith, declaring themselves the new Dark Lords. With the aid of the Mandalorians and the Sith Krath cult they started the Great Sith War but just as before the Sith were defeated.

    After two decades of relative peace a crusade would sweep the galaxy. This time it would be the Mandalorians, led by Mandalore the Ultimate the Mandalorians conquered world upon world in the outer rim. The Republic still in a state of rebuilding from the Great Sith War did little to aid the outer rim colonies, it was not until the Mandalorians finally encroached upon Republic territory that the Republic decided to act.

    It would be the Jedi Revan that led the Republic to victory during the Mandalorian Wars, repelling the invaders. Upon the war’s end Revan simply vanished into the unknown regions, taking with him fellow Jedi war hero Malak and an armada of Republic vessels. When they returned they waved the banned of the Sith, just as Ulic-Qel-Droma and Exar Kun had done before them.

    Jedi and Republic soldiers who still saw the now named Darth Revan as the mighty Republic hero flocked to his new cause, this war would see the Republic torn asunder as brother was turned against brother. Battles occurred across the Republic, in an attempt to end the war the Jedi was able to capture Darth Revan wiping his memory and have him serve under the watchful gaze of his captor Bastila Shan as a soldier. With Revan now on their side the Republic would discover the source of the Sith fleets, the ancient Rakata Star Forge, defeat Darth Malak and once more eliminate the Sith threat. The war was over but at terrible costs to the Republic and the Jedi.

    The Kanz disorders would be the next War to blight the Republic. The governor of Argazda would take control of the Kanz sector seceding from the Republic. They enslaved many of the peoples under their rule, including the world of Lorrd. Three centuries would pass and 5 billion lives would be lost before the Republic was able to retake the sector.

    By the Treaty of Coruscant 28 years had passed since the True Sith returned to the galaxy, attacking from the unknown regions they sought revenge on a Republic that had all but wiped them out thousands of years ago. This war took a significant toll upon the the Republic, with dwindling supplies and planets abandoning the Republic the galaxy was in a dire state of affairs. With the sacking of Coruscant the Republic had little choice but to sign a treaty with the Sith, a treaty that would see some of the Republic’s most ardent supporters left in the hands of the Sith. The Treaty of Coruscant was signed, the Great War was over but a cold one had just begun.