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the game is not working acording to this page at the UO site:

Discussion in 'UHall' started by anderson, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. anderson

    anderson Guest

    the game is not working acording to this page at the UO site:

    Some buying habits of players will have a more significant effect on NPC shopkeeper prices. This applies to all shards except for Siege Perilous and Mugen. (See Vex’s recent Team Comment for more details & insights on these changes.)
    The more stackable items, excluding reagents, sold to a specific NPC shopkeeper, the lower the price that the shopkeeper will charge for those items. For every 1000 units bought from a player, the price will drop by 1 gold piece per unit.
    The more stackable items, excluding reagents, purchased from a specific NPC shopkeeper, the higher the price that the shopkeeper will charge for those items. For every 1000 units sold to a player, the price will increase by 1 gold piece per unit.
    Shopkeepers will always stock 500 of their respective items, and can always purchase up to 500 of their respective items in one transaction.)
    NPC shopkeepers will ***** (always) ****** buy one of these types of items at 1 gold less per unit than what they charge for it. The minimum “sell price” is 2 gold and the minimum “buy price” is 1 gold.

    this does not work and shop keepers are not buing at the proper rate

    bolts of cloth sold to a player 172gp
    bolts bought from a player 100gp

    arrows sold to a player 25gp
    arrows bought from a player 3gp

    when will this start working properly?
    why is it broken?

    steps to recreat this error

    1 log on to ultima online
    2 recall to luna snonoma shard
    3 goto the tailor shop
    4 contact a NPC shopkeeper pay for a bolt of cloth (notice the price you pay)
    5 contact a NPC shopkeeper sell a bolt of cloth (notice the price you recive)
  2. BartofCats

    BartofCats Guest

    its not an error... they "fixxed" it to stop people from buying at 1 NPC and then taking it to another NPC who was buying it for more than was being sold at. In other words... it stopped people from "abusing the system"
  3. Jeremy

    Jeremy Guest

    All those old "Publish xx" pages are just patch notes - they were never intended to be kept up-to-date, they're just archives. So, yeah, most of them have been superceded.
  4. anderson

    anderson Guest

    hmm that means that you simply cant find out what changes are made?
    I went to the knowledge bace tyoed in shopkeepers and nothing even close to the answer you have just given came up!

    The supply and demand now only works aginst the players?
    I have to say that is unfair at its base!

    To punish but not reward yep thats unfair.
  5. Dexdash

    Dexdash Guest

    there were people making billions of uo gold exploiting that. most of us are glad to see it go.
  6. Orvago

    Orvago Stratics' Finest
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Aye, what Jeremy said.

    Tip: when searching the "updates" and other information on uo.com, look at the post dates. The one you linked to was posted on...

    [SIZE=-1] Nov 26 2003 3:07PM CST[/SIZE]

  7. Not exactly "hidden" with no recourse to find ...

    Missing patch note + explanation:February 15, 2008

    Some folks have noticed a change that didn't show up in the patch notes - the omission was intentional, as it was a fix for a particularly nasty exploit. However, it does have some gameplay impact, so we'll explain it here. The note itself:

    - Commodity item prices changed so that the sell price is never greater than the base price, and the buy price never drops below the base price

    What this means is that vendors now have a "base price" for commodities - they won't sell those items for less than that base, nor will they buy the items from players for more. Prices will still fluctuate depending on how many of those commodities have recently been bought or sold, but players won't be able to make a profit by finding a vendor with a low sell price on, for example, arrows and selling them to a vendor with a high buy price.

    We are aware that this impacts the Doom vendor and healer rather more than the others, and we'll be looking into tweaking them for the next publish.

    Note to Jeremy ... :) we're due tweak .... yes?
  8. Joyous2K

    Joyous2K Guest

    This was a recent change though, no? I don't remember anything being posted about it... perhaps Fayled can find the change... within the last 5 months I now cannot make arrows and sell them to NPCs. It used to be that the prices would start high while I was selling and they would gradually go down.... now they are just always down and to purchase is very high. It doesn't make sense.

    WTH??? It is right above me!!!
  9. Joyous2K

    Joyous2K Guest

    Yes, overdue tweak. Time for the devs to roleplay economists and fix NPC vendors.
  10. anderson

    anderson Guest

    Yep OSI decided that it’s completely fair to punish and raise prices to players.

    Fair would be PRICES DONT CHANGE!! After all what does Ultimo Online server need with gold?

    You buy 50000 bolts at 7gp you sell 50000 bolts at 6gp

    Why change the price if not to punish players?
    To have a what "commodities market" that rips you off at its first opportunity
    I find it strange that people in on this board are complaining about “abusing the system”
    when the system is now abusing us. What’s the difference gold is still being STOLEN!

    Sorry to go on and on but...
    Why should a player have to know special code just to get information?
    That’s what the search engine is for. Seriously it’s the KNOWLEDGE BASE. Or is it that the updates are not put in the knowledge base?
  11. dude ... OSI ? thats so ... other half of the decade ... :cool:

    gotta ask though [​IMG]

    what was so hard to figure out about the NPC shopkeepers ...
    that you needed an instruction manual ? (the KB)
  12. CKTC

    CKTC Guest

    I hate to sound all "help-referal to the kb" but the best way to find out about the current state of something is to ask a player.