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The Games

Discussion in 'WoW WotLK Beta' started by Berine, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Berine

    Berine Guest

    <b>The Games</b>

    Today was the day, today we would clash, my opponents glared in my eyes as so i did theres. We all had the look of great excitement yet great fear. How all of us had even gotten this far still shocked me, there is no way this should of happened, yet it did. All this beckoned me to that one faithful day, the day the foundations of the world were shaken.

    It was the fourth phase of the lunar cycle, Bolvar,
    the leader of the Warlympians Sports League, called all athletes together for an announcement, an announcement that would break the boundaries of modern society...... He called the youth of Azeroth to meet in four years at the recently built Ring of Valor in Orgrimmar for the First Warlympics. Every one of us were shocked! Us, play against orcs?! How could the Horde even remotly agree to this?! How could our Kings even agree to this! But it was settled, In four years the most mighty of athletes of both the Horde and the Alliance would meet, in the competition of the millenium.

    I was the greatest swimmer of the alliance, yet my training was neccesary. I had swam the entirety of the The bay of storms in azshara within 2 hours. I've swam to the far reaches of the sea and lived to tell the tale. I had encircled Lake Lordaemere 40 times within a day. I had even raced gnomish boats in The Loch of Loch Modan!!

    My training was brutal, I could not understand what drove me to train harder and harder the toil and pain my body felt was unbearable but I kept going... I had to. It was a deep inner desire to represent the might of the Humans to the devious Horde, that drove my rigid training regement. But who am I to say these things of these people? Only time will tell but I believe the words Horde and Alliance will be abolished, leaving behind a peaceful socicety and a lasting peace between our peoples, but yet again only time will tell.

    Alas petty politics were afoot. The Prophet Velen and Tyrande both boycotted the event, stating that the Horde are our enemies not our friends and fearing assasination attempts. Our Magnificent leader King Anduin Wryn will attend followed by High Tinker Mekkatorque and King Magni Bronzebeard. And of course all of the Hordes leaders would attend.

    The competition was reaching ever closer until the day we finally landed in Theramore Island and started our ride to Orgrimmar. We all arrived healthy and well received. I wondered how an enemy so hated by our people would treat us. At first there was akward silence, but then I began to mingle with the Horde, I would never imagine a people so honorouble, kind, prideful, this reminded me much of my own people. It seems the spirit that drives us is also that the spirit of the Horde. This puzzled me even more. I began to wonder, why war with the horde still? Why fight an enemy so foreign yet so muc hliek us. Our socicety placed orcs as foreign untouchable monsters yet I saw them in a new light, one of indifference.

    The mighty spectacle prepared by Eitregg, a member of Thralls court, aptly named the Opening Ceremony began. We had never seen such a display of art in our lives. Massive war drums beat played my mighty orcish warriors, it was amazing. Displayed was hundreds of years of the Hordes vast history. It truly gave us a new viewpoint of these people deemed so foreign by us only days ago. This, I will never forget for the rest of my life.

    And finally here I am, at the top of the diving board, ready to jump in and start the race, I am no longer looking upon the faces of my competitors, I am no longer clouded by the nonsense of our confounded ideaology, I am only totally focused on the hopes and dreams of our people. I carry on my shoulders the aspirations of a nation. And after what seemed like an eternity of thought was stopepd by the ringing of the bell. We dashed into the water and swam like madman, I dont think I have ever swam this hard, fast, or motivated in my life. It was amazing, I payed no attention to anything but going faste, never stopping, never relenting, and before I knew it the race was over. To my utter joy I had beaten all existing Water Speed records and had won the Gold Medal. I had won not only the respect of my people but the respect of the Horde. My experience was over and more importantly our ties with the Horde ever stronger. This opened a new age for both of our peoples. An age of peace and prosperity ensued. The Horde and Alliance finally at peace, no diplomat, no negotiator, no peace maker made this peace only the pure love and unity of "The Games".

    (The story of Nichael Melps)

  2. Berine

    Berine Guest

    This is the original one I posted. Sorry for the mixup everyone! (I accidentally made two posts)
  3. Berine

    Berine Guest

    Does anyone have any opinions about my story?

    Did anyone like it?
  4. Berine

    Berine Guest

    No one? lol
  5. Berine

    Berine Guest

    Sorry everyone, im new here and just realized that no one else's posts are getting replys, sorry lol i'll stop replying to myself XD
  6. Berine

    Berine Guest

    oh gosh im so excited, sorry to keep posting guys but does anyone know when we the winners will be announced???? MY HEARTS BEATING LIKE CRAZY, i heard it ends at 11:59 PM and its 11:47 PM so just waiting and hoping and wishing hehe
  7. Claous

    Claous Guest

    I dunno, I think it was already supposed to have ended, but there are no posts about it anywhere, which is a bummer...

    Also, my apologies for posting in your entry thread, if you wish for me to delete this post, I will with all due haste. :)
  8. Berine

    Berine Guest

    Oh hey thats fine hehe, I actually wanted people to post so it doesnt feel so lonely waiting to see if you won or not hah