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The Good Old Days are gone.

Discussion in 'UO Spiels N Rants' started by croftsreturn, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. croftsreturn

    croftsreturn Guest

    I left UO in feb of this year.. I left because the graphics were horrible, and UOKR was pushed back yet again.. another promise broken by UO. It was hard to leave after 6-7 years of playing, and meeting people.. gathering wealth and such.

    I thought I would check back here, just to see how the world has changed in the last year, and to my utter disapointment it hasnt changed a bit. People are still complaining about the same things they have been for years.

    I dont play UO now. and I will never come back so i dont mind saying that I used to be one of those speed hacking, afk macroing, level up a a necro mage in a day kind of players. To be honest I was really against it for a while.. you know.. what fel players called "trammies", even if you played in fel.

    But then one day i was running a speed hack and got pulled into a jail of sort, where i was politely asked to turn it off, then returned to the battle. At that point really there was no stopping it. I got much better Frames per second using those programs, and it felt more natural to play at that speed. Speed hacks were not really something used to get an advantage over another player in my case, it was simply to enjoy the game in a way that the programmers could not provide.

    I play WoW now. there is no need to cheat there, because the game runs smoothly, and most of the items that are worth anything, cannot be bought or sold, you have to find them and loot them yourslef to use them.. there are a million reasons that its a better game but i wont get into that.

    My point is, that if i was considering changing games.. Ide have to steer clear of UO. it is a dinosaur in the modern world, which has no love for its extremely small customer base. There is no nastalgia left in the game.

    Last i checked UO had a subscription base of 90,000 accounts. in its "hay-day" it peaked at 300,000. most people have multiple accounts so that number of 90,000 gets even smaller... compared to say Toontown online which has 110,000 accounts, and World of Warcraft with 10,000,000 it is the bottom of the barrel.

    I write this post in utter pity and with a heavy heart for those of you that remain loyal Ultima Online. You are truely the martyers of the online gaming community.

    Quitting UO was harder than quitting smoking for me. But oddly enough quitting both made me feel better after time. And now when i see someone smoking, or playing UO, I think to myself " they should really find something else to do.. they would feel so much better.

    I wish you all the best of luck but please consider the past, the present and the future of UO. Spend your money wiser.

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  2. hawkeye_pike

    hawkeye_pike Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
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    A martyr is someone who dies in the end.

    I don't consider myself a martyr, nor do I deserve your pity.

    I actually like playing the game, and that's why I am playing it.

    I don't play it for items or because I cannot part from my acquired wealth.

    You are absolutely right about UO being a very old game with a stone age graphics engine.

    On the other hand, UO is the game with the most depth.

    It only depends on what you prefer: Nifty graphics or depth.

    I know no other game that offers both (I tried them all).

    I personally prefer depth, although I regret that UO has such bad graphics.

    There still is hope.