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NEWS the Governor's Meeting, October 2015

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Zynia, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. Zynia

    Zynia Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jun 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    October 25th, 2015


    All governors with the exception of the Governor of Yew, and the late arrival of Governor Arya were present for tonights meeting.


    Governor of Vesper, Lord Quacklebush announced he has the cities armada out searching for Lady Khaleesi. The Governor announces he shall offer a reward leading to any clues of her whereabouts.

    Shortly after, King Blackthorn elected a vote towards the Award of Excellence that had been requested. Lady Tatiana Thorn, had been nominated by the council. The Governors' vote was unanimous in their decision.



    The Governor's award was very well fitting, and left her at a loss for words.


    The meeting shifted over to Lady Summer, Governor of Moonglow with news of orc invasions and sightings within her cities gates. The Governor declared that all orcs are now banned from Moonglow until further notice. Any orcs seen within the gates of Moonglow will be arrested and dealt with. This was because they had come in numbers, over 200 of their kind! It is unknown who sent them or hired them, but they had a higher ranking orc captain amongst them.

    "My guards in Cove know a thing or two about dealing with orcs, I will send some to glow to aid." Lord Quacklebush added.

    "Evil is very subjective." concluded the King.

    It was Lord Cauchemar, Governor of Trinsic's turn to take the floor. He reported the status of the orcs are very aggressive in their valley southeast of Yew. Yet the status of Trinsic remains still in recovering from the scouts mission. Governor Cauchemar continues to thank all of those who helped in Valcor's rescue.

    "How is the treasury of Britain, at one time there was a billion gold." King Blackthorn asked Lord Tomalas Gabriel, Governor of Britain.

    "I do a trade deal and it takes two million out and within fourty-five minutes it's back. I'd like to see some of that excess given to lowest town till we are all strong. The City of Britain is in it's best shape with lots of activity and commerce. Our defenses are stronger than ever." replied Tomalas.

    "When will we have something to do with all that wealth?" asked Governor Andrasta.

    "Good question." said King Blackthorn.

    "The battle with Minax took most of my minister's attention. I think now that we have crossed over into a more calm age, things may progress further." he continued as all of the governors smiled with a gleam of excitement.

    Lord Erebus, Governor of Minoc announced that the economy is great and the people are happy within his city lines. They are a special town where they fly straight and proud, never faltering.

    "As you know, New Magincia has a moderate population of Orcs, and with that being said.." Lady Andrasta started.


    "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" exclaimed Lady Summer.

    "Bravo." stated Stefano, clapping loudly at the Governors announcement.

    "Them orcs will be over runnin yer city before ye know it" added Lord Quacklebush.

    "Let me say this Governor, I will kill any orcs I see attempting to come into Moonglow and orcs in my travels I will kill and bring their heads to your office for safe keeping. I will make sure so you can offer them protection too." Lady Summer shouted across the table.

    "Your objections are noted Governor Summer. Orcs are most welcome in New Magincia. Gargoyles are welcome, mongbats are welcome, rats, etc etc.. Killing my citizens will result in an arrest warrant being issued." rebutted Lady Andrasta.

    "Children, children." interrupted King Blackthorn, "As long as the law of the land is upheld, you may do as you wish within your own borders. Think of it this way, if you expel all orcs from Moonglow it may displace some. If they have nowhere to go, they may join in raids of other towns. At least when in town most are semi-calm."

    "They attacked us! Killed innocents! And she's protecting them?" Lady Summer replied.

    "A band of orcs attacked you. One band. A tragedy, yes- but you cannot condemn an entire race throughout the entire world for the actions of one group. One of the Governors took a shot at me, Tazar I think his name was?" started King Blackthorn. "Killed another governor too! I didn't round up all the governors, return to absolute monarchy and start the heads a rollin'!"

    "Anyone who brings me an orc head.. 1 million gold reward... If the orc was in New Magincia.. 5 million gold reward." Governor Summer concluded.


    until next time..