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The Guardsmen Militia is recruiting

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Guardsmen Militia, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    Are you tough enough?

    The garrison of Stonekeep in Yew is home to The Guardsmen Militia, the most tenacious fighting force Sosaria has ever seen.
    Many don the fabled gold and grey and many can say that they have made a difference.

    Can you?

    Join up today and prove yourself - take the challenge of every Yewish guardsman.

    Survive the tests of resilience, battle your own strength of will, serve the city of Yew, surmount the insurmountable, see the world and kick the **** out of it.

    We offer:
    • A fair copper wage
    • Free health and dental care
    • Self-respect
    • Armour, uniform and weapons


    So come by Stonekeep today and make the best decision of your lifetime by signing up to become a Trainee in the Guardsmen Militia.
    Visit: www.grd-europa.co.uk
    Or contact Bladius Dart (ICQ: 125548430)

    The Guardsmen Militia is the oldest and largest roleplaying guild on the
    Europa shard of Ultima Online, we focus on hardcore, realistic and low-fantasy roleplay and welcome anybody willing to give our style of roleplay a try.

    We have events for members to take part in each and every night, ranging from drills, trainings, battles and patrols to guard duty, tavern evenings, sporting events and ongoing plotlines.

    If playing a guardsman doesn't interest you, why not enquire about joining as a citizen of Yew?]


    If you are interested in the Guardsmen Militia please contact any of the following Command members:

    Bladius Dart - 125548430
    Radek Wilkes - 195195395
    Sineal Walker - 132135147