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The Hands of Darkness: The First SWTOR EU Based Sith Rp Guild

Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by Darth Derriphan, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. The Hands of Darkness

    The First European based Sith roleplay guild for SW:ToR

    "Without strife, your victory has no meaning. Without strife, you do not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."

    "Treachery is the way of the Sith."


    The Hands of Darkness are a shadowy unseen faction amongst the Sith, a loose alliance of Sith lords unhappy and bitter about the Emperors withdrawal from Republic Space and the tedious cold war it has caused. They plot to spark a new Great War through the use of Corruption and Power, their touch can be felt through every rank of the Sith, recruiting those who believed the Republic should have been crushed once and for all.

    Striking openly and from the shadows the hands will not rest till they see the light of their enemies the Jedi extinguished from the galaxy once and for all, and they will use any means possible even if it means defying the words of their Emperor.


    SWTOR-Station Guild of The Month July 09

    KOTORMMO.net Guild Interview

    Hands of Darkness Wiki

    OOC Who we are?: We are a Mature European Sith Roleplay guild for the MMORPG Star Wars; The Old Republic.

    What was once a Community for Sith Rp (The Sith Council) has now turned into a Rp Guild Formed by Darth Derriphan (England) and Darth Mynock (Netherlands) two experienced and enthusiastic Sith RPers who have both lead guilds, RPed as Sith previously in games such as Star Wars Galaxies and share a love and passion for all aspects of the Dark side of the force.

    It is now our aim to became known for quality RP and be the leading Sith guild on the Server we choose to play on at the release of the SW:TOR.

    How Can I join?:
    The Hands are open to all within the EU who show they are willing to act maturely, roleplay well, learn the Sith ways.

    To join please visit our Guild forum and fill out an application, there it will be reviewed by the the heads of the guild.

    Will you PVP?:While we are primarily a hardcore RP guild we do not disallow our members to participate in PvP activities, as the very tenants of the Sith encourage our members show superiority anyway they can, be this through devious political manipulations or blood shed.

    Language requirements?:IC: We speak primarily in Basic, occasionally using ancient Sith words. OOC: We are mostly English speaking but due to the wide variety of languages that spread across across Europe we do not discriminate and accept English is not a first language for all.

    What are the Ranks/sections within the Guild?:

    We currently have three different Rank sections within the guild.

    Force Users

    Many power hungry Sith serve the Hands of Darkness, be they born of the Sith or those who once walked the path of the Jedi only to fall, from many backgrounds they come but all share the same dissatisfaction with the galaxy’s current political climate. The Sith Warriors and Inquisitors of the Hands seek change in a galaxy they see as stagnant. They see themselves as above the common person gifted with the touch of the Force. A gift given to them to help dominate the galaxy, it is theirs to command.

    By serving the Hands of Darkness a Sith is expected to follow the ways and the teachings of the Shadow Council. As Warriors they must show no fear in battle leading from the front a monstrous being who shows little remorse in his pursuit of defeating the Jedi, As devious Inquisitors the Sith must show more cunning using the Dark side itself to make sure the will of the Hands is achieved. But even within the Dark side cabal that is the Hands there is always treachery, for it is the way of the Sith.

    Sith Adept > A newly recruited, Force Sensitive, devotee to the Hands of Darkness. Adepts are expected to prove themselves worthy to their superiors in order to attain prestige and promotion. Adepts are required to learn the ways of the Sith and show promise in both skill and devotion.

    Sith Acolyte > An Acolyte is a Sith who has shown devotion and skill in the dark side of the Force, enough to be promoted. Acolytes still have much to learn but must conduct themselves as role models to Adepts and prove themselves worthy to betaken as an apprentice.

    Sith Apprentice > This rank is obtained by Acolytes who haven proven themselves worthy enough, in skill and knowledge of Sith teachings, to have been noticed by a Sith Warrior or Master. Once taken as an Apprentice they must serve their master well for itis only him/her that can decide when they are ready to face the trials.

    Sith Warrior/Inquisitors > These Sith are the backbone of the Force Sensitives in the Hands of Darkness. They have shown that they are skilled users of the force and in lightsaber combat, they have been deemed worthy, it is at this rank they may be granted the title Darth.

    Sith Master > When a Sith Warrior goes above and beyond the call of duty they will be promoted to that of Sith Master. To obtain this rank one must show excellent skill in lightsaber combat and knowledge of the force. They will have proven that they can pass on their knowledge to underlings and represent the Hands of Darkness in the best way possible. Sith Masters will be given delicate and important tasks, by Shadow Hands, that lesser ranking members cannot be trusted to handle.

    Shadow Hand > Shadow Hands are the right hand men/women of the Council. Sith Masters can only attain this rank by being personally chosen by the Shadow Council to be authorized with extra responsibility. Shadow Hands will be outstandingly skilled in the ways of the Sith and show an understand of the guilds goals and ideals. They will make sure that members are abiding by the rules but also be there to help in anyway they can. Shadow Hands answer directly to the Shadow Council and especially to their immediate superiors (Grand Inquisitor and Grand Master)

    Imperial Agents

    The Sith Intelligence and Assassination Branch of the Hands of Darkness was created in response to the growing concerns of the Shadow council who believed it was only time before their presence was discovered in the great Empire. Keen to make sure they would forever remain out of sight of the Emperor, the Council searched the galaxy for the Empire's most promising military Officers. Many of these officers soon rallied the cause of the Hands, agreeing with their ideas that would lead to the final push towards the downfall of the republic.

    Now under the employ of the Hands of Darkness these Officers lead double lives, whilst from the outside they serve the Empire commanding it's vast armies and navies they also secretly serve the Hands of Darkness undertaking devious missions ensuring the secret of the Hands is not discovered. Intelligence gathering on key Republic personnel who have gotten too close to Hand operations, Assassination of wayward Sith adepts who believe by betraying the Hands to the Empire they can further their own goals, or merely infiltrating governments as a means to bring more resources to the Hands. These are the tasks of a Imperial Agent who serves the Hands of Darkness.

    Lieutenant > Newly recruited, Non Force Sensitive, to the military side of the Hands of Darkness. This Officer within the Imperial Military has proven to be a loyal soldier of the Empire. They are trusted with the most basic missions of the Hands.

    Captain > This rank is earned due to displaying keen leadership abilities and skill on the battlefield. He has made many contacts on the battlefield of the galaxy with which to help further the aims of the Empire and his own career.

    Major >This rank is given when a Captain has shown a knack for cunning and bravery in the name of the Hands of Darkness. Majors have shown no remorse when it comes to getting the job done, doing whatever they can to make sure their mission succeeds without fail.

    Colonel > Colonels, high ranking military officers, they have a wealth of resources to accomplish their tasks. The Empire spares no expense, weapons, troops, credits; a Colonel has them all at his disposal to accomplish his missions.

    General/Admiral > When an agent shows tactical prowess and unwavering loyalty they will become Generals/Admirals. Admirals are sturdy authoritative figures within the guild. They have climbed the ranks and will receive the important devious political duties and missions from Moffs.

    Moff > Moffs have been promoted to such a rank through showing leadership/dedication and good representation of the Hands of Darkness. They have been chosen by the Shadow Council to take on extra responsibility. They will make sure that everything is running smoothly and that the members are obeying the guilds code. They are the heads of the Sith Intelligence and Assassination branch within the guild, making sure that lesser agents do not fail in their duties . Moffs answer directly to the Shadow Council

    Bounty Hunters

    Bounty Hunters, to some it is a road for the scum and villainy of the galaxy, a profession to fall back on when life fails them. To others it is a way of life, to them there is no greater profession that shows off ones skill, determination, cunning and notoriety than that of a Bounty Hunter. It is the calling of one requiring the services of another to take a life that fuels their sense of being. It is the latter that the Hands of Darkness seek.

    Only the most skillful, crafty and ruthless of Bounty Hunters make their way into the employ of the Hands. To have a Jedi Knight in the scope of ones sniper rifle, then pulling the trigger to end their righteous existence is something that many Bounty Hunters desire but rarely get the chance to experience. The Hands of Darkness offer this experience regularly and are sure to turn any Bounty Hunter into a name that will be feared throughout the Galaxy.

    Hired Gun > A Hired Gun is a low standing Bounty Hunter within the Hands of Darkness who has recently been hired to fulfil private contracts for the order.

    Contractor > A Contractor is a Bounty Hunter who has proven their skills within the Hands and therefore been given higher priority contracts.

    Hunter > Hunters has proven themselves as loyal killers for the Hands of Darkness and may be tasked with alternative duties to simple murder.

    Specialist > Specialists have come out on top of every task issued by the Hands, their skills are impressive as is their loyalty, they can be trusted to fulfil special contracts and to take out more dangerous targets.

    Head Bounty Hunter > Head Bounty Hunters are the contact between their underlings and the Shadow Council. It is a Head Bounty Hunters task to hand down jobs from the Council, or other leading members, to their Bounty Hunter subordinates.

    We are constantly looking for those who wish to get involved and be active parts of our community and have a chance at promotion. For more info please visit our site or contact either Darth Derriphan or Darth Mynock.