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The Hecitorial: Hail brave adventurer! I have an offer for thee.

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by imported_Hecubus, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. I’m not exactly sure why I decided to do it. Maybe it was because I was home after work- which is rare these days, as I spend most of my time at my fiance’s house, which is currently internet-inept, sort of leaving me hobby-inept. But still- that night while I was ironing a shirt for work the next day I decided to update UO with a little more than a year’s worth of patches I’ve missed. I never bought Mondain’s Legacy, and my brother and friend, both UO mainstays and main contributors to our old guild and fiction, haven’t kept up with the game at all. The closest my brother got to UO-related things since his departure was the occasional piece of artwork of Lothar, my character, or some random drawing he’d make on a napkin of Lady Nadia while we discussed the upcoming Warhammer tournament. For him to doodle UO more than 2 years after he left the game wasn’t anything new, and it never really left any impression upon me other than to admire his work.

    Maybe it was the occasional email I got from Miri. It was interesting to be called “Genjuro” in an email, like some old nickname you might have as a kid, or a special name given to you by a favored family member you rarely see. My brother would sometimes bring it up, “Hey I drew this cool pic of the guild for a banner, kinda like the ‘select fighter’ screen you’d see when you played Marvel vs. Capcom, or any of the Streetfighter series.” I’d look at the image on his computer and say “Cool,” and mention that Miri emailed me the other day. And that’s about as far as it went- for a while.

    Until I logged in that one night whilst ironing my shirt.

    I jumped into my most familiar suit of “skin”, my paladin Lothar, still clad in white robes, still carrying that same black staff he carries to help him walk when he’s not in battle. I walked around the Ordo tower, saw a message or two, discovered that Lich Lords now use Necro spells (which is exactly what I had wanted when Necro first came out), and headed to Miri’s house, which delighted me and saddened me at the same time.

    She had turned the house (which was my former house and the original site of the Ordo stone) into a sort of “memorial” for the guild. I saw Hecubus and Darkeyes as parrots. The old Ordo banners still waved on the entry, and the entire third floor was converted into a library of guild fiction, written by members long gone, old heroes and friends, and many of my old works. Many of the books, such as the Origin of Miri herself, had been painstakingly converted from Stratics posts into book form. It was quite a feat- and quite a tribute- to our old friends and family, and every page I turned reminded me of how much this special lady, Miri, really loved us all.

    I didn’t encounter her that first night back, but I did manage to scribble out a couple of books to leave for her before I logged out.

    That was about 2 weeks ago.Since then I’ve had the fortune or running into old friends- a red I encountered in Fel who decided to chat with us despite my pitiful greeting with sword in hand. I had gone hunting with Miri and our old friend Tess Soaringeagle, and in the last few days I have reinvested myself into re-vamping my samurai, Genjuro.

    But the land seems so desolate for the most part. I’ve run into players, but we never have anything to say, for it seems we are not on common purpose. Besides- I have been around for a while and understand that many of the current players just don’t find my style of play to be “productive” in terms of gaining the latest and newest of shiny things to bring to the bank. I seem to get more words from NPC’s, and one in particular struck a chord with me when he said, “Hail brave adventurer! I have an offer for thee.”

    And it made me wonder, “Are there any adventurers (in the sense I term adventurer these days? Where might I find an adventurer?”

    So I say this: Hail brave adventurer! I have an offer for thee.

    My offer is not much. Just bandages, blood, and 1-2 hours of company with a player that isn’t interested in griefing or taking all of the good loot. I spend equal time at places with a silver and gold pointer, don’t have ML, but know a few places that aren’t heavily trafficked and reasonably fun and challenging for your average, non-superhuman PVM’er. I’ve never been much into killing other players, but I do die to them fairly well, and take it all in stride. I’m not looking to join or form a guild, an alliance, or any large scale collaboration at this point and I simply don’t have the time or means to put on the elaborate RP things I’ve done in years past. I’m simply looking for off-the-cuff player interaction, and looking for a few friendly takers.

    If you have a large group interested in taking down the Void Shadow- then I’d be interested in helping if I can. If you’re a lone player just looking to adventure- then I’m definitely in.

    So my question is- are you interested, brave adventurer? Then PM me or ICQ me 77929131. I may only have a day a week to play, so pardon me if I don’t reply immediately. Thanks!
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Good to see you "semi" back
    I always did enjoy your Hecitorials.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It is good to see Jack's wry grin again. [​IMG]

    Coming to story night Friday at the Y?

  4. UNfortunately- Friday nights are pretty bad for UO. Generally the lady has control of my Fridays. I shall try though!

    I am Jack's remission.
  5. My sword arm, bowstring or dagger hand are ever yours for the asking, friend - any time and anywhere. As you should know from rueful experience, I am also more than willing to talk your ear off. *grins*

    I am happy to hear of both your engagement and your return, and I hope to see and spend some time with you at your earliest leisure. Just say the word!
  6. Castor Troy

    Castor Troy Guest

    Welcome back [​IMG]
  7. ironeagle19

    ironeagle19 Guest

    I miss the "Hecitorials" of the past and pardon me for saying it outload but i allways got a chill when interacting with you in the past, your devotion to R/P and your ability to inspire that in people is one of the main reasions why i respect you as much as i do, that and you are never to busy or "1337" to chat with a fellow player, for that i say this if lothor ever needs help or just a friendly ear to talk about days since past, Gorbon will be there
    good to see your still hunting us. and thanks for chatting the other night at the YMCA
  8. Thanks folks- I really appreciate those who have stayed on Sonoma and have over the years contributed to building a positive setting for us to enjoy. There really isn't a big enough way to say thanks.

    From the first time I logged into UO- I really did feel like I had somehow immersed myself into some kind of adventure. And that thousands of other regular people like myself found themselves immersed. And what I struggled with (and to some degree still struggle with) is the idea that all playstyles (legal ones) are valid, and respecting that fact prevents us from being hung up on trying to force others to RP, PvP, etc., and focus more on encouraging people to join up and enjoy a playstyle- something that can begin as simply as one player just introducing his/herself to another player, and enjoying that interaction.

    Me I'll be in game when I can- walking the lands, battling monsters, and maybe stopping in to tell a tale or two to anyone who would care to listen. Maybe I'll run into some great people the first time out. Maybe I won't run into someone interesting until the 50th time out. I don't know. I'm just gonna play- and try to enjoy what time I have here.

    I am Jack's pathetically stoic post.

    - Hec
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color="purple"> There are few Honorable people left in this cold world. I hope to run into you one day and join you in battle. I to only spend a bit of time .. having lost the joy of this game..May we meet one day .. Pax, Silk </font>
  10. Last time I played I was surprised how many people I found still playing... Then it finally hit after a few weeks of playing that the people who play this version of the game just aren't like the people I used to play with. It's not about community and people to people interaction anymore, it's all about what items are needed and wanted.

    I guess that's cool for some people, but items and loot never really appeal to me. I like playing a character and being around other players that like having a character around them. Now, I am not suggesting that there aren't ANY of those kinds of players around, but there aren't many and it can be hard to find them when you play sporadically. Not like when I played years ago.
  11. hiai

    hiai Guest

    I guess many of us find ourselves in the same position here. Sometimes playing UO is like a shot of nostalgia, just looking to see how things have changed. For myself, and for a few other old friends I've recently run into, it's apparent that the real world is a harsh mistress in terms of time, and perhaps time we had before to immerse ourselves in fantasy is scant and fleeting at best. And yet, it IS nice to come back and see some of the old familiar things. It's strange to think that a mere pixel world can capture our hearts enough that we ache when we revisit, seeing the changes that have been wrought for the worse. And yet it's not surprising, really, when you consider that, underneath everything UO is and has been, it's always been a community. A community of people that we connect with on some level, whether deeply or superficially, or briefly or eternally...UO is always about the people we meet.

    So of course it is bittersweet, to remind ourselves of "the good times", because for every past good memory is a missing friend that we failed to keep in touch with. 'Tis the nature of this transitory community. And yet, we may take joy in considering those that linger, and the effects they have on our lives, and we on theirs. I have so many fond memories wrapped up in this game, that despite the changed circumstances of my life, and the many demands on my time, I still seem to find time every once in awhile to click that old icon and watch the login screen pop up. There's a fascination to it that no one who has not experienced it firsthand could understand. Heaven knows my family has never "gotten it." But I have new family now, in part BECAUSE they "get it", and the complex, shifting patterns of human relations ensure that I will always view UO with the rosy glasses of an elderly person remembering their youth. Even the negative experiences are something to look back upon with fondness. "Hey remember the time I got ganked by...."

    'Tis also passing strange, in this game, the way this pixel life entwines itself with your real life. I am very often reminded how truly small our world really is, when considering the strange coincidences of people met ingame before real life..or people known in real life that I encounter ingame. Perhaps it's the age of the game..perhaps it's the way it's versatility speaks to so many playstyles, or perhaps the fact that the mere act of playing such a game is a form of reaching out to other people, but whatever the reason, I treasure the connections I make in UO all out of proportion to those in real life. The true nature of people is displayed ingame in a way that I think nobody ever foresaw. And it is this that makes UO such a success..and will be it's downfall.

    After all, no one wants to maintain the resources for a "community" unless they stand to profit greatly thereby. Our only chance of keeping UO alive is that it is and has been a tremendous cash cow for a very long time...BECAUSE of it's social aspect. Anyone who has ever logged into the game knows it's not the monsters, or the storyline (practically nonexistent), certainly not the pathetic graphics, none of the things that make a "hit video game". It is us, the UO groupies, that will leave often but can't ever seem to say a final farewell..those that nourish the nostalgia, those that continually find ways to take a fresh approach and get the most out of things they never did before, those that approach UO like they approach any other portion of their live..as something to be lived and nourished and cherished. Because, in the end......

    UO is a part of our lives, just as surely as any other human connections we make. This isn't a TV show that we enjoyed and miss...this is US..OUR interactions, OUR decisions, OUR good or bad day played out in the game we vent into. So, Hecubus, my friend I never met, and likely never will, I am certain that one day I will meet you ingame. And perhaps we will hunt together, perhaps we will help each other, or perhaps we will pass each other without a word...but I have a friend who is your friend, and we have mutual acquaintances, and something you do ingame will affect something I do ingame or vice versa...because that is what UO is. Sonoma perhaps more than most. And with that I am content.
  12. *hugs*

    As ever, eloquently said, hiai.

    It's a pleasure to hear from you!