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The Hecitorial: KABLAA!!!

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by imported_Hecubus, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. It’s lunch time on Thursday. I have a critical report due today…


    I go to my favorite Chinese restaurant and order my favorite dish: Walnut Shrimp.


    I head back to work and sit at my desk.


    I can’t get it out of my head. It’s the way I envision my newest best friend- The Grim Reaper- leaving Sonoma at the conclusion of the Halloween event. The way I have it figured out in my head may not appeal to many players nowadays, but hey, if you run a big guild that is looking for this type of fun, then feel free to use the idea. I envision it as a player-run event, for people sick of the artifact whining, and looking for something they’d remember- rather than collect.

    Village mob vs. Death Incarnate: KABLAA!!!

    Abstract: Death has overstayed its welcome in the village of Kablaa, and it’s time for the sheriff to enlist his village- every man able to bear arms- to rid us of this blight, once and for all. The Sherrif has vowed to put his own life on the line, and has a paif of deputees, sworn to protect him and refute any reward from the deal….

    This event requires: A Grim Reaper, A Sherrif, 2-3 Deputies, and as many angry villagers as possible.

    Sherrif: The sherrif is allowed any and all equipment to do his job. The sherrif should be a tank (paladin/samurai with all 70’s suit and self-heal macro is best for this) and his job is to be the Reaper’s original target. If he dies- the game is over. His job essentially is to lead the Reaper to the village mob- who lie in wait.

    Deputies: The deputies are allowed any and all equipment to do their job. They must vow never to keep any loot or artifacts gathered from the Reaper. Their job is to set up with the village mob and keep the sheriff alive at all costs.

    The village mob of KABLAA!!: The village mob is YOU- the players who will attend this nutsoid event, full of angry village sayings and packing village-grade equipment. There is absolutely no limit on the number of villagers- they just need to be fun loving players who think dying multiple times and watching a bunch of other people do the same is hilarious!!

    Equipment restrictrions on the Village Mob

    The village mob must be in plain clothing (just shirts, kilts, pants, dresses, hats…).
    They may not wear artifacts of any kind, but are allowed to wear jewelry (the rich ones

    They may not use any tamed pets other than dogs (no Cu Sidhe), wolves, bears, or
    Anything with less than 50HP.

    Village mobs may hire any NPC’s to help in the fight (this makes it even funnier!)

    Village mobs may use regular, GM bows only.

    Village mob mages may wear lrc suits(provided they can wear plain robes or clothes over them and they do not incude artifacts), but are not allowed to use summons of any sort.

    Village mob warriors must use: Pickaxes, pitchforks, cleavers, bone harveters, clubs, daggers,
    Small axes, and anything else that is typical for village mob weaponry. They may take slayer versions of these weapons, but no artifacts.

    And that’s it! Have the deputies lead the village mob to an appropriate “village” (such as Yew/Skara Brae farms) and have them set up. The Sheriff flags a reaper- and the rest is mayhem! And everyone yells: KABLAAAA!! The event can be the duration of killing a Reaper, the death of the sheriff, or till everyone has had a good laugh.

    I wish most of my old friends were still around- because I’d run this event TODAY. I’m sure people might be looking at this post and thinking to themselves “I’ll die like a dog in 1-2 hits, and I have a very low chance at an arti…”

    But that’s the thing. This type of event challenges you to get outside of that for a second, and have REAL enjoyment and hilarity watching the Reaper tear through you and the village mob. I wager that people would love this event. I’m sure some people will come along to play by their own rules and try to steal the arti, but the entire village has a chance to score one (except for the sheriff and deputies) so it would be best to have a larger village mob.

    The host guild/entity could offer prizes for the best villager RP, or the MVP villager of the fight.

    Anyway- that’s my idea. I wish I had the people/time to run something like this, but maybe you will. My point is- anything can be fun, you just need to look at things in the game a little differently.

    I am Jack’s unfinished report.


    - Hec
  2. jimma

    jimma Guest

    Sounds fun. How many villagers would you need?
  3. A bajillion. [​IMG]

    I would totally be a villager if someone else was gonna run this. I would use a gargoyle's pickaxe, a torch in my other hand, and throw malatov ****tails and jack o' lanterns...that is if I lived more than 3 seconds.

    Man it would so rock. Just seeing a screen full of villagers yelling KABLAA!! As they charged to their doom would be the most awesome thing ever.

    I am Jack's stolen line from Team America: World Police.

    - Hec
  4. Kolian

    Kolian Guest

    You're being stalked by Howard Dean?
  5. Howard Dean is: BYAAAAA!!!

    The Film Actor's Guild on Team America:World Police uses the battle cry: KABLAA!!

    But maybe BYAAAA!!! is a better title. Anyone who runs this event and uses BYAAAA!! owes Kolian a nickel every time it is said.


    I am Jack's IOU to Kolian: 20 cents for this post.

    - Hec