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The Hecitorial: Player run events versus UO Events.

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by imported_Hecubus, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Boy I can’t ever find that gem in Serpent’s Hold to be any other color than green, for the life of me. I stop by anytime I log in, it’s part of my BOD run routine. I swear I’ve only seen it another color once, and usually I end up reading about what I missed on Stratics.

    The same is true with that talking rat and Ricardo the thief. I miss events like it’s outta style, and if it weren’t for Stratics, I wouldn’t know about these types of events at all. The one thing I can count on is storytime at the Y on Friday nights, and a decent chance that a friend or guildmate is on. Much of my other time spent hunting, training, decorating, or what have you seems like ‘filler’ to me until a group of friends get online, or if by some miracle I happen to be on during one of these EM/GM events.


    I don’t blame the EMs for me missing their events much at all. They are working with limited resources and hours just like I am, and getting the message across in game just hasn’t lent itself well to any idea of ‘scheduling’ short of being online all the time.

    Or checking that gem. Ohh I wish it were another color!

    I will admit that Ricky Ricardo and the talking rat have me bored to tears. The “This is as far as you can go, for now” beeswax is pretty frustrating. Much of my knowledge of action is announced after the fact, and most of the Town Criers are one event behind anyway. I liken it to trying to watch a TV show, and everytime you turn it to that channel, it’s just a 30 second looped recap of the previous episode, that I missed as well.

    It’s safe to say that EMs and shardwide events just aren’t gonna cut it for my entertainment anyway. But knowing this- it doesn’t mean that I want to succumb to the mindless item and skill grind that for me is really just ‘filler’ for the real entertainment value of playing this game.

    I touched on something earlier though- knowing that storytelling at the Y is on Friday nights at 7:30pm is fairly reliable. Substantially more reliable than that gem or glorified barkeep NPC’s anyway. Dor and the news team do an admirable job announcing the event- they post it on our events calendar, generally post a reminder thread- and there is often a news story after the fact.

    And that isn’t unique to the YMCA storytelling nights either. Most player run events (PRE’s) are announced and pre-scheduled with a commendable level of press, and planning. Players leave marked runes and books in towns and moongates- they send out mass ICQ’s, and sometimes they even have players head to towns to announce events personally. Players have been fairly innovative with their ability to let the rest of us know what’s going on, and in many ways, PRE’s are simply better organized and IMHO more fun than chasing a talking NPC rat around, or waiting for a caravan to show up.

    If I were to take mental inventory of which is better: (EA run events vs. PRE’s) I personally find PRE’s to be superior with the exception of a couple of items:
    - You can’t get quest items from PRE’s.
    - PRE’s can’t spawn unique boss monsters in the middle of town.

    I might be in the minority with regards to my attitude towards quest items. Sure- it would be great to get them, but they’re not my main reason for wanting to attend an event. Item 2, though, is. I love a good scrap, and I love dynamic bosses and spawns. I can attend PRE’s, but they can’t give me an Ophidian General spawn halfway through conversation! If player run events could do more than take us to an existing dungeon, or pop a level 6-tmap in front of us, I may very well skip UO events entirely(like much of the rampant apathy towards these events without the promise of rares). Let’s face it, in UO events:

    1) The writing is abysmally poor. To be able to understand this- you need to suspend your innate desire for rares for a moment to put it into perspective. Right now you’re following a talking rat into the sewer, to fight alligators and other rats, for coins. Ophidians came and then left, some talk in Moonglow, black rocks that only legendary mages can use, a thief named Ricardo (for crying out loud!!!), a caravan that gets ambushed as it leaves town, and then after leaving some dead-ended intrigue it just pops into its destination. It’s a flat, disjointed plotline of which you have no influence over, designed to intrigue you and inspire grand designs of how awesome the event could really be (like a movie trailer that never gets to the actual movie). Inevitably these plots fail to deliver.
    2) Events just seem poorly planned and executed. Town criers are always a step behind. Following news items on Stratics is (by its very nature) a step behind. There seem to be too many instances of quest items (as well as items that don’t appear to be intended as quest items) being gathered by a very small proportion of players who cross shard them or ebay them.

    So, needless to say- I, like some others, desperately battle apathy in my attempt to entertain myself and be an active participant in UO events. But on that front- I’m really starved for entertainment. Leave a kid in a room without toys and he’ll play with the pillows and bits he finds in the trash can. That is how starved some of us feel for adventure.

    But on another front- it’s very encouraging to see players taking it upon themselves to add their own adventure to UO, and entertain others in the process. The other day I encountered an enigmatic drow while examining Ricardo’s hoopty. I have another player posting RP fiction on my guild forum. These folks are reaching out, and a single afternoon of interaction with them has been better than my entire experience with the Ricardo/talking rat deal thus far! And that’s the beauty of UO- it allows us to have much more immersion than other MMORPG’s- player driven. It’s encouraging to know that some EM’s attend large PRE’s. I would hope that Devs and EM’s take note from some of the successes of PRE’s –what players do right, and how much DEVs/EMs can use their unique tools and resources to make more successful events.

    I’ll keep checking that gem. And I’ll read of the events that I miss out on invariably. I’ll work on my own adventure, and continue to hope that UO events improve. And “That’s as far as I can go…for now.”

    I am Jack’s crushing 62 yard field goal.

    - Hec
  2. ironeagle19

    ironeagle19 Guest

    Actually i enjoy PRE aswell, mainly becouse there are no Uber-pixel crack and becouse players cant spawn big bosses or stuff like that it forces some to be more creative in there R/P (ohhh theres a durty word R/P) at any rate i'm struggleing o put on a decent r/P event around Halloween, but im finding i cant play all of the nessary people (if i could id hold events all the time) and i'm needing help maybe the Ordo might want to help, or any one elese for that matter! if your intrested in helping out and arent adverse to r/p and maybe makeing a gimp story char the drop me a line either PM me or icq 345344123, depending on what kind of responce i get is when ill throw this event up..
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have been tempted to start a few PRE events using ambiguous seeds... a book left in a bank pointing to adventure.

    As a sort of test of the potential of random seeds, I have left books giving instructions to their finder to contact me via stratics with a particular code word to claim a prize.

    Not even such books left in Haven have yet to yield any contact.

    I do not think the world is ready for my genius [​IMG]
  4. One day I hung out in Haven, dressed in white vet rewards robes (which is not unusual for those who know this character) and I carried a bag of GM Dull copper ring, a decent resist shield, and a half-decent runic broadsword. I also included bandages and food.

    As a new paladin approached I asked him if he was the one that the scribes foretold of. Looking perplexed, he asked me more about 'the prophecy', and I took him on a mini adventure across Haven, spouting wise-talk ala Morpheus/Obi Wan Kenobi. I kept him healed- taught him how to cross heal, and demonstrated some paladin abilities. The player seemed receptive to this type of event, after which I gave him his suit and explained that the suit will help him train, but he should replace it as he grows in power. I left him a book with my ICQ number in it, but never heard from him again. Oh well- at least it was fun for the hour or so we played!

    ironeagle- I'll try to get a hold of you via ICQ- but am likely to be away during 'peak' halloween hours this weekend.

    I am Jack's bag of wordisms.

    - Hec
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I commend you on your true initiation of a newbie player.

    I find the current crop of initiators who are eager to tell people who to and not to trust and give them scrap they themselves wouldn't consider using tiring. To truly invest time into bringing a young into a world of rich RP is a rare thing now.

    I had hoped to appeal to some simple greed or curiosity with my attempts at garnering interest, all to no avail. Perhaps you have found the true source of a rebirth of UO... the new players.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Try teaching a new player how to scribe....Now THERE'S a challenge!
  7. RP?! What foulness is this you speak of in our realm at this time? *wink*

    In all seriousness --- I am one of those players who played UO only for the Roleplay... though that led to all kinds of other activities, PVM, PVP etc.

    I recently came back to UO a few weeks ago after a long, long 4 year hiatus. I played from @ '97 to @ 2002. I played alot of characters in my time -- the main two being Moll & Serafina Cole. I started out roleplaying a 'virtue' character (Moll) and then eventually turned to the "dark" side with Serafina. Between the 2 of them, I belonged to many guilds, all of which were mainly about roleplay or player interaction -- YMCA, ILS, WL, MV, DT ( Dark Tower, of which Serafina was the proprietor). (By the way, if you want to read about some of the old establishments & towns etc, go to that link on stratics and scroll down the left side to 'historical establishments' to view them -- the info is not completely accurate on several of the places, but you'll get the gist of it.)

    I think those must have been the 'boom years' of RP on Sonoma. There was such an immense, huge, rich, creative RP community back then. There were player run towns and establishments everywhere (The Village of Ironwood, Township of Caendryl, City of Havenhold, Free City of Oasis, City of Avalon, The YMCA, The Bard and Healer, The Mage Tower, The Dark Tower). Most of these, in my day, were in Felucca, which was the only land at that time. The "lost lands" and 'trammel' were still fairly new when I left UO. It was rare to be anywhere in the game, especially any of these player run venues and to be alone -- there was *always* someone around to RP with, chat with, spar with. You didn't need an 'event' to RP --- though we had an abundance of those as well. We were a lucky group as well because we had huge Seer support and were able to have some really fabulous quests and long storylines with their help.

    Groups/People seemed more interested in roleplay back then. Player run towns had real player support --- many guilds would ally to take an interest in the welfare of the towns and establishments. Those who really enjoyed the more social aspect would be the 'tavern-flies'.... those who enjoyed the PVP would patrol the towns and defend against the 'bad guys' (pks & rprs) etc. The "Feluccca" issue ... well, just wasnt. It was all there was... and in fact, worked better for us in roleplaying in the world of "Brittania" --- we did alot of good vs evil RP, virtue vs dark, etc --- and random pvp and even just the looming threat of it was a really big part of roleplay. Without the possibility of death -- there is no possibility of adventure. Not all our RP involved PvP -- the majority of it didn't. We also had alot of out-of-game RP on a message board frequented by the "RP community". But, we were just one style of RP, I'm sure.. as there are as many varied styles of playing the game.


    Since I've been back in UO -- the last couple weeks --- I must admit I'm really frustrated with the lack of RP, the lack of player establishments -- and by establishments, I don't just mean someone's house that is left public --- but a real establishment with player support and characters around all the time. Somewhere to go and interact with others besides the Luna bank which has nothing to do with RP.

    If RP is out there, I cant find it. I don't know where to look. Can you tell me? I'd LOVE to get involved again.

    Ironeagle --- I would LOVE to help you any way I can. Like I said though, I've only been back in UO a few weeks and am a relative newbie when it comes to characters and game mechanics (so much has changed in a few years!) BUT, I can create characters etc and I can Roleplay! I am only in game a few hours a week though so if timing allows --- I'd be more than happy to participate and contribute. I will icq you.

    Hecubus, I think that's AWESOME what you did with the newbie. Now, if only there was somewhere to take that newbie where they could have player support and an environment of roleplay -- yes I know there are dozens of guilds etc that help newbie players by way of equipment and game mechanics etc

    --- but to me, anyways, its not the same as a roleplay environment.

    Leurnid Hand --- great ideas, by the way! I hope something comes of it... don't stop trying!
  8. Last night my samurai was checking the gem in Serp's hold and ran into another RP'er- his name was Jennar. We spoke for about an hour of many things- of the old war in Trinsic, of the ways of the sword, and the great enemy called "greed". I gave him a set of books that our guild developed for the "Ukkyo's Fang" Ordo RP series that we ran a few years ago.

    The whole experience was very, very encouraging. The last larger scale RP event I helped with was a RP PvP event coordinated with Ordo, GTH, and AoE in Khaldun. Man that was a blast!

    Serafina- if you are interested in participating in ironeagle's latest RP adventure, look at the Ordo and RHK guild forums for information. Alternately- if you have an idea that you would like to be part of an intra-guild collaboration, perhaps post the idea in the Sonoma Collaborations Forum if you want other guilds to help out.

    I've never been big on trying to 'force' RP and RP'ers to all be on the same page- I tend to prefer to watch others' ideas grow and lend help where I can. The idea is to inspire RP- period, and make yourself available to take part or even help plan if necessary.

    I am Jack's dead guild forums. [​IMG]

    - Hec
  9. Well.. you cant force RP. Plain and simple.

    Anyhow -- thank you for the information and links to those other boards. I will definately look into them again later -- I did just try now (see a few names I recognize!) but for some reason, I cant login there -- keeps telling me I don't exist. Do you think I need to create a new username there? It won't let this one login.

    (EDIT: nevermind .. I got it going... I had to reregister there!)
  10. The accounts used for guild forums are different IIRC.

    So let's see...based on this thread we already have ironeagles, Leurnid, Serafina, and myself (+ Ordo) interested in these types of activites.

    Dor was telling me the other week she is ore than happy to help as well, and a couple of other folks have PM'ed/Q'ed me as being interested....so maybe we have something in the works here...

    I am Jack's evil twin.

    - Hec
  11. Last time I played I went around to where ever I could find players gathered role playing away. It was like being in an empty room almost anywhere you went.

    I wonder if the expanded use of team speak, automap chat and the new guild chat systems haven't really exaggerated the lack of reading and responding to those who are all around but not directly involved with you at the moment (something role play really requires).