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The Hellmonger part 1

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Kiljaedon, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Kiljaedon

    Kiljaedon Guest

    Long dark hoods is a normal sight within those who wish to remain faceless amongst the ruffians of Bucs den and especially at night. The jungles outside of the town is much more dark then normal. The normal nightly sounds of creatures of the dark choose to remain silent and keep a distance from the man walking through the jungle on this dark night. Within the beings cowled hood nothing can be seen of this beings face. Silent as if nothing was there this being walks through the murky rain forest as the clouds prevent any light from showing and not even the stars can penetrate the near darkness.

    As the cloaked being steps from the jungle to the rocky face of the isle brushing against the sea spray splashing from the low tide a faint light blinks into existence from the sea. A returning flashing of a small light is the reply from the shrouded being as a small boat makes its way toward the isle's rocky facing.

    Within minutes the boat casts a small anchor and a hooked rope ladder is tossed up to the bank where the shrouded being stands patiently. A curse mutters under the breath of the one controlling the small water vessel as he clumsily climbs the rope ladder clamoring up to the shrouded being. Brightly polished knee high boots are the first sight seen in the glimmer of a new light kindled by the boat operator as he removes the shade of a small candle sitting it carefully on the ground to drag himself unto the bank of the rocky isle side.

    A silk long sleeve shirt of white and a sash twisted around his mid section along with expensive looking pantaloons marks the sea faring stranger as a man not accustomed to properly wearing suitable attaire for a ocean voyage. The man picks up the candle bringing it to his face to show a smooth skinned nobleman with long white hair and a crooked smile with a grim mood to match his smile. Lord Timbermane was not pleased at being forced to journey to sea this night to meet his contact but even he would dare not whisper such a complaint to the hooded man as he fumbles through his leather sachel with his free hand.

    Timbermane pulls out a velvet envelope with a wax seal indicating it was signed from a man of high standing with the nobles of Britain. Timbermane hands over the sealed envelope to the hooded man as he patiently opens the sealed envelop and unfolds a parchment.

    Slight moves under the hood indicating reading of the letter as Timbermane fumbles with his free hand covering his mouth to stifle a cough. The hooded man chuckles once with a deep booming voice and slides the parchment into the inner folds of his cape. Timberbane flinches briefly expecting the worst when the hooded man opens his gloved hand palm up with a small leather bag tied together with twine nodding to him to open his palm. Timbermane extends his hand out as the hooded stranger places the bag into his hand. You can hear the clanging of coins in the bag as Timbermane gasps opening the drawstring of the little bag. "four-hundred thousand coins as yee was promised for this message Timberbane", as a booming deep voice reverberates from under the hood of the cloaked stranger. "Tis a good sign that things maybe looking up to your masters way Timbermane." Timbermane blinks as he looks up from counting the coins nodding.

    Timbermane knowing better then to ask but curiousity overwhelming him looks up to the hooded stranger as he notices him starting to walk back into the darkness of the jungle. "What may I inquire was on the letter that my master had me come all the way out here to bring to you" The hooded stranger stops in its tracks and tilts his head around looking behind his shoulders as an oddly feminine voice comes from under the hood this time. "It says my dear Mr. Timbermane that your master should expect the arrival of The Hellmonger very soon."

    Timbermane blinks against a sensation all of a sudden forming in his inner emotions. Pain starts stabbing a bit from his stomach as tears from forth to his eyes. Timbermane bends over and looks up at the hooded stranger so has seemed to shrink down to the size of Timbermane. The hooded stranger pulls back its cowl to reveal a spitting mirror image of Timbermane. A crooked smile comes across the once hooded strangers face as it perfectly mimics the smile of Timbermane. The real Timbermane gasps as his pain subside and stands up to speak but before he can do so the hooded stranger turns around withe the speed and grace of an assassin and steps silently back into the darkness of the jungle.
  2. Kiljaedon

    Kiljaedon Guest

    A primer to an upcoming event that will be held on Baja. A developing mystery with plots and characters. More will be posted and will follow a series of in game events first scheduled then the outcome will depend on those who with to play in the event. This is in no way related to any Seer or Mythic/EA Event Moderator events or official story lines whatsoever.
  3. Amber Witch

    Amber Witch Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Gilfane

    Sep 18, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Nicely written. Can't wait to see how events unfold!