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The Hunt Resumes : Miles

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Nh'bdy, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Nh'bdy

    Nh'bdy Guest

    Here is a bit of back story. I'm a fanatical fan of all things old Ultima, as it was pre-my time I attempt to rekindle the feelings. Running about test when I was but a whee 50 skilled noobling who just figured out what test was I placed a house north of Brit in a clearing and instantly decided I would one day claim this plot on my home Prodo. shard.

    Forward to December of last year. I find screen shots on my old drive of my house on the first day of test. I look to see what's there on Atlantic. "Vampire Gaze's" home. Some of you may have seen my posts about it.

    Forward to roughly 3 weekends previous to posting time. House begins IDOCing, my casual camping and book leaving hits stride, I sit here playing "Eye-Spy" with Cear Dallben.

    That Saturday/maybe Sunday.

    While idly looking for a healing on a new character and transferring some gold, I recall the date and rush to the house with my comrades Elniad and once again, the C-dallb. House falls and we quickly grab the very small amounts of loot present. One stealthier sighted, identified and tracked. We are alone with my dream plot.

    The moment of truth, I place, and rekindle my response to a past publish. Alas, I cannot place for some time. Dallben places like mad, then departs for work, no success.

    Elniad and Myself attempt to place for some time, Vlad Home's can attest to my presence. Alas, the moment the barrier if lifted I see a house placed. "Miles". Days pass, small houses from the people at the IDOC go up and come down, "Miles" replaces the house.

    This is an open call to Miles, I realize that the placement may hold asmuch value to you as I, but I will make my attempts. I shall give a finders fee to anyone whom can get me in contact with this Miles.

    I thank you for your time and co-operation.

    Davaran Skyfire