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The Introduction of Mary Flint

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by EMCrysania, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. EMCrysania

    EMCrysania UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    Feb 26, 2010
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    As Mary turned and watched as her fathers "Friends" come pouring out to take care of the townspeople, her father grabbed her by the arm and pulled her through the unseen gate he had opened.
    "You didn't have to kill them, father", she said. "They would have left on their own, now that I'm not with them."
    "Gettin' soft already girl?" he smirked." And stop with the father yarg, call me Tom, "Father" just doesn't fit me image!"

    Mary walked silently behind Tom as he lead the way down a narrow stone path deep beneath the city of Buc's Den,making their way towards a narrow thread of light that shown up ahead.It was the only light in the narrow dark tunnel and Mary stumbled as she tried to keep up with Tom.

    "Blimey girl, get ye feet under ye, can't be that hard to tread in 'ere!", Tom barked at Mary.
    "If I could see the path would be easier...Tom...don't you have a torch or something I can light?",Mary asked as she blundered off into a small room and hit a unseen wall.
    " Ye gods girl, how can you profess to bein' able to lead a group of cutthroats if ye can't find ye way through a tunnel?" he said as he hauled her out of the room.

    Mary glared at Tom in the dark, happy that he couldn't see the face she pulled at him.
    "I think I can hold my own with your men..Tom, I am of your blood you know" she replied.
    "Well girly, lets hope so. I'm takin a chance jest havin' ye here." These men don't hold to havin' a woman about. To them a woman's only good fer one thing..but we won't go there." he snickered.

    Mary clenched her jaw to keep from firing out a retort. Deep inside she was wondering just what she had gotten herself into in her bid to find Tom Flint. Agreeing to go with him was crazy she knew, but it was her only chance at being with her father and finding out what caused him to turn from the once loving person she remembered into this madman who caused mayhem and death. Maybe she could send word somehow to Rose Blaque after she got into the Cut throats camp and explain her actions, She hated the thought of the townspeople thinking she was nothing but a traitor, bringing them to their deaths while aiding her. Tom cut off any more thoughts by gruffy yanking her by the arm again as she had stumbled into yet another walled off room.

    "Ye gads girl, get a move on, we're almost there and I'm tired of haulin' you out o' places where ye have no business", he remarked sourly. "I kin tell ye got more o' ye mothers blood in ye than mine.Can't find ye way out a flour sack fer sure."

    Turning the corner, Mary watched as her father tapped on 3 different stones along the wall. Slowly the wall started grinding open to allow them entry into Tom's encampment.Mary's eyes widened at the sight of the ruffians there. Men and women alike,small gargoyles, plus a horde of creatures that Mary could not fathom belonging in this group,yet they were mingling amongst the others. All eyes were upon her as Tom grabbed her arm and hauled her out for the thugs to see.

    "Laddies, I brought this little wench here to earn her due and prove herself worthy of joining our merry band" he chortled.
    Mary was tossed in the midst of the growing circle of thugs. She saw sneers form on the women's faces. She heard comments and cat calls from the men and the sounds of the creatures as they tightened the circle.
    Mary did not cower down, but stood tall with her head held high. She knew if any sign of fright or weakness was shown, she would be doomed.
    As she stood there, one of the group of men came up to Mary and grabbed her by the waist. "Well, well, my pretty, ye will do jest fine to warm me bed." he snarled as he tried to give Mary a kiss. He suddenly screamed in pain and pushed Mary back exposing the small dagger stuck in his thigh. Mary stepped forward and pulled her dagger out and wiped it upon his shirt.
    Tossing her head back, Mary met the eyes of the crowd.
    "Stare as you will, but word of warning, the next one of ye who touches me will be sporting a stump for a hand" she said, "Or worse".

    Tom Flint looked at Mary with a bit more admiration in his eyes. He stepped forward and looked out at the crowd.

    "Seems the wench has a bit o' spark about her..you passed yer first test girl, now for yer second.Ye will be leading a group of these fine fellers on a mission. Word has it, there's a militia bein' formed by the townsfolk. You need to..shall we say..dampen the spirits of these wannabe's ... of these pathetic excuse for a fighting team."
    Turning towards the crowd again, Tom called out the names of several of the thugs.
    "Alright me hearty's, listen up and listen well, this girl will be your "leader". Ye are to listen to her and do what she says", he said." We will see jest how good the wench thinks she can be." "Now the rest of ye, get back to what ya were doin'! No time to diddle-daddle! We got piferin' and robbin' to plan!" he said.
    Mary turned to the group of unruly thugs left standing there.
    "I've heard of the plans for this militia, and I think we shall be paying them a visit...introduce ourselves, let them know its not a child's game we be playing at!" she said.
    "I'll be letting you know when the plans are sorted and we shall gather again. For now, go sharpen your weapons, whatever..."she said.
    Mary turned towards Tom and muttered, " I hope your happy with that"
    "Coulda been better, but it will do", he said." Now girl, whats yer plan?"
    "Come walk with me Tom, I'll explain everything...."