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The Jedi Consular

Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by J'kaura, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. J'kaura

    J'kaura Guest

    Through years of Meditation and study the Jedi Consular has gained great insight into the mysterious intricacies of the Force and even greater wisdom on Galactic matters. They are the scholars and diplomats of the Jedi Order. It is for this reason they have been called on to represent the Republic more than once in the Orders history, though they are unafraid to engage in ‘aggressive negotiations’ when the need arises.

    In these uncertain times the Republic needs the Consular more than ever. With more and more planets seceding to the Sith Empire, diplomatic relations between the core worlds and the outer rim are wearing thin. It is the Jedi Consular who keeps the Republic from crumbling, using careful words to diffuse volatile situations which could re-ignite the flames of war. In a constant search for peace the Consular searches the galaxy for further insight, hoping to find new wisdom and knowledge that could end the growing darkness of the Sith Empire and reunite the Galaxy.

    Of course things do not always go peacefully and in these dark times combat is inevitable, in these situations the Consular harness their masterful study of the Force to subdue their opponents, using it to confuse the minds of weak minded enemies or in the case of droids disabling them altogether. By focusing on the flow of the Force the Consular can also anticipate the actions of her enemies, blocking their incoming attacks in a swirl of graceful movements. In battle the Consulars mind is always on defense, never attack.

    With defense in mind the Jedi Consular is able to fill her allies with the benevolent properties of the Force, offering them mild regenerative abilities and bolstering their resolve in combat. She can also turn this on herself in times of meditation, healing her own wounds and restoring her calm and focus in the Force.

    The clothing of the Consular is that of simplicity, preferring light robes over the heavier armor of the more combat oriented Jedi Knight. Through these robes they wish to give off an air of peace and serenity, calming the fears of their allies in battle. Light robes also serve another purpose, the ability to move more gracefully and avoid attacks much easier than heavy armor would allow them too and with the help of her weapon of choice the double-bladed lightsaber they are able to diffuse hostile situations quickly and with ease.

    It can be said that the archetypes for the Consular is contemplative Yoda and the ever diplomatic negotiator Obi-wan Kenobi, both known for their great wisdom and their continuing dedication to the traditions of the Jedi Order.