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The Journey Continues

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Te'kan, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Te'kan

    Te'kan Guest

    The Journey continues……
    drip……drip……drip……” the rain water could be heard droping on the wood of the house, and Te’kan sat inside, drapped in a heavy fur cloak contemplating his life. He had been sitting in front of the fire due to the breeze and wet night that the Shire was having. Te’kan shivered, but not because he was cold, but because he was looking across the room at the dark colored satchel that he had mysteriously found on his house steps.

    After his last few patrols, Te’kan was at a loss of what to do. His holy magic had failed him twice in the last two patrols, and both times he had been vanquished by his enemies. Te’kan felt this turmoil in his heart strongly, and because of that he continued to think or dream of the power that this Nameless One was promising him. Te’kan could feel the power calling to him, but the unknown costs continued to dampen that desire.
    It wasn’t long into the night that he heard an alarm bell being sounded. Te’kan sprang to his feet quickly grabbed his sword and shield racing for the door. As he left though, a nagging thought came to his mind, to bring along the satchel. Shaking his head in confusion, Te’kan left the house not even realizing he had grabbed the dark satchel. In the distance, battle sounds, banging and clanging could be heard as Te’kan neared the area he saw several shapes run back to the forest, and when he saw the still shapes he knew what had occurred, Orcs.

    The foul green skins must have come from the southern Yew forests and overrun the southern Outposts, but the Shire Defenses had gathered together and beat back the foul raiding party. Te’kan saw and waved at the brave Bruin, Lord of the Shire. This act inspired Te’kan to take the fight to the enemy and so for a day Te’kan tracked the retreating orc kin to a small outpost in the south of the Yew. There Te’kan attacked with his holy fire and the vengence of a man possessed. During a lull in the battle Te’kan saw a green scroll tucked in the waste of a smouldering Orc Mage, and he could see the writing was reminiscent of the writing on that green book he had received.
    The pause that occurred when Te’kan had looked at that scroll gave the orc chieftain the time he needed to so he quickly rallied his troops and pushed Te’kan out of the fort. As Te’kan stumbled under the onslaught, he put his hand down to steady himself and when he stood up, he had the green scroll in his left hand and words scrolled in his mind, “Kal Vas An Flam” and as Te’kan uttered those words in a gutteral tongue that hasn’t been spoken for several millenia. A blue flame and a burst of energy flew out from Te’kan killing the Orc Chieftain and his entire retinue.


    After the blue flames had died down, Te’kan awoke on his knees with a splitting headache. The ground was littered with rent orc corpses. Te’kan could feel a surge of power just rippling in the air around him, he felt he could see better, run faster and jump higher then he ever had before. Te’kan jumped on his Warhorse and ran through the woods with a wild scream. Faster and faster he rode until it seemed as if the landscape blurred, and he came upon the Land of Gilfane, near the north post and Te’kan saw the Brigand band that routinely terrorized the locals. As Te’kan rode in their midst he barked the same words of power and the power surged again in him, this time even stronger and killing every man and woman in the bandit camp.

    As Te’kan turned to behold his power a sound like a forest animal could be heard nearby, a coyote? Here in the Gilfane commons? Te’kan turned and just saw a man jump the shadows and kill an innocent bystander! Coyote Jack was back in Gilfane, and with a kick of his spurs Te’kan yelled his war cry. Coyote Jack grinned with that feral smile of his and the battle was joined.

    With several words of power floating in the air, Coyote quickly and viciously assaulted Te’kan with his pattened bokuto. Te’kan was in the process of casting a quick healing spell when he was stunned by the ferocity Coyote’s assault. With a gasp of breath from the mage, Coyote hamstrung Te’kan and with an almost feral glee hit Te’kan in the back of his head, sending his spirit to middle land awaiting reunification with his body. When Te’kan awoke he was greeted with the smiling face of Zebadiah looking at him, as well as with another face, Coyote Jack.

    Jack was speaking to Zebediah about an order of potions, and that is when he address Te’kan. “Tis all about the fight, and you train up, you will be a fair dark mage.”

    Te’kan was startled at the last statement, “Dark mage, me?”

    “I can see you turning, and I know the pull, it will be ok”, soothed Coyote Jack.

    With that being said, Jack mounted his War Llama and rode away.
    Te’kan quickly gathered his gear and as he rode back to the Shire he pulled out a book from a dark satchel. Te’kan saw a specific alteration to the Gate spell that looked as if it was tied to a specific location. With a quick prayer to who ever watched wayward mages, Te’kan uttered the words of the spell.
    Te’kan found himself in an ancient spell room, that appeared to be in a cavern. [​IMG]Following the pull of the “Magu quod Mortis” Te’kan walked the caverns until he beheld a sight he never thought to see, what appeared to be walking corpse in the trappings of an Ancient Wizard.
    “We seess you have finally accepted offersss”, crackled the Ancient Lich Lord Bsalmaster.

    “Hail Lords”, whispered Te’kan as he knelt in homage.
  2. Mogluk

    Mogluk Guest

    hmm greenskins will have to get some payback....
  3. Te'kan

    Te'kan Guest

    Got Bump?:D
  4. nightstalker22

    nightstalker22 Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 13, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Excellent story!

    Check your PM, let me know please. :)
  5. Nickster

    Nickster Guest

    very good indeed!
  6. Mogluk

    Mogluk Guest

    bah meeb thinks da orcs need tu klomp dis oomie
  7. Touzoko

    Touzoko Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 7, 2008
    Likes Received:
    the dark side has won. He has not allowed the Light enough time to grow.....