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The Journey

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Katharine, May 25, 2006.

  1. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    ((should have written this a week or so ago, but give a girl some credit... I was busy [​IMG] ))

    Katharine stretched as she rose from the bed, smiling as she looked around the room noticing Spyder had already risen. Chuckling to herself, she climbed out of bed, before doubling over in pain. Clutching her midsection she stumbled into the bathroom, clenching her teeth to keep back the cries, just as she heard a knock on the door.

    "Honey... you ok?" came the worried voice from the other side of the door.
    "Fine... just..." she sucked in a deep breath. "I'm fine. Give me a few minutes."
    " You sure? I heard a cry, you don't sound fine. Let me in." he wiggled the door handle and found it locked. "Kat?"
    "I'm ok. Guess that little outting took more out than I realized. Go on, shoo. I'll be ok." she put a smile into her voice to keep him from worrying.
    "Well... ok... but, promise you're ok?"
    "Promise. Go on." she said clenching her teeth as another wave passed through her and she heard him walk away slowly as if expecting her to cry out again.
    "Mithras, what is going on!" she whispered curling up on the floor as another wave rippled through her.

    Katharine made her way from the bathroom a little while later, and crawled back into bed. Just as she had started to close her eyes she felt him draw close and opened them to give him a small smile. He smiled weakly back at her and then curled up next to her laying his head in her lap after she had sat up. Running her fingers through his hair, she laid her head back smiling softly while she hummed.

    "You ok?" he said, looking up at her as if trying to make sure she was fine.
    "Yes, sweety, I'm ok. Just a little overextertion is all." she grinned down at him.
    "Well you didn't sound fine, and you've never been in pain since we... well you know." he chuckled and grinned up at her showing off his fangs.
    "Yes well... I guess it's just a bad day to be me then." she laughed as she leaned down to kiss him, and suddenly looked up as a light flashed in the room.
    She sighed and leaned back just as Spyder jumped up nodding his head in reverence to the being in their bedroom.
    "Well at least someone around here appreciates me!" the old man said as he grabbed a chair and plopped down in it.
    "Oh, I appreciate you.... appreciate you even more if you announced before you just poofed somewhere. Do you know how annoying that can get?!" she growled at him.
    "Katharine!" Spyder whispered at her. "My apologies, Mithras. To what do we owe this honor?"
    The old man huffed as he made himself more comfortable in the chair. "No need to apologize. That one just has problems with me. Besides she called for me, so I am kind of wondering what I'm doing here myself."
    "She...called for you? How? I was under the impression you came when you chose." Spyder looked between the serene old man and his glaring wife, scratching his head a little.
    Mithras laughed at his confusion then nodded toward the vampiress still glaring at him. "Ask her. She knows. Now what is it I can do for you, Kat? Since I do have problems within my own domain, that mostly stems from the two of you."
    She threw up her hands and sighed. "I hummed his stupid calling. It was a song my mother hummed to me when I was a child, and apparently it calls this demonspawn in whenever I hum it.... no matter where I am, like say in my bedroom with my husband." she threw out pointedly.
    "Hey, you weren't doing anything important. Not in your state anyway." he grinned at her totally unashamed.
    Spyder continued to look at the two then threw up his hands and sat back on the bed. "Mind telling me what is wrong with her? Since she swears she's fine. I know better. We heal far too fast for her to be in pain."
    "He doesn't know? Ohhh, you're in far more trouble than I am, little girl. I think I'll leave you to it." and with that he vanished.
    "Coward!!" she shouted and heard a resounding laugh throughout the room.
    "What don't I know?!" Spyder practically growled at her.
    "Oh calm down... it's nothing." she sighed.
    "But he said...."
    "He says alot of things. Trust me when I know something, you'll know, cause I'll be kicking a meddling god's butt around the house!" she yelled at the ceiling.
    Try it, little one! came the challenge followed by laughter.
    "I really hate it when he does that..." she muttered curling back up in the bed. "Well you gonna just stand there or ....." she grinned up at him.
    He muttered a few not so nice words, then curled up next to her holding her gently. "I know you're not telling me something, Katharine. I can feel it."
    She smiled and kissed his forehead as he curled himself close to her. "When the time comes, my love... when the time comes."

    She closed her eyes, hoping that what she suspected wasn't true, otherwise they were in more trouble than they bargained for and with that she fell asleep.
  2. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    *demands a DNA test* [​IMG]
  3. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    ((oh it'd be yours buddy... you got skillz like that :p [​IMG] hehe))

    Katharine slid out of the bed so as not to wake her husband and pulled on her armor with a sigh. The pain had receeded enough that it was almost bearable these days, but something must be done. Looking back at her husband she smiled a little as she replayed the previous nights events. A new daywalker had been born. Knowing Fabienne would keep her husband safe, Kat had decided it was time to take a journey on her own. Since she couldn't very well as Spyder to come along, as he was needed with Fabi... the only logical choice was to go herself. With a deep sigh she walked to her desk and picked up her pen.


    Gone out for a bit. Please don't worry. If you have need of me, merely call for Mithras and I shall hear. I love you, and always will.


    [/ QUOTE ]

    Looking at the paper, she sighed and reread it. "oh he's not gonna like that" she whispered, but it was the only thing she could think of without him worrying too much. The journey she was about to undertake she knew he would not allow her to do alone, but it was essential. Grabbing another piece of paper she penned another letter, this time to Fabi.


    My dearest Fabi, I'm sending this to you so that you can help my husband while I am away. Please try to keep him busy so he will not worry about me too much. If I'm not back within the week, you may tell him that I have gone to see Nigrel. He will know of whom you speak. May Mithras guide your sword, and keep the man I love safe.


    [/ QUOTE ]

    She nodded to herself as she reread the note, and sealed it. Sending it on it's way, she walked over and kissed her husband hoping it wouldn't be for the last time and walked out. Opening a portal back to the Underworld, she stepped through towards whatever awaited her, with one hand holding her side to keep back the pain. Stepping through, she shouted for Nigrel and promptly fainted as the opening closed behind her...
  4. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine fought back the groggy feeling as the cloud surrounding her mind receeding. Bringing herself back from the darkness, she blinked several times as her eyes opened and focused on the man standing over her.

    "Nigrel," she said softly, still feeling groggy. "what have I told you about pretending to be something you're not." she smiled weakly and closed her eyes again wanting to go back to sleep.
    "No no, Mistress, you must awaken. You must!" Nigrel shook her, worried. "Mistress! Oh gods, what have I done. Oh he's gonna kill me if she will not wake!" Nigrel shook her harder.
    "Five more minutes. I promise." Kat murmmered sleepily.
    "WAKE UP!" he shouted, cowering a bit as she sat up and glared at him. Her eyes changing from her normal emerald to pitch black.
    "I said do not disturb me! Are you deaf or just stupid?" Kat said in a voice that was not her own.
    "M..my apologies, Mistress, but you can not go back to sleep." Nigrel bowed crouching down beside her, praying he wasn't too late.
    Katharine tilted her head at his odd behavior, never knowing that her eyes were changing back to normal much to Nigrel's relief.
    "What are you doing, Nigrel? Stop being weird and get me off this dirty floor. Don't you ever clean up?" Kat said, standing up gingerly brushing off her clothes. The pain in her side gone for the first time in days. "What happened?"
    "You fainted." Nigrel said quietly still in his crouching position. "I am sorry to have awaken you so rudely but you must understand it's dire that we keep you awake for the time being."
    "Why? What's wrong with me? I never faint." Kat said indignitly. She looked at him. "Nigrel... what's wrong with me?" she asked again when he didnt answer her.
    He stood up with his head bowed to her and lead her to the throne, bringing a pitcher of fresh blood to sustain her.
    "You have not fed in a few days, Mistress. Drink this so that you may calm yourself some." he handed her a glass and watched as she looked at him then shrugged and drank it. "I have to go... I'm sorry but I will explain all later. You rest, you're going to need it."
  5. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine wandered around the room, furious at herself for losing the potion that could get her back. Scowling at everyone who dared to get close to her, she paced. After a week of pacing, Katharine grabbed one of the glasses Nigrel insisted she drink every day and threw it across the room causing one of the servants close to jump back.

    "Nigrel!" she shouted, watching the liquid puddle on the floor.
    "Yes, Mistress?" he asked as he appeared suddenly at her side.
    Katharine turned to glare at him. "You will take me home now!"
    "You are not strong enough. I can't take you back. I did warn you if you came back you could not leave again." he said smugly.
    Katharine reached out and grabbed him by the throat, pulling him closer to her speaking softly to him. "You will take me back or you will suffer an eternity of hell, worse than even your small mind could fathom. Do I make myself clear, false lord?" She released him and watched angrily as he stubbled back.
    Nigrel stood shakily, clutching his throat protectively. "Yess madam." and with that he opened a portal to her house, stepping back.
    "Oh no you don't, you're coming with me. I'm tired of your enigmatic attitude. You will answer any question and you will bring me back as I wish it."

    Katharine pulled a scared Nigrel behind her as she stepped through the portal into her living room. Glancing around she searched for her husband. Noticing that he wasn't around and from the looks of it hadn't been for a few days, she pointed to a chair and told Nigrel to wait there. Walking the distance from the house to the Tomb, she hid stealthly as she scented an animal that was not familiar to her. Looking around the tomb, careful to avoid the animal that rested near the thrones, she felt a presence had been there recently. Her maker. With a low growl in her throat, she opened a gate to the Nest, prepared to rescue her husband.

    Stepping through the gate, she walked into the Nest undetected with her sword drawn, fully prepared to do battle when she realized it was empty. Sighing in frustration she leaned against the column near the steps to wait. Polishing her sword, she waited and waited, growing angrier by the minute sure that something bad had happened to her husband. Just when she couldn't stand it any longer she heard voices coming from the moongate. Hiding behind a nearby wall, she watched as her Maker, her husband, and Fat Mike came into view. Watching them closely, she was shocked to see he was actually laughing with them. Assured that he was coming to no harm, she stepped out of the shadows as she resheathed her sword.

    "Well so much for a rescue attempt." she grinned up at her husband.
    "Kat!!" he yelled happily and grabbed her, hugging her close completely ignoring the others.
    "Dammit Katty!" her Maker spat as he jumped slightly, still unused to her popping out of nowhere.
    Katharine hugged her husband back just as fiercly, realizing just how much she had missed him. With a quick kiss, still more concious of the others than he, she stepped back and smiled at her maker.
    "Lovely to see you too, Wrym. Kidnapping my husband?" she smiled.
    "Insolent." he spat but without the venom behind the insult, which was becoming more of an endearment to her.
    She laughed softly and nodded her head. "As if you'd expect me to change much, my lord. So may I ask exactly what is going on?"
    Spyder fidgetted a little, not quite looking at her as he mumbled. "I decided to rejoin them..." he winced a little expecting her to be angry.
    She grabbed his hand, holding it tightly, as she smiled softly. "That is your choice honey, always has been." she kissed his hand lightly as she looked to Wyrm. "As long as you keep him safe, I won't have a problem with it. He comes to harm, you will deal with me. Understood?"
    Wyrm laughed as he looked at her then spat out. "What can you do to me, little one? Accept the disease and join us as well." He glided near her with his fangs bared.
    "Keep those teeth to yourself. You've turned me once, I highly doubt it's possible to do it a second time. And I've accepted what I am... I am Katharine." she chuckled, sliding closer to Spyder's side, still holding his hand.
    "Kat, join with us... you'll have fun. Come on." Spyder sounded excited and it was then she heard the change in him. She smiled a weak smile.
    "Accept the disease, and join us in punishing." Wyrm coaxed again.
    Katharine looked up at Spyder, unable to believe his standpoint on this but unable to look at the hope and joy in his eyes without wanting to make him happy. She turned and looked at her Maker.
    "IF I do this... I will not be labeled as nothing more than what I am worth. You will give me the honor I deserve for putting up with you all these years." she smiled sweetly, waiting for him to refuse.
    He scoffed and snorted, turning to his other companion. "Demands! This insolent seeks to make demands?!"
    Mike grinned evilly. "Perhaps we should kill her instead..."
    Wyrm waved his hand dismissively. "Would not work, this one has annoying habits. Very well, my lady, you will get your wish, IF you can prove your evilness."
    Katharine snorted. "I don't have to prove anything.

    On and on this banter went, until Katharine agreed to some of the terms and joined with her husband. For the next few days, she stayed by his side, protecting him among other things, but then her body started growing weaker again. Gating back to her house, she found Nigrel sitting where she left him. With a nod of her head he opened a gate back to the Underworld, and Katharine disappeared into the portal, with a note floating out behind her landing on the floor of her house. As the portal closed up, she took a deep breath and turned back towards the throne as Nigrel fetched her drink...
  6. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Come back soon, Kat... you're missed dearly. [​IMG]
  7. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine screamed as she sat up in the bed, glancing around the room. With a deep sigh she climbed out and stumbled slightly before straightening up with a glare. A week she had been back since she had forced Nigrel to take her to the surface. A week of pure hell. Kat looked around and laughed at the thought given the place she was in. Watching the pools of fire for a moment, she turned and slipped on her robe with a sigh. It was no use. For the moment she was stuck here..

    Nigrel entered the room and recieved a glare from Katharine as she was just tying the belt to her robe.

    "A thousand apologies, Mistress, but it's time for your drink." he said bowing slightly in his human form, knowing it irritated her.

    "Oh just ... set it down somewhere." she waved her hand dismissively before turning around. "Why do you keep insisting I drink that nasty stuff. What in all hells are you putting in it?"

    "You need it in order to survive... we both know this, as for what's in it...." he looked down at the glass with a wince. "Let's just say, some things are better kept secret."
    Katharine grimaced and drank down the goblet anyway, knowing it couldn't be worse than the pain that constantly tormented her. "You always insist I drink it, without ever telling me why. I know it helps the pain, makes it go away for a little while, but why am I hurting?!" she screamed in a sudden fit of anger, throwing the glass across the room, her eyes darkening to black.
    "I hate this! I want to go home!! I want my husband... ugh I just wanna kill something!!" with that a bolt of lightening shot from her fingertips, blasting against the far wall as she stood there in shock, her eyes regaining their emerald color once more. "uh oh... Ummm Nigrel, what was that?"

    Nigrel stood in shock as well, his head shaking slightly. "I don't have the slightest... when did you become a mage?" he stared at her.

    "I'm no mage! Oh sure I can gate around and rez people, but I need special scrolls for that... what was that though? I've never shot a bolt before." Katharine sat down in the chair closest to her. Again she waved her hand, but nothing happened. Focusing her energies she tried to conjure the bolt again, and still nothing happened. "NIGREL..." she shouted forgetting he was still behind her and turned as he winced. "Oh... sorry, where's the library around this place? Since I can't go up top, I need books. Hurry up, lead on." she stood up waiting for him to obey.

    "You can't go in there! Do you know how much information you...." he shut up as she glared at him, her eyes changing again to black from their normal emerald. "Yes Mistress... right this way."

    Katharine followed closely behind him as he lead her to the library, taking great care to avoid the demons and other 'servants' wandering around the halls.
    Grabbing down a few books that looked like what she needed, she curled up in the cleanest chair near the fire and started reading, looking up only when her drink was brought, and wondering momentarily why Nigrel was acting weird. Shrugging her shoulders she drank the rancid drink once more and went back to reading...
  8. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest


    I hate this! I want to go home!! I want my husband...

    [/ QUOTE ]

    *dabs at a tear* ditto.