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NEWS the King's Meeting - September 2015

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Zynia, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Zynia

    Zynia Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jun 16, 2005
    Likes Received:

    The royal meeting started at 8:00 PM EST at Castle Blackthorn, the guards were thick yet the patrons were thin.. The King started the meeting started shortly after with the news of the moon of Trammel. There had been some astrological happenings appearing..



    First, he wanted to address prior requests made by the governors. All were present with the exception of Summer, Governor of Moonglow and Echo, Governor of Yew.

    The city of Yew had requested a farmers market, monastary bell, and an inn/tavern above the winery- which the King had found quite interesting. New Magnicia's requests are being considered, however more information is being requested. Andrasta eagerly prepared had plans for them already and was asked to submit them.

    Tatiana Thorn, Governor of Skara Brae had a request to address.

    "If and when convenient- a tinkerer would be handy in town or even on the outskirts."

    The King was surprised to learn that it indeed did not have a tinkerer! he had mentioned he would bring it up with the ministers and hope they could find someone worthy of the post. He attempted to summon what he had hoped to be a tinkerer, but not quite..


    Quacklebush, Governor of Vesper came with the unfortunate news of Lady Khaleesi. Shortly after the Unionist's Attack on Vesper, it appears she has gone missing and he was left with a ransom note that morning.


    "Whatever it be takin" he added.

    "We need Lady Khaleesi back" said Andrasta.

    "I will not negotiate with terrorists, we will simply destroy this union." the King stated firmly.

    King Blackthorn continued, Lord Cauchemar took the floor and announced the city of Trinsic is bringing conclusion to their missing scouts. The Governor is asking for aid on October 4th, 2015 @ 8:00 PM EST at Trinsic's western city gates in the search for Valcor. Cauchemar concluded that was his only concern in addition to the ongoing Unionist attacks and kidnapping of Lady Khaleesi. Tomalas, Governor of the great city of Britain followed by bidding his farewell from his kingdom. He reported to the King that no enemies have been sighted in Britain and he kindly yielded his time to the pressing issue within the City of Vesper. King Blackthorn moved on to Erebus, Governor of Minoc who reported the city is doing well and we will move forward as always. Erebus stated he wished to yield his time to the City of Vesper as well.

    "This is an outrage. It must be handled now." he exclaimed.

    Lady Andrasta had no further requests other than Echo, Governor of Yew sent his regrets. He was unable to attend this evening. King Blackthorn called upon Queen Arya, Governor of Jhelom and she has reported Unionists have not set foot in her fair lands. The King made a last call for any further requests, and then opened a moongate into the City of Vesper.


    "Be on your guard, Vesper isn't a safe place at the moment" he warned the crowd..

    King Blackthorn had requested the Governor where he had last seen Lady Khaleesi. Quacklebush led the crowd into the mint's entrance. No later than a minute later, a Unionist Assassin Brigand spawned out of nowhere! The King took protection, but more Unionists Assassins revealed themselves. The crowd defended the King until Ruffalo Munfree the executioner appeared.



    Knights of Britannia fought this traitor for a short while until he was finally defeated. King Blackthorn was safe, and thanked everyone.


    "This union must be stopped. " - King Blackthorn