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The "LA Informer" Newspaper for Sunday, June 10, 2019

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by El of LA, Jun 9, 2019.


Would you like to read the weekly in-game newspaper here in the LA Forum?

Poll closed Jun 16, 2019.
  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. Keep the in-game paper in-game!

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  1. El of LA

    El of LA Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor

    Mar 23, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I have been writing the "LA Informer" for years, but have never posted the text of the inside-game newspaper on Stratics before, as I wrote it in the game in books! Now, however, I write it in One Note and copy it into the game book I use as a master copy. It has only just occurred to me today that I can now post the paper here on Stratics!

    So, what do you guys think!? Would you like me to post the paper here weekly? Let me know! Text of the paper is below:

    The LA Informer V3.#10, by El of LA, *WTLA*


    Volume 3, Number 10,

    June 9, 2019.





    - - - - - - - -


    This is the week to vote for City Governors! Below are the candidates for City Governorships. Cast your votes on the City Stones. If there are any issues now or in the future with any candidates, our EM Topaz is here to help resolve and institute active participants in the Governor positions!

    Britain - Mylene, Midnight Hunter's Club, *MHC*.

    Jhelom - Ian, Honor and Pride, *HAP*.

    Minoc - Shelby, Loyal Friends of Virtue, *LFoV*.

    Moonglow - Elessa, Welcome to Lake Austin Guild, *WTLA*.

    New Magincia - Tim, Knights of the Phoenix, *K*P*.

    Skara Brae - Old Man Lenshire, Universal Melting Pot, *UMP*.

    Trinsic - Midnight, Loyal Friends of Virtue, *LFoV*. (Midnight needs votes yet to win his election!)

    Vesper - Manon Blackbeak, Nothing But Trouble, *NBT*. (Manon needs votes yet to win her election!)

    Yew - Tamais, Official Stratics, *\OS/*, did not re-nominate herself, neither did anyone else, expecting her to continue! We will resolve this with EM Topaz. If you are interested in the Governor position, please contact EM Topaz by book in her Fairgrounds home mailbox.

    - - - - - - - -


    City Governor elections take place starting on the first day of March, June, September, and December. The elections start with one week of nominations on the City Stones. These nominations require 'endorsements' in order to become official. Endorsements must occur within 24 hours of the nominee putting their name onto the stone as a candidate, and must be done by a different account from the account of the nominee.

    Nomination week is followed by one week of voting. When voting for a nominee, keep in mind that there is ONLY ONE VOTE ALLOWED ANYWHERE FOR EACH ACCOUNT! Accounts with multiple city loyalties must therefore decide which City they will cast their vote in!

    Winners of the elections are designated as "Governor-Elect." The newly elected Governors are then required to accept their elections on the City Stone.

    After elections are finished, Governors are free to manage City titling for citizens, voting for City issues, setting the weekly buffs in Trade Deals for citizens to use, updating City Town Crier articles/announcements, and helping the other Governors manage events and issues that arise for our shard players. Another fun perk is that Governors have their very own 'office' at the Governor's house in each City! No one can sit in the Governor's chair but the Governor! There are also reserved Governor's chairs in the audience room of Blackthorn's castle where meetings are often held with the King. Those seats also can only be sat in by the correct Governor's character and account.

    Our City voting period began yesterday and ends 6/15/19, at 12:05 AM EDT (GMT-4).

    • To run for Governor you need to have "Adored" loyalty status in your chosen City.
    • To vote for or endorse a candidate for Governor, you need "Respected" loyalty status in your City.
    • To view candidates, nominees, nominate yourself, or vote, double-click your city stone. Voting is done by checking a box to the left of the candidate's name.
    • To view all the details related to citizenship and City Governor elections, please view UO.com, Stratics.com, or this page at UOGuide: http://www.uoguide.com/City_Loyalty\.

    - - - - - - - -


    "Rising Tide" has FIXED our City trade funds issues! THANK YOU BROADSWORD! Help us keep increasing the gold supply of all of the LA Cities so that Buffs can be offered regularly everywhere, forever! Please go pirating and donate the boxes that drop in your pack as you fight! Boxes are labelled for the City's they can be donated to.

    If you have specific buffs you would like to see, please request this of the governor of your city. Governors do keep +SSI, +SDI, +FC, & +MR going in at least one City every week, but it may not match your citizenship. Just check out the list below for who is offering what! Don't forget, you can also get City Titles from your Governor, or from donations you make to the City Herald! THERE IS A RUNIC ATLAS WITH GOVERNOR CONTACT MAILBOXES IN IT on the steps of Veritas Vendors, North side of Luna inside the walls!

    Here is a list of the player buffs and gold balances of each City today (6/2/19):

    1. BRITAIN: Buff=+5 SDI (+5 Spell Damage Inc.). Bank Bal = 472.4 Million. Governor: Mylene.

    2. JHELOM: Buff = None. Bank Bal = 377.5 Million. Governor: Ian. (He is asking for requests for buff types!)

    3. MINOC: Buff = None. Bank Bal. = 106.0 Million. Governor: Celeztien. (In your last week, we thank you for your service to LA, Celeztien!)

    4. MOONGLOW: +2 MR (+2 Mana Regeneration). Bank Bal. = 84.0 Million. Governor: Elessa.

    5. NEW MAGENCIA: Buff = +5 SDI (+5 Spell Damage Inc.). Bank Bal. = 1.0 Billion. Governor: will be Tim again! (9.6 YEARS' WORTH OF 2 mill BUFFS!)

    6. SKARA BRAE: Buff = +1FC (+1 Faster Casting). Bank Bal. = 996 Million. Governor: Old Man Lenshire. (9.58 YEARS' WORTH OF 2 mill BUFFS!)

    7. TRINSIC: Buff = +5 SSI (+5 Swing Speed Inc.). Bank Bal. = 90.6 Million. Governor: Elithil. (In your last week, we thank you for your service to LA, Elithil!)

    8. VESPER: Buff = None. Bank Bal. = 81.6 Million. Governor: Manon Blackbeak.

    9. YEW: Buff = None. Bank Bal. = 90.4 Million. Governor: Tamais. (In your last week, we thank you for your incredible, many-faceted services to LA, Tamais!)

    To use a City "Trade Deal" buff, or other City benefits, click one time on the City Stone, and choose from the drop down menu. The buff is found by choosing "Utilize Trade Deal."

    One year of $2 million/week gold "buffs" requires $104 Million gold in the City coffers. Cities in need of more funds to offer buffs for one year are: Vesper (81.6 mill.), Moonglow (84.0 mill.), Yew (90.4 mill.), and Trinsic (90.6 mill.)! Minoc has 'graduated' by accumulating enough funds to make a year's buffs! Congratulations Minoc citizens!

    • Cities offering +5 SDI: Britain, New Magincia.
    • City offering +5 SSI: Trinsic.
    • City offering +1 FC: Skara Brae.
    • City offering +2MR: Moonglow.
    • Cities offering no buffs "Trade Deals" at the moment: Minoc, Vesper, and Yew. Ian of Jhelom has asked for requests for the buff he will be offering!

    - - - - - - - -

    The "LA Informer" is published every Sunday for free. Pick up a copy on drops at Luna Bank, West Britain Bank, New Haven Bank, or the vendors now located at Veritas Inn & Bar, on the North side of Luna, 2nd house East of the NW corner inside, at 101o 47'N, 27o 0'W.

    Editions are also locked down for reading on house steps at Veritas Inn, the WTLA Player Center (West of Umbra), O*T Guild Hall (2nd house SE of Luna's East gate), UMP Public houses in UMP town West of Umbra, and El's Castle.

    Submissions, notifications of upcoming shard events, and article suggestions to El can also be dropped off at Veritas Inn & Bar in the mailbox located next to the front door. We want to hear of your accomplishments, meetings, hunts, events, and news!

    We promise to tell EVERYONE about it!

    - - - - - - - -

    Have a great week LA!

    -- El of LA, *WTLA* "Welcome to LA" guild, 6/9/19 .


    Thank you for reading! Please let me know in your responses if you'd like me to continue doing this! - El