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The Legend of Burilgi

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Guest, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The Legend of Burilgi

    Tonight I sing to you of the past. Of a man of virtue who sought to smite the evil which had been terrorizing his people. All of this occurred a long time ago in Sosaria, back when the eight clans of the nomads still roamed the High Steppes, before the outsiders had come and built their stone tents and driven the nomads to the four corners of time and space.

    The man's name is Burilgi, which means "destroyer" in the old tongue of the nomads, and this is the story of this Paladin and Moradin, the great Liche.

    Long ago, Burilgi crept through the forest, his sword in hand. It was a silver sword made in the forges of the ancients and given to him by one of the Elders of the Society of Nomads. It was this sword upon which he depended for the completion of the task at hand - the destruction of the Liche Moradin who had been terrorizing his clan.

    As he reached a small clearing, Burilgi stopped. On the other side he could see a swish of movement. An old man wearing a hooded robe that seemed to eat up all of the light around it stood scanning the forest ahead of him. It was Moradin.

    Burilgi let out a cry and charged the foul being, but he was stopped in his tracks before he ever got there. He had been frozen.

    "The clan sends out younger and younger warriors to face me each and every day, it seems." Moradin taunted him. "So you are the next to die by my hand, I see?"

    Moradin held a dark blade which seemed to pulse with something evil. As the Liche approached, a stench seemed to fill the air. Burilgi caught a glimpse of Moradin's face, the Liche's eyes glowed an evil red and his skin was sunken against his bones - giving him a learing, skull-like appearance.

    "I will have to take eight of your clan's children tonight rather than the usual four," Moradin said as he raised his dark weapon, "just to punish them for being so impudent."

    Burilgi fought against the magic which restrained him with all his might as the sword came nearer and, at the last second, he felt a snap as he fell to the ground - the dark blade swooping over him like an evil bird of omen.

    Rolling to his left, Burilgi raised his shield to protect from any incoming blows. Instead he found himself being engulfed in flame. Staggering, he stood up and stared down Moradin as the Liche prepared another spell.

    "Obsu Vulni!" Burilgi intoned, and he felt his charred flesh being re-knit back to normal.

    "I see the little one has learned some of the Ways of Light," Moradin said. "No matter. Little one, In Sar!"

    Moradin raised is hand and Burilgi felt pain rush through his body. He screamed and staggered forward, raising his weapon he intoned "Consecrus Arma!" Fire wreathed the silver blade and Burilgi attacked the Liche.

    The Liche's black blade flew up to parry Burilgi's silver and sparks flew when they met. The two continued to thrust and parry, neither gaining the upper hand, all the while the Liche threw spell after spell at the young Paladin. Each spell Burilgi countered with an intonation from the Book of Light.

    Finally Moradin tired, and his mana grew low. Moradin could now only defend and attack with his evil black blade. Burilgi pressed his attack even harder, trying to find a way past the web of dark steel which Moradin's blade wove in his defense.

    Burilgi's silver blade penetrated Moradin's defense and knicked the Liche on his shoulder, forcing him to drop his staff he used for parrying and channeling. The Liche let out a scream and the wound began to smoke.

    "You whelp!" Moradin screamed at him in fury. "You dare to use a silver blade on me!"

    With that, Moradin intoned "In Vas Nox" and blasted Burilgi with poison. The young paladin sunk to his knees, gasping for breath and trying to rise. Moradin loomed over him, blade at the ready.

    "Augis Luminous!" The paladin finally cried through his gasps. A wave of holy light knocked Moradin back, allowing Burilgi just enough time to cleanse himself by fire and then close his wounds.

    Moradin quickly intoned "Rel Xen An Sanct" and Burilgi saw him begin to change shape. He had become a vampire, giving him added dexterity and strength.

    Moradin leapt at Burilgi, black sword in outstretched hand. Burilgi deflected the blow with his shield, which cracked in two with the force of the strike. Burilgi staggered backwards. Another blow came, this one he parried with his sword and intoned "Consecrus Arma."

    Moradin snarled at the young paladin who stood before him, broken shield and silver sword in hand.

    "You do your clan proud. They shall all die for that." He said.

    "You first." Burilgi told him.

    Moradin began to chant something, so Burilgi charged. Burilgi heard Moradin finish with "In Bal Nox" and then felt his throat being constricted. His free left hand went to his throat as he once again felt to his knees. Moradin was immediately upon him, slashing with his dark blade.

    Burilgi parried the first few blows, but the fourth got through and gave him a deep, black wound. He could feel his life ebbing from him. With a yell, Burilgi thrust his blade towards the Vampiric form of Moradin, sinking it in all the way up to the hilt.

    Moradin screamed and staggered back clutching his chest where the blade had gone through. Burilgi staggered up onto his feet and struck at Moradin once again. The one-time Liche fell to the ground in a death scream, his life force billowing out from his mouth in a dense, black fog only to dissipate in the soft, forest air.

    Burilgi once again sunk to his knees and rested on his sword. The enemy of his clan ahd been destroyed. Before darkness came to him, he intoned once more, "Obsu Vulni."