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The Light of Day

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Aedon Durreah, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 2, 2008
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    In the cold light of day many things seen through the haze of darkness, take on different shapes and aspects. Those things which may have the night prior seemed insurmountable, battles fought with figures swathed in a gray haze all too often dissipate when faced with the coming dawn.

    Aedon had been mad the night before, no he had been fully pissed off. He had followed as a group led by Lieutenant Jeffery of the king’s Guard sat out and captured the pirate named Jor. The fighting had been intense at times, but the numbers which set forth quickly defeated the foe, and took Jor before the throne. He was sent from there to the prison in Yew, and locked in one of the lower cells behind many locked doors.

    When all was secured downstairs, the company moved up to the upper floor. As Aedon stood close to a wall listening, the Lieutenant began to tell them what their next moves might be. He was tired and sweaty, his leather armor was causing a rather virulent rash, and for the entire world he wanted nothing more than a cup of tea. But he stood waiting, hoping that something might be said about securing Yew and helping to keep her people safe.

    In the end, Yew’s plight was mentioned, but almost as a side note to the important task of making sure that the Sultan of Nujel’m was safe. Once this happened, attention could be turned to the Hand that was terrorizing the city of Yew.

    “By that time, Yew may be in ashes.” He said aloud. “

    The Lieutenant looked towards him, and then back to speak to a member of the Hand who seemed to be confronting him even in the presence of his army. After a few angry words exchanged, he called that the others grab the man and toss him in a cell. They moved too slowly, and the Hand vanished before the grasping fingers could take hold of him.

    Jeffery then looked around and asked aloud; “Does anyone know who that man was?”

    “Yes, that is one of the people you plan to protect Yew from once the Sultan is safe.”

    The Lieutenant then turned his attention on Aedon accusing him of not only standing and watching the Hand member in the chamber, but not trying to do anything about it.

    “He was following you sir.” Aedon replied,”

    The exchange went on for a bit with neither of them wanting to give way before the other. Even when Jeffery got right in Aedon’s face and accused him of doing little more than leaning against walls while Yew was attacked, all Aedon did was to smirk and reply.

    “When the court of Truth was besieged some years back I was here fighting to retake it. I do not recall seeing your face among the defenders. Perhaps it was free pie day at the Brit bakery”

    Words can sometimes be used as swords, and in time, the battle between the two subsided, and the Lieutenant turned his attention back to the task he had been sent out on. Aedon sighed softly, and left the building, mounted his horse and turned back towards Aegis. He was beyond angry when the member of the Hand showed up and he asked for him to take a message to Mikael for him.

    Night turns to day, and anger to resolve. And just as he had many times, Aedon regretted that he had allowed his anger to get the better of him. In the light of the day he knew all too well that Mik would never keep such a meeting, and if he did, he would never honor any deal offered him.

    But at the time, Aedon was doing and saying that which he thought must be said. He was not accustomed to waiting on the words and deeds of others. And perhaps the words of Jeffery at the prison had stung a bit deeper than he cared to admit.

    He could not see himself leaning on a wall while all around him Yew fell slowly before the machinations of the Hand. Nor could he in all truth do this alone, though it was how he had become accustomed to doing things.

    The Lieutenant, for all his seeming disinterest in the sorrows of the Yew forests was but doing his job. He was task to do so by Blackthorn, and his duty was to see to the laws and words issued by his king. Aedon’s duty was to the people of Aegis and Yew. And just as the Lieutenant sent out a call for others to join the fight-and ride to the defense of the king’s word. So too must Aedon call on, and trust in the help of others.

    Tonight, he thought, I will seek out Dramora and Thom for a little talk.
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