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The Lightning War - A NO SPIN account brought to you be The Oily Force.

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Buck Oily, May 19, 2012.

  1. Buck Oily

    Buck Oily Adventurer

    May 13, 2012
    Likes Received:
    First up today, a history lesson of sorts.

    Most of us know the city of Ver Lor Reg was the scene of a rather lengthy battle a few nights ago. How many actually know the history behind how the city was "founded"? We here at The Force are willing to bet not many. The Gargoyle encampment in Central Ilshenar came about as a result of a battle where the minions of Exodus were beaten. After what was heralded as a great victory, Ver Lor Reg was established. That is a fact and as such, is above contestation.

    While we are on history, what significant fact can we learn from the life and death of Lord Blackthorn himself? It is my position that we can learn EXACTLY what is carved in stone on one of the two footstones that adorn his gravesite. To quote, “Let his life and death remind us that evil can corrupt even the most principled souls” end quote. Lord British did not have it carved in stone to never be thought about again. It was done to be a constant reminder that on occasion, even the greats succumb to evil. That too is fact. But you do not have to take my word for it.


    For those naysayers who will attempt to discredit the above, or those that would listen to them, I challenge you to travel to Castle Blackthorn in Felucca and see it firsthand. For the more timid among you, it is in a well protected guard zone. Don’t let the fear of seeing a murderer prevent you from seeing the monument. If you accept the challenge, stand there a minute and reflect on Lord Blackthorn’s life. Ponder the possibility of a lone voice calling him evil long before he showed it. Surely someone somewhere saw the subtle beginnings of change in him.

    With the latter in mind, when it comes to people who hold a powerful position it is our DUTY to take a long look at them to determine if that leader is starting on that corrupt track or not. To do any less is to not live up to our obligation as Sosarians. *frowns and shakes head* Yet, I, your humble correspondent, suffered insults and have been the target of threats for doing that very thing. *gets a sly look on his face and glimmer in his eye* I am thick skinned, and can wield an axe fairly well, so I can suffer the abuse. Although from now on I will make it a point to wear my platemail gloves around a certain individual named Hans. I am rather fond of my fingers and prefer them to stay where they are.

    We at Hoax contend that Lady Amandine and The Crux Knights found themselves on the wrong side of the battle for Ver Lor Reg. The minions of Exodus had to be defeated for the city to be “founded”. It is our contention the area belonged to Exodus and his minions prior to the epic battle years ago. When the armies of Britannia bested the minions, they opened the city and then handed it over to the Gargoyle race just to add insult to injury. A figurative slap in the face. *shakes head*

    In an ongoing Hoax News Opinion Poll a whopping 100% of those who responded admit to engaging in combat against the forces of Exodus. 60% of which state they did not attack, they simply defended the attack perpetrated on them by the invading minions. It would seem they see no wrong in their actions.

    I simply ask you, if someone came into your home, drove you out and gave it to someone else, what would YOU do? Would you slink away cowardly and forget about it? Or would you bide your time, build your strength, gather forces and retake what is yours? For anyone with an ounce of self respect, the latter would hold true. Should the forces of Exodus be ANY DIFFERENT? Those forces warned everyone in the only manner they knew how. They gave us ALL a countdown, they gave us ALL the location; they even included the words LIGHTNING WAR!! All of which were relayed to Danica AND her Knights by Professor Yusef Ad-Din prior to them heading to Ilshenar. The words lightning war would be enough to keep most sane people away. What did Lady Amandine and her Crux Knights do? They ignored the warnings and once again stuck their noses in where it probably should not have been. ANYONE who charged to that location HAD to be taken as a hostile by those trying to regain a place they called home at one time. Going back to the previous analogy, if you were retaking your home, would you wait and see if those in your home were hostile? Or would you simply hack anything that stood to impede your progress? If you are being honest with yourself, the latter holds true.

    We at The Force assert that in this case, the minions of Exodus were in the right. That’s our take. We would love to hear yours.

    Last item of the day? The word of the day, fatuous. Another great little word. *chuckles pompously* If you wish to opine, don’t be a fatuous person. Until next time, I remain your humble correspondent, Buck Oily.