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The log of Golden-eyes.......

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Goldenblack, May 2, 2003.

  1. Goldenblack

    Goldenblack Guest

    The Diary of Golden-eyes:

    I have determined Moonglow to be the place to build my ranger skills. It saddens me that so many believe a ranger is simply a person to control and exploit animals.

    Being a ranger was once a spiritual pursuit...one's soul drifted through trees vibrant with magic, and one's eyes raked the greenery, seeking danger.

    The old code knew it was purer to live in harmony with nature than to dominate it and force it into pained bidding.

    Ahh...how I miss my friend Shamino. Truly, he was one to exemplify the old quietly, with a strength of character unmarred by daily currents.

    But, Moonglow...a place with a different...feel...a different kind of magic than is experienced in the rich druidic pulse of what remains of the Yew forest...which is different yet again than than the sanctity of the Spiritwood.

    A place abundant with wilding livestock that these pompous mages cannot be bothered to see to. A place thick with the lifeblood of silently swaying Britannian trees...

    I know the Ranger's guild has become desecrated with the nobility of the city...they live within the town, and pass membership only onto offspring...an elitist society whose grandparents perhaps were able woodsmen.

    There exists rumours that a secret society of rangers exists...but what use have I for rumours? I know the truths of the soul, and the truth is mystery. And life unfolds in the sun...and is swallowed by the ripened night.

    My plan thus far is to bring the ways of the moonglow forest, such as it is, under my dominion. Then, I shall move unto Vesper, though it pains me to haunt so near to that superficial place.

    Then I shall work my way westward...until the entire continent is absorbed into myself.

    And lastly, I will liberate Yew, that eldest of forests--that marred travesty crying for release.

    And then into the Lost Lands, after father, or hint of his remains...

    But first things first. There is a wolfpack near...I can sense them...

    They are not the only ones at one with the night...