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The Longest Night

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Dramora, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. Dramora

    Dramora Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    The thing Dramora loved most about her sister was her compassion towards people. However, that was also the thing she most hated about her sister. Leela had a habit of over-sharing, even with people she didn’t know. Since she spent more time with her animals, she didn’t truly understand the way of people, and tended to believe all people were caring; even after all Mikael and Omen did to her “back then”.

    That being said, Dramora would most definitely not try to change Leela to be anything other than who she was. After all, it was Leela who had found her on the streets of Britain all those many years ago, and convinced her to go back home with her. If it hadn’t been for Leela, who knew where Dramora would be today? Most likely dead.

    This was why when Aedon had told Dramora that Penrose had followed Leela home, she could not feel any anger towards her sister. What she did feel, however, was fear. Leela didn’t understand what this man was capable of when he wanted something.

    The biggest issue, however, was that Penrose now knew Leela was her sister. Dramora really hadn’t wanted that fact to get out. Luckily he didn’t seem to know that the small cottage Aedon had rented to Leela was the house next door to her own. With any luck, he would never find that out, keeping her fairly safe.

    Aila also appeared at the Rest tonite. The seer always seemed to have some insight to share with Dramora. But, Dramora never trusted seers. She didn’t want to know what was in her future. Her present was bad enough lately, seeing the future just added another level of concern to her. The fact that Dramora always tried to stay as far away from Aila whenever she appeared at the Rest never seemed to stop Aila from seeking her out. Tonite was no exception.

    As Dramora walked near Aila to go back into the Rest, the other woman reached out and grabbed her arm. Reaching for her other hand, she looked deep into Dramora’s eyes and said “Listen to my words…” A chill raced down Dramora’s back as Aila continued.

    “What you hold is putting you in danger. You need to act as soon as possible.”

    Dramora’s face paled, as she stole a quick glance at Penrose and then looked back to Aila.

    “I don’t know what you are talking about.” She tried to shake off the other girl’s hands, but Aila held fast.

    “Yes. You do.” With a knowing look, Aila released Dramora’s hands, and she backed up a few steps. Glancing at Penrose, she spun and quickly walked into the Rest. Taking a look around the Rest, she walked directly to Aedon, and asked if she could speak with him alone.

    As they walked close to Aila and Penrose on their way up the stairs to the living level of the rest, she noticed the angry look on Penrose’s face. She knew exactly what he thought when he heard Aila’s words to Dramora. In truth, he would be right, but she would never tell him that.

    Aedon and Dramora had no sooner come back down the stairs after their brief chat, when the door slammed open, and Penrose came storming into the room.

    “Give it to me!” He yelled at them.

    Dramora tried to explain that she had nothing that belonged to him.

    The air around the three seemed to crackle with energy as the mage’s anger intensified.

    Suddenly without warning, Aedon threw a small book down on the floor between them.

    ‘Here take it, it will do you no good.”

    Dramora blinked in surprise. “Aedon, what have you done?”

    “I’m sorry, I couldn’t let him hurt you.” He said.

    The mage quickly picked up the book, and walked out of the room.

    As the door closed, Dramora angrily turned to Aedon. “What the hell was that? You can’t give him what you don’t have.”

    “I wrote that last night, I thought it would come in handy at some point. At least it will buy us a bit of time before he finds out the book I gave him is a fake.” Aedon said.

    She sat on the couch, wine glass in hand.

    Sleep would not come to her this night. The demon had gotten stronger in the past few weeks. Anfalas said he could feel the evil in the glade the moment he stepped into the Rest. Since she currently had the book in her possession, hidden though it was, she realized she could now feel the book’s pull. The demon wanted out. At the moment, her will was stronger than the demon’s, and with luck that will continue until they could decide what to do with the book.

    In any case, this was certainly not something she would share with Aedon.

    Mistress of Virtue
    Guardians of Virtue (GV)