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(RP) The Magincian Declaration of Independence. Delivered to the Cities of Britannia.

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by WarderDragon, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    The Magincian Declaration of Independence
    Dante Lamperouge


    Note distributed throughout the Eastern Britannian Cities, as well as Luna, Hearthfire, Dawn and the Isle of Zanthes.

    Four winters have passed since Magincia burned.

    Four winters since the Magincians - in our so called Pride - ignored the spectre of death stretching across our western shore. Four winters since the hubris of our elders prompted them to tend the Autumn fires rather than send men to guard the Dark Portal. Four winters since devils - born of malevolence and sentient sin - poured into our homes to murder our loved ones.

    It has been four years since the Britannians - in their Virtue - arrived to loot and pillage our Isle. And now they are threatening to do it again.

    We have spent years wandering from place to place. Searching for a new home. Our Exodus. Our diaspora. We were beggars as men feasted in Trinsic. Forced to become Gladiators and Prostitutes in J'helom. We were made to toil as slaves for masters in Yew. Called heathens and witches in Minoc.

    We have waited for the time when Fate would smile upon us again and allow us to return to the Isle. Watched as Queen Dawn ignored the declaration of Anon and declared our charred Isle as her own.

    It was not until the defeat of Virtuebane - and the institution of the New Britannian Government - that they cared enough to restore Magincia. And even then it was a ruse. One to award parcels to the wealthiest collectors and aristocrats. We Magincians have had to fight for what we have now.

    Your Britannians - men such as Elladan - would have us living his interpretation of Virtue. Humble. Submissive. Living in squalor as Shepherds or Farmers. Singing the praises of a King who abandoned Britannia.

    His Virtues. Not Ours.

    And now Fig brings a Blockade to our Isle. He did a talented job of turning himself into the victim last night. In the morning ships surrounded the Isle. Blocked in the Magincian Trade Fleet and prevented it from moving. He placed the Pilots of his Battle Fleet behind the cannons and aimed them for the Sea Witch. And when we called him out on it, he claims he was just there to trade?

    How dare we question his actions.

    I confess Valek and I reacted poorly. Undiplomatically. But we have families on the Isle to consider. Wives and children. And when someone who is so willing to shed our blood launches a fleet for our harbor and then feigns innocence, we are going to be a bit indignant.

    We are an Isle of Craftsmen. Sailors. Tradesmen. Magi. We are an Isle who values freedom of thought and religion. We will not accept cannons aimed at our homes. We will not be made to submit.

    It is with that I again declare us a Sovereign Magincia. It is with these words we rededicate this the Isle of Pride.


    Dante of House Lamperouge.
  2. The Slug

    The Slug Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend The Squirrel Empire

    Jun 14, 2008
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    Of course you realize the High Council will see this as an act of High Treason and provocation of War? Having said that, if called on, I will fight alongside Magincia, but not specifically for it. My cause is Freedom and Choice, and that is larger than one island
  3. Fig_The_Ancient

    Fig_The_Ancient Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 16, 2011
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    From the pad of Gif
    Master of Spys,
    Master of Assassins,
    Child of Fig

    "M'Lord, I have done as you requested. I remained silent and unobservered within the Sea Witch, Maginica. I shall follow your orders, 'Remain hidden and make no move until the tavern is empty. In this you must NOT fail me. No matter what you witness. Do you understand?'. The orders rang true in his mind.

    'No matter what you hear.'

    I witnessed the moment when they opened the doors of the tavern for the meeting. Circe was preparing the drinks for what I assumed would be a busy night. Valek entered at that monent...but Lynne was noticably absent..More people entered...I noticed that Elladan was also absent. More people entered the tavern. This appeared to be a regular occaisionm bot the locals were all whispering about the fleet of warships on the northern coast.

    Happy Fool entered shortly after. Fool looked noticabily agitated but was able to contain himself. Followed very shortly by Fern.

    According to your orders, M'Lord, I remained hidden, despite the events of what I witnessed that followed.

    It was at that moment you entered the room. The room grew silient, as you took the most isolated table at the south..I witnessed as the Fool approached you and mentioned that he had a 'diplomatic solution' and wished you to remove the fleet.

    I watched in anger, as I witnessed the verbal abuse you endured from a people you were about to help. I watched as they surrounded your fleet and searched you as if you were a common criminal. I watched with my daggers drawn as you stated 'I will never set foot on this island again.'

    I also witnessed Trillin search the fleet, only find nothing amiss, yet reporting to Valek that all cannons were loaded and pointed at the Sea Wtch Tavern.

    I watched as you destroyd the fleet that was supposed to defend Maginica and your friends.

    I witnessed Valek spew forth lies about you, saying he discovered fully loaded cannons, which in fact were brand new and never fired, but yet were all pointed at Maginica.

    I also witnessed Fern attempting to defend your position. She was met with nothing but redicule. Evently she was also forced to leave.

    I witnessed Valek openly state that he knew this would happen. He then went on about rats in Circe's basement.

    These fools never check for uninvited guests. My position is still safe.

    I await further instructions."

    Master of Spys,
    Master of Assassins,
    Child of Fig
  4. Zanthes[EcZ]

    Zanthes[EcZ] Guest

    [Glinmiali Zanthes delivers parchments to Magincia, the Britannian Council and the outlying Kingdoms]


    Friends... once again sabers rattle, tongues speak of things which should not be allowed to occur - not between reasonable citizens.

    We hear of things that should be alarming to those that value peace and harmony between the peoples of our world. But why are the voices of the people of these 2 factions muted? Why is it that these few cause such descension that war could erupt as a result of their words and actions?
    Why is this?

    To the people of greater Britannia - you recently elected a Council to represent you, your interests and the interests of the Crown. Where is their voice in this? We see and hear from one or two members that seem intent on destruction and discord rather then reconcilliation and discussion. Where are the voices of the other 2 or 3 Council members? A simple vote would put these actions to rest as far as the kingdom is concerned. Actions taken after such a vote, should the vote go against war and in favor of diplomacy would be on the heads of those who disregarded the Council's wishes. Think on these things... Demand that the Council meet and put to rest the rumours of a greater war, its not only your right but your responsibility to do so.

    To the people of New Magincia... seems a few of you hold Britannia responsible for all the woes that have befallen your beloved home. But in truth, it was not the actions or inactions of Britannia and its rulers that led you down the path you were forced to endure. Whether you accept it or not, those same forces that destroyed your beloved home before are still waiting for a chance to do it again. They were defeated, not destroyed. Do not give them this chance.
    Find reason within your government, and if none is to be found, find others to take up your cause that can argue and discuss with reason. Stifle those that have no stomach for diplomacy - they are a blight on your otherwise beautiful island.

    In the end, if reason and diplomacy do not find a peaceful solution, or if those that wish war get their way - its the citizens of both lands that will suffer. Are the wishes and desires of a 'self chosen' few worth the lives and property of the rest of the citizens who will in the end be forced to endure their decisions? I think not. Exercise your rights, citizens, and demand reasonable discussion and diplomatic talks between those that disagree.

    Again, we are watching, waiting and deciding.
    Detholalle... your choices will decide.

    Elevere Zanthes
    Queen, Clan Zanthes