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The Ministry of Iron Skulls (Order RVR/PVE)

Discussion in 'Warhammer Guild Recruitment' started by Tahlaira, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Tahlaira

    Tahlaira Guest

    Guild Name: Ministry of Iron Skulls
    Faction: Destruction
    Location: US Servers (Central /Eastern)
    Website: http://TheMinistryofIronSkulls.guildlaunch.com/
    The FAQs..

    What Servers are you planning on playing on?
    We will be playing on Us, Server Type: Core

    Is this a “Role Playing” Guild?
    Some..Casual or relaxed Light Role-Playing which is not mandatory.

    How large will the guild be?
    The guild will be to start max of 74.

    What is the main focus of the guild?
    ONE of the main focus is going to be RvR and of course PVE (raids etc).

    Is this an Order or Destruction guild?

    Is this a multi-racial character guild?
    Yes, indeed.

    Can I add all of my characters to the guild or only my main character?
    Yes you can add alts and will be mandatory to have them in the guild, we do not want people to have alts in another guild, due to our End Game Raids and our structure.

    Why the name The Ministry of Iron Skulls?
    Well that is exactly what we are. We are a Ministry of all Destruction race’s with one common goal and that is to bring Order down.

    Do you have a voice chat server?
    Yes we have a Vent Server that holds up to 75.

    Is this a Hardcore or Casual guild?
    We like balance and believe it's possible to make everyone happy.. We're a mix of both a hardcore guild and a casual guild—looking for a decent amount of gaming hours, but understanding that people have real-world responsibilities as well. Remember this is a game so Real Life will always be top priority.

    What are the rules of the guild?
    Please see the Guild Rules page with details on the rules within the guild. We believe these rules give players a reasonable amount of freedom within the guild, all the while helping preserve the good name and reputation we are building for ourselves.

    Why should I join The Ministry of Iron Skulls?
    We want to bring Warhammer Online players a fun and exciting atmosphere that is well organized and administrated—an atmosphere in which every time a member logs in they are presented with stimulating events and great times with enjoyable members.
    The Ministry of Iron Skulls
    Destruction Guild Looking for Recruits
    Come Bash Some Skulls with Us!
  2. Tahlaira

    Tahlaira Guest

    Upadte Faq's :danceb:
  3. Tahlaira

    Tahlaira Guest

    We changed factions.