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The Nearly Perfect Storm (part three)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by imported_Salty Pete, May 25, 2005.

  1. Two years ago...

    The tiny boat with her tattered and torn sails and comprimised hull slowly limped along toward the sleepy town of Vesper. Her captain looked south and frowned as he felt a warm wind blow in and saw the towering clouds begin to build on the horizon. A storm was coming and it wasn't likely to pass harmlessly to the west as was the case with most summer storms in this area.

    Salty Pete reached into his pouch of spell components looking for an answer. He didn't have the power to turn a storm such as this, but perhaps he could pull himself and his vessel to safety somewhere else and ride out the storm. With a glimpse at the approaching storm ol' Salty began the chant that would take him to safety while the on coming storm did it's worst. With a snap and hiss the bright green gate opened for the old sailor. Taking one last look around him for another answer and finding none Salty jumped through the swirling mist of the gate to live another day...

    The present...

    "SALTY!!!" She shouted as soon as the unmistakeable grate of his gravelly voice sounded.

    The old man didn't have time to do more than say, "Aye," before he was being hauled off his feet in a joyful embrace. With a giant grin on his face the old sailor returned the embrace and waited for the inevitable questions but instead of the expected where have you been??? he was pleasantly surprised by an unexpected kiss. With a rosey blush in his cheeks the old man beamed at the handsome warrior woman and thought to himself, "Aye, tis good to be home."
  2. *grins*

    And yet another pleasureable read!

    Thank you so much for continuing the saga.