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The Nearly Perfect Storm (part two)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by imported_Salty Pete, May 23, 2005.

  1. Two years earlier...

    The small boat was tossed from side to side as the kraken and the water ghouls alternatly abused the tiny vessal anxious to drag her captain to the bottom along with the poor helmsman. Calmly the captain reached his hand into his pouch of magic dust and spoke the words that unleached a powerful lightning storm down on the three creatures of the deep. The smell of cooking squid began to eminate from the body of the kraken while the water ghouls now seriously hurt began to back away from his boat and head back into the safety of the deep.

    "Arr! That be teachin' ye to attack The Dirty Orc by the gods!!" The captain laughed at the disappearing forms as he quickly took the now empty helm position on the boat. With a frown the old sailor began to really see the damage done to his vessel. Mentally checking off what needed to be done when he hit port. "I be needin' a new crew, mast and riggin' by the gods!" He spat into the sea beside his boat. With a sigh of resignation he turned the small vessel back to the city of Vesper and made the best speed possible.

    The present...

    Salty Pete walked into the familiar common room of the Y feeling almost giddy. All of the good times remembered, all of the great friends he had shared a pint with, all of the amazing stories shared. The room seemed to be full even though no one was here yet. The fireplace was stoked but only Lawrence (who never seemed to leave) and the barkeep were here this early. Taking a seat, Salty decided to pick a table in the shadows and stay out of sight until someone he recognized came to pay a visit to the Y.

    A man dressed in a strange mix of Britainian and asian garb caught Salty Pete's attention not because of anything familiar about him, but because of the way he rode an ostard straight through the door and up the stair case toward the library. Salty decided to take a peek at what such a man might be up to, for this was the type of thing that could begin an adventure!

    To be continued...
  2. *sniffs the air appreciatively*

    Ahh...the smell of cooking squid in the morning!


    Well done, Cap'n Pete!
  3. Kimi_Mori

    Kimi_Mori Guest


    smell of cooking squid

    [/ QUOTE ] mumm home cooking
  4. Ol' Dirty

    Ol' Dirty Guest

    Do NOT stop posting these stories. They make the game a bit more colorful than it is. I love your storytelling skills, awesome.

    - ******* -