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The Nearly Perfect Storm

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by imported_Salty Pete, May 22, 2005.

  1. There are some who say that all life on Sosaria comes from the ocean. That deep in the dark waters of the great seas, pools of single celled creatures slowly adapted over time to grow eyes, legs, arms and other useful apendages to become the great animals and people we see now.... Others think that one of the great lords of the other regions reached down with it's power and simply created all that we see... Which ever way it really was, the great Sosarian oceans are something to marvel at. Everyone from warriors to powerful magicians can sense the great power that resides in the mysterious deep. Often you will find them sailing back and forth, practicing their skill in hopes that these massive power sources will somehow grant them even greater skill in their chosen art. For others though the seas are more than a practice ground, they are home.

    "Cap'n!" The tiny steersman shouted in warning as he deftly held onto the tiller with all of his meager strength. "Cap'n there be a kraken of'n the port stern and she be gain'n faster'n this tub can carry us!"

    The captain turned to look behind them carefully apraising the situation. "Steady as she goes helm, we be hittin' land in a whale's..." He stopped as the boat suddenly lurched sickenly to the side.

    "Cap'n! It be water elmntals!!" The tiny steersman howled in fear as the boat heaved to the side the eery blue water sloshing on the deck as two of the fearsome ghouls let out powerful magics on the boat and it's occupants.

    The captain reached into his coat and pulled out a tiny handful of dust and spoke a quick enchantment sending a powerful ball of fire into one of the watery creatures. "Helm, hard t' port!" The captain commanded but as he spoke the words he saw the tiny man yanked from the back of the boat by a long red tenticle. "Arr!" He shouted defiantly to the open sky.

    Two years later...

    "Do you know who you are?" The pleasant female voice spoke to him as he looked around the room inquisitively. He turned his attention to the voice and really looked at this woman that was speaking to him. Her long blond hair was well kept but she wore a simple golden brown robe and had no fancy clothes. Her face was young and pretty but it was obvious that she was not interested in any kind of a relationship. Her manner and her clothing could mean only one thing... Wandering healer.

    "Aye, I be cap'n Salty Pete.. Where be this?" He asked in a broken and dry voice.

    "You are in Yew. You walked in here just a moment ago asking for a drink. I am afraid you... Passed out. I gave you something for the.. Headache. I would think a man of your years would consider limiting the ammount of drink you consume in one sitting from now on." The girl chided him as if talking to a small child. "Drinking that much can cause memory loss, impaired reflexes and..." She started to finish as Salty turned his head to the side and vomitted on the ground. "Sickness." She sighed.

    With a boistrous laugh the old man wiped his mouth on his sleeve and spoke up in a hearty voice, "Arr! This be Yew? Where be the Y by god! It be time to find the company of a good lass, a strong ale and get me a new ship to sail!"

    The healer rolled her eyes and sighed again just as the old man's hand snaked out and slapped her playfully on the butt. "Sir!" She shouted indignantly and pushed him out of her hut. With a disgusted frown on her face she went to find a rag and bowl to clean up the mess. From outside she could hear the now rejuvinated old sailor singing a sea chanty as he walked in the general direction of the famous pub heading off into the distance.
  2. Bravo!!

    *rubs hands together in anticipation*

    Now if only I didn't have to leave town again today...for the entire day...

    Be that as it may (and it will be that way, regardless of what I may otherwise desire), may I be the first to buy yer thirsty self a drink in celebration of yer return!

    But, err...I fear that that will have to await until after the setting of todays' sun. Dang it.

    Huzzah! Salty is back in town! *dances a little sailor's hornpipe in celebration*
  3. Jagerstadt

    Jagerstadt Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 25, 2004
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    Bravo Indeed