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The necromancer

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by EmpererKa, Mar 26, 2004.

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  1. EmpererKa

    EmpererKa Guest

    Has anyone noticed the spell animate dead and the skill spirit speak is just about useless. If your a necromancer in game you would notice that you can only summon three undead at a time. These unded cannot take commands nor are they very strong. The skill spirit speak can be used to heal your wounds and summon a familiar. Against the higher level creatures in the game these two skills and spells are utterly useless. A dark father would massacre you before you even got done using Spirit speak and none of your familiars can barely stand up against two ettins. Ive thought of a way that Uo can make these two spells and skills usefull. If Uo thinks that these two things are to powerful to upgrade this is my idea so that it will not be abused. One make the undead able to be commanded. You can do this by tying the spirit speak skill to them. The higher the spirit skill the better you can control them. Seems familiar right.(animal lore) Three undead is a good number the undead that you summon are horrible. Ive summoned a Lich at 80 necromancy thats just about the best undead next to the flesh golem that i have seen yet. The last subject i would like to touch on is necromancer forms. There are four necromancer forms in all so far horrific beast and vampiric embrace are my favorite. I think that there should be more forms but with these forms should be a better variety of abilities. Like with the vamp embrace. I think you should be able to move faster and hoover. Everyone knows vampires according to folk lore all have stealth and can fly or hoover in some way. With the horrific beast. Diff colors would be a plus there isnt much wrong with this spell except the fact that it is a daemon and it cannot cast spells. Every daemon i have run into in Uo has cast some sort of spell it ony seems right to follow suit. If not spells then the ability to choose diff skills for your daemon say like fire breath or mortal strike .
  2. Being a necromancer is not about having necromancy and spirit speak only.
    Try adding some other skill to your character, either go with some magery skills or warrior skills.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Acually vampires can't fly they either can jump very damned High or the can tranform into something that does fly....

    and spirit speak is a good way to heal...
  4. Ravenspyre

    Ravenspyre Guest

    You gotta remember jynx, lately in UO ppl's idea of combos is spammin spells, which results in no tacics what-so-ever in combat. Can't blam ethem as they rely on their equipment anyways.
  5. SickLoveR

    SickLoveR Guest

    Go to Ilshenar, Exodus' Dungeon temple. You 'll see where this form comes from. I recall these molochs as they are named also have the ability to hit you with double strike+crushing blow at the same time (4 hands). But they don't cast spells. However yeah, would be cool to be able to do 2 special moves at once, like our server spawned "brothers".
    Vampires don't fly as far as I remember. Jumping high, yeah. SO what do you want, spinning double air drop kicks?
  6. SickLoveR

    SickLoveR Guest

    You know what? You were getting owned too much in real PvP,
    so you turned EPA probably or something similar. Then you turned snobbish and vain in the process. I don't rely either on my equipment or my skills but a good mix of those without exagerations.. Have some GM stuff, some enhanced, some expensive jewelery and GM most skills, with an average speed connection and I do well, no stat scroll either...and NO ARTIES....and that's how I fight, FYI, keep that in mind, 'cause it felt I should take it personally, that "arti-*****" comment replied by you to my post about Vampire Form. Not an arti-*****, not a whiner either, and certainly NOT going EPA-ish ever, they just can't handle [censored] and form their own game-in-the-game loosing a lot of it's essence and calling the rest of the people n00bs, just like real arti-*****s do. You are the same [censored]. To adapt without trying to dominate is harder than just adapting, or just trying to become the ultimate real GOD of UO but that's what I try to do, adapt and play, not "RULZ y'all", neither whine. Balance.. Be somewhere in the middle. You chose a side, fine. Artiwhores call me n00b, EPAs call me n00b. [email protected] it all. It's you who can't play like human beings and take it personally in the end, you know. BOTH extremes.
  7. Ravenspyre

    Ravenspyre Guest

    What is EPA? I don't get owned all that much at all. But anyways sick, if you want to keep making up baseless excuses for your lack of skill, continue your one tracked mind. Thanks again for the laugh of demonstrating your lack of knowledge.
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