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The New Chef Directory

Discussion in 'UO Botany and Nutrition' started by Quiby, Feb 12, 2002.

  1. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    Use this list to find chefs on your shard for whatever reason (quite a few will do catering for events)
    It also acts as a hall of fame for past chefs of merit...
    Please keep me updated by posting new additions, losses and so on in reply, once I've dealt with the post I'll delete it to keep it tidy...
    And please don't babble in here/php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
    (Also, please don't PM me with the details of your chef char... I'm not updateing the list any more (Because writiers block has made me bitter and twisted) Ta, Ever so!)

    - Aol Legends

    <font color=FF8C00>Meldramek</font color=FF8C00> (ICQ: 45062978)

    - Atlantic

    <font color=FF8C00>Clotho</font color=FF8C00> (ICQ: 3590785)
    <font color=FF8C00>Salacious Crumb</font color=FF8C00> (ICQ: 34066504)

    - Baja

    <font color=708090>Quiby</font color=708090> (ICQ: 62974372)
    <font color=FF8C00>Sy Snootles</font color=FF8C00> (User: Moff Tarkin)

    <font color=708090>Lono</font color=708090> (User: LostandFound)

    - Chesapeake

    <font color=FF8C00>Treasure</font color=FF8C00> (User: Alarialle)
    <font color=FF8C00>Honeybee</font color=FF8C00> (ICQ: 91551413)

    - Europa

    <font color=FF8C00>Bryanny</font color=FF8C00> (ICQ: 116557491)
    <font color=FF8C00>Midori</font color=FF8C00> (ICQ: 21697440)
    <font color=FF8C00>Quiby</font color=FF8C00> (ICQ: 62974372)
    <font color=708090>Sugar Rose</font color=708090> (ICQ: 91551413)

    <font color=FF8C00>Lucilla</font color=FF8C00> (User: Cervaron)
    <font color=708090>Galatea</font color=708090> (User: Quiby)

    - Lake Superior

    <font color=FF8C00>Kelrynh y'Krr'na</font color=FF8C00> (User: Ketsugi)
    <font color=708090>Cricket</font color=708090> (ICQ: 91551413)

    - Napa Valley

    <font color=FF8C00>Meldramek</font color=FF8C00> (ICQ: 45062978)
    <font color=708090>Kryeohla</font color=708090> (User: Ketsugi)
    <font color=708090>Vidala</font color=708090> (User: Vidala)

    - Oceania

    <font color=BF3EFF>Kryynh</font color=BF3EFF> (User: Ketsugi)

    - Pacific

    <font color=708090>Zarf</font color=708090> (ICQ: 85783444)

    <font color=FF8C00>Name</font color=FF8C00> - GM Cooking Skill
    <font color=708090>Name</font color=708090> - 80 to 99.9 Cooking Skill
    <font color=BF3EFF>Name</font color=BF3EFF> - 0 to 79.9 Cooking Skill
  2. Zarf

    Zarf Guest

    No Pacific chefs up there ?
  3. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    I fyou could give me details of your chefs I'll add them (want it up to date)
  4. Cervaron

    Cervaron Guest

    My ICQ's 71041611, which it appears I forgot to tell you.
    Are you going to keep people's stratics names up for PMs?
  5. Zarf

    Zarf Guest

    Well ...
    Zarf (at least the new one, and going to be permanent due to some unforseen issues) is around 85 cooking. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/sad.gif And for the ICQ - 85783444.
  6. Puppy

    Puppy Guest

    Thanks for putting me in last night, but I should point out that my ICQ is 91551413, not 81551413. :) My chefs are Honeybee, Cricket, and Sugar Rose on the list. I also have a non-GM (just over 80 real) chef on Napa named Frostfox.
  7. JohnathanGV

    JohnathanGV Guest

    Hiya :)

    Johnathan - GM Cooking - Chesapeake
  8. Chew

    Chew Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    <font color=red>*mumbles*</font color=red>
    I know it is hard to accept competition ...
    ...but where is the old "Who is Who" gone ?
    Mais je veux participer ... *oops* ... but me needs to be in list !

    Chew, alias <font color=blue>Paul Bocuse</font color=blue>
    <font color=green>Grandmaster Chef</font color=green>

    <center>We still need a Chef-smiley! [​IMG]


    Tower of Roses</center>
  9. the_wheaty

    the_wheaty Guest

    noticed i wasn't here...

    Napa Valley
    ICQ = 58860137
    GM chef
  10. CelesIceHawk

    CelesIceHawk Guest


    Celes-Head Chef G^C-Lake Superior
    Presently My Skill is 87
  11. Charon

    Charon Guest

    Baja --- Belladonna --- gm
    SP --- Fianna Gallimh --- gm (as of this morning)

  12. Josie DLW

    Josie DLW Guest

    My GM Chef's name is Jack Waters.
    He plays on the Wakoku shard.
    icq # 109050396
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Oooh, can I be on the list? I have a GM chef on Atlantic called Zeanna and my ICQ is 4787110!

    Saw pics of you from the London meet by the way, you looked great! =) Congrats on the prize hehe. Wish I'd been able to be there... =(

  14. OrrickLeynoc

    OrrickLeynoc Guest

    Edit::The chef mentioned doesn't cook now.
  15. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    Keep 'em coming...
    I got a little business to sort out tomorrow which should clear me up a little... if I don't add these within a couple of days, nag/php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My chefs of note are:

    Doc Brown, BSC guildmaster, Oceania
    Doc Brown, residual chef's faire kitchenhand, Lake Superior

    (some chefs on other shards omitted for the sake of brevity)

    Contact via stratics PM.
  17. ivy925

    ivy925 Guest

    Just wanted to say Hello for the first time!....I have been dropping into the UO Chef Forum for the past month or so and I am still managing to crack a smile with some of your posts. I would like to start off by saying I am a Great Lakes Shard player, I have been playing for about 10 months now, I first decided to make a Chef about February 1st, and have since managed to get him to 85% I enjoy many levels of play with this character as he seems to be more carefree towards all other UO players...no stress of having to kill or be killed. I guess. Chef's are just an all around fun player to have! Anyways, thats my 5 cents worth, I wish I could have been GM to be able to compete with the cookie contest, maybe next time!...anyways, If you are ever on GL or if there is anyone in need of a Chef there my name is Jolanar....ICQ is 146029310.

  18. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    Ok... I added all you chefs at nearly 5am... I previewed and realised I'd put half of you in MIA... so I gave up and I'm going to bed...
    I'll try again tomorrow^_^
  19. the_wheaty

    the_wheaty Guest

    Hey um.
    I just got an idea that you could probaly use here.
    for those that want to join the BSC you could put a means of contacting those that can get them in the guild for each shard.
  20. a rat is almost 80 skill now, I'll GM a rat eventually, but the male version of a rat is gm tinkering and blacksmithing, and almost gm tailoring.

    I'll repost when a rat GM's cooking
  21. Lord_Darkoen

    Lord_Darkoen Guest

    Vermillion - Catskills - Grandmaster - 107226094
  22. Graelion

    Graelion Guest

    Chairman Kaga. Iron Chef, Great Lakes shard. :)
  23. the_wheaty

    the_wheaty Guest

    *pokes at Quiby*
    Hey.. umm... you told us to complain, nag and what not if we weren't added in a few days from a earlier post of yours.. .. .. So uhm..

    Hey! Could you try to add us now?
  24. Rhen.

    Rhen. Guest

    Is this still running? Seems a little slow.
    Whenever you get a few free minutes could you add me please?
    Rhen. Europa chef 80-99.9 mark
  25. Puppy

    Puppy Guest

    Sugar Rose on Europa is now GM! Also, my ICQ is 91551413, not 81551413. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  26. <font color=purple>Athena is back and Available for such things.

    Icq # 108299108
  27. Theodrick

    Theodrick Guest

    New Chief on Pacific, Sweet Spirit,close to GM chief for all events and fests,drop me an icq at &lt;154399725&gt;,will cater to even the smallest event or get together

    Sweet Spirit
  28. Rufus

    Rufus Guest

    As of today, Jamie Oliver of Europa is GM Chef! ICQ 60995811

    Nice forum you got here Quibs, love &amp; hugs,

  29. Melora

    Melora Guest

    Been side tracked for awhile but Melora (GM Chef) is still here and still on Baja, still part of the the BSC too, at least I don't recall getting a notice that she'd been removed /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif.
    ICQ #: 112071551
    Although a PM here may be a quicker way of reaching me..... I "forget" to turn on ICQ a lot (well when I do I get nabbed by my mother-in-law who ALWAYS /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wobble.gif likes to chat)...errr, you did say you would delete these posts after a certain amount of time right Quiby? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

  30. evilyaga

    evilyaga Guest

    new chef for pacific. Lord Yaga. 63 cooking. working on it.
  31. evilyaga

    evilyaga Guest

    Lord Yaga from Pacific. now at 81.
  32. 'lo all.

    On the Europa shard, a ward of mine - <font color=red>Mirror</font color=red> - has finally become a grandmaster chef.

    Not bad for a former engine of destruction. I also here that he's taken up gardening. What is the world coming to...

    He's based at the Shadow Court Tower, just outside Vesper, Trammel. Those who need to engage his catering services, please contact [email protected] , or send an ICQ for my attention.

  33. Moonlight-DF

    Moonlight-DF Guest

    Hi, I'm Moonlight, a GM Chef on Drachenfels and also the Guildmistress of the BSC
    ICQ 10205315
  34. Mo Verdigast

    Mo Verdigast Guest

    I've been a GM chef for a while, but I finally got around to creating a Museum of Food! Basically I took the outside portion of my big marble and locked down every single (or double) item of food I could find. It's definitely bright and gaudy, but what the heck? I'm sure it freaks out the neighbors! If you want to see it, go to the south edge of the Forest of Samlethe (LS/Tram) at 44'49"N 14'58"E. Private message me on the stratics boards if you discover that I've left out any items of food. I probably don't have some rares, but I'll keep adding to the museum as I go along.
  35. Yas IronSkin

    Yas IronSkin Guest

    Hey people i think i'm one of the few chefs on catskills so here is my stats
    Name: Yas IronSkin
    Cooking Skill: 71.2
    ICQ #150989866
  36. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    Wheee! Passing through!

    Just to say could one of the mods keep this up to date and delete the old posts that've been added to keep it tidy?
    Ta, ever so=^.^=
  37. Kristos

    Kristos Guest

    Forgot to mention that Argon became a GM chef a couple of months ago. He is now travelling the Europa shard looking for nice ingredients and fine tasting summer food. He can be found on pigeon 102209582.
  38. djiialnle

    djiialnle Guest

    Napa Valley
    usually near Trinsic bakery
    skill currently 97-point-something
  39. mystique

    mystique Guest

    Not new... been GM for a while now... Sia of Oceania
  40. IrmaCamper

    IrmaCamper Guest

    child laborers, Gm Chef Pacific ICQ: 12020881
  41. Lord Detox

    Lord Detox Guest

    Elrohir - GM Chef - Napa Valley
  42. Blue Dabudee

    Blue Dabudee Guest

    Blue - Grandmaster Chef Baja/Trammel
    I run the Tavern Celestrial Spirits Located in the Heavens Forge Township
    ICQ: 39902974
  43. mcnoo

    mcnoo Guest



    ICQ - not working at the moment, use [email protected]mail.com instead
  44. Therio Blane of LS-chef skill of 84 or better
  45. usmarox

    usmarox Guest

    I'll put myself down as the token Drach representitive =)

    Albert, Apprentice Chef
  46. mhbrands

    mhbrands Guest

    yay!!! I made GM Chef today!!

    Luria Oakleaf
    GM Chef, GM Tailor
    Europa Shard

  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Finally GM. *g*

    GM Chef, GM Alchemist
    Drachenfels Shard
    icq 33737546
  48. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Polgara, Grandmaster Chef on Great Lakes

  49. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Old scrungy face back for more...

    Oona Moonstone, GM Chef on Europa ....