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The next "expansion" - Classic shard, item, art and skill revamp and new player love

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Trevelyan, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. Trevelyan

    Trevelyan Guest

    A post sort of mashing together the last 2 weeks of my thoughts. I miss pre-AOS, I see a lot of potential in UO still and I think the developers do still want to carry on with UO.

    So, instead of making any more expansions, how about focusing on what we have now? An analogy is housing - with less players and more land being added, theres just gaps all over the place. There is too much space and too few houses.

    My girlfriend recently started and had terrible difficulty becoming integrated. There are numerous skills, items and systems that have fallen out of use because of their purely novel value and are no longer really "worth" using, if they ever even could have been seen as so. A classic shard could well rope in ex players and keep current ones happy. Finally, there is plenty of artwork and landscaping that can be changed for the better, IE anything done since (and including) LBR.

    The problem as I see it is that things like this require time and resources which, naturally, would be currently put into a new expansion and publishes. I strongly feel that UO has enough content for now and that any new project could bring a lot more to UO if it was to focus on enhancing what already exists, to make UO a more robust product than it already is. It is my opinion that UO already is robust but is lacking in certain areas and devoting a project, or an "expansion" to all of this could do nothing but good for UO.

    So here are the things that I see are the areas that can be worked on

    • Art
      • Improve art and animations post 2001 - yes that includes the plate helmet and fancy dress backpack art that was ruined around the release of third dawn! The solution is the simplest here of course, just get in touch with Saphireena.
      • Fix some broken and missing animations (platemail gorget, a few others)
    • A proper new player experience
      • A new player tutorial
      • Fix of the broken templates (all) which give less than 100 points total
      • Change what players start with to be more relevant
      • Give staff/volunteers to a new player program (companions, for example)
      • Have a new player only area, or disallow non youngs from entering haven again - IE stop having guild recruiters mob new players!

    • Revamp or make more or less useless skills useful (again)
      • Camping
      • Herding
      • Item ID
      • Taste ID
      • Forensic evaluation
      • Tracking
      • Remove trap
      • Stealing (and not just from other players)
    • Fix other systems that already exist but are either broken, unfinished or outdated. Personal favourite examples:
      • Finish the virtues system
      • Update the codex (applies also to a revamped new player experience)
      • Make NPC hirelings useful and not have ridiculous armour
      • NPC guilds
      • Luna
      • Give a use to items which already exist
        • Blackrock in its various forms
        • Oil flasks
        • Oil cloths
        • Daemon bone armor
        • Glacial staves (their special abilities they used to have, perhaps?)
        • Spyglasses
        • Scales
        • Various other crafted items (sure, they make good deco, but they do have a "use" that is useless)
        • Beeswax
        • Ophidian rations (it was said they would have a future use beyond handins)
        • Make platemail better than leather armour
        • A double bladed staff weighs less than a katana - something seems odd!
        • Halberds and bone armour - the supposedly "best" armour and weapons in the game at one time

      [*]Classic shard - 'nuff said

    As for bringing old players back - all the above will do that, but some sort of incentive for returning players could help, perhaps free play on a classic shard for a month or whatever.

    The above list contains many examples but the overall points are, in my opinion, the key systems that should be focused on. You could put "pvp" under a few of those headings but really, pvp is a playstyle rather than a system which is always going to be modified by the rest of the game, as is pvm or crafting. I felt it made sense to put various things into one post for this, although i'd be interested if people really did agree with the idea.
  2. Tanivar

    Tanivar Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 28, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Re: The next "expansion" - Classic shard, item, art and skill revamp and new player l

    This game definitely needs a new player guide with all the info easily accessible in the game Clients. This game has far to much to it with whatever is described scattered hither & yon on the UO & Stratic sites. I've been playing since the fall of 2000 and there is still stuff I find out only because someone mentions it.

    An ingame Mentor/Protege program would be a very good thing to have. Get together a list of players willing to help new players and have an ingame way for a new player to request help from the Mentors. Say a special chat line useable by only a Mentor and a young player.
  3. dum3886

    dum3886 Guest

    Re: The next "expansion" - Classic shard, item, art and skill revamp and new player l

    Regarding helping new players... i remember when guilds were made specfically for searching for new players and help them out. i.e: the guild name would be NEW or sumthing and their members would provide new people with some reasonable armour... show them around etc... but i think because of the decline in population it has resulted in a decline of people willing to help new people out... its a shame...

    As a consequence of this.. it appears the developers will have to intervene a little bit as new people r just lost for what to do.. or even where to go?
  4. Evlar

    Evlar Guest

    Re: The next "expansion" - Classic shard, item, art and skill revamp and new player l

    I agree with all the points you've raised pretty much, but I've quoted the above, simply because it highlights one of my biggest problems with the game as it is now.

    There's simply so much still in the game, that's useless altogether, or has little interest to players. In short, I would argue that an incredible amount of the content in UO, is actually obsolete.

    Therefore along with providing a "classic" server option for those of us in support of it, I think the whole of UO would benefit from a major tidy-up. Polish what's there, get rid of what's not needed (or make a use for it), get rid of all the obsolete clutter. You'll have a cleaner and more interesting game and I'll be happy to return and play both the "classic" and "current" options.
  5. Evlar

    Evlar Guest

    Re: The next "expansion" - Classic shard, item, art and skill revamp and new player l

    I think this might depend on the servers you're playing on. On two reasonably well populated shards I've played (by current population standards that is...), there's veteran players and guilds literally falling over themselves to help new and returning players.

    As part of such guilds, it's given me no small amount of pride when another player is grateful for the help I've given them, stating that without it, they likely wouldn't have stayed with UO.

    That said though, the game mechanics could improve a great deal to both encourage new players, whilst also encouraging veterans to help them more.

    I might argue that in an item-focused game, one failing, is because veteran players aren't encourage, or are simply too greedy, to give newer players the items they might need to help them along the way. These days it seems, there's too many players who want something in return.

    In my own time, all I ever asked when I helped someone, was that they "pay it forward" to other new players, or players in need. Perhaps I'm just a hopeless romantic that believes community is a good thing in an online world... :sad3:
  6. Violence

    Violence Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    May 27, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Re: The next "expansion" - Classic shard, item, art and skill revamp and new player l

    I've been playing a nice little game called Age Of Wonders 2 : Shadow Magic and to be honest even AOW 1 a little. Ultima's graphics are even worse quality, try to find screen shots of that game on the Net and I think you'll agree.

    I would very much like to see art getting some love especially if the team can somehow work with Saphireena on that.

    :thumbup1: It's about time after all those expansions to concentrate on some very basic things.