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The Night of the Warlock's Tome

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Luna Rossa, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Luna Rossa

    Luna Rossa Guest

    The small group had heard of Alcuin's forthcoming arrival after his lengthy journey and were eagerly awaiting his return. They hoped he would have more information that would get them closer to their goal of ridding the land of the evil Valthalion and his wicked minion and dark servant, Maeglin and keep him from attempting to complete the spell and summon Neira the Necromancer.

    Once Alcuin arrived he informed them that he had been working hard to unlock the runes from the Tome of Shadows but still he was struggling at completely succeeding. He mentioned that perhaps what was needed was the aid of the witches and warlocks once known to have lived within the realm long ago. Although not seen for sometime now, all believed to be long gone perhaps destroyed by their own demons they were known to summon, rumors were told of one that remained. Mata the Warlock, said to be found in the land where the only access is through a magical portal within a mage shop, hopefully could assist them in locating the Warlock's Tome which would aid them in their attempt at entering Valthalion's tome so that they could destroy him and put an end to his terror and devious plot to revive Neira. Alcuin said that should they find Mata the Warlock and succeed in having him aid them in retrieving the Warlock's Tome, they were to bring it directly to him so that he could complete the removal and understanding of the runes from the Tome of Shadows. He suggested that the group divide up into pairs and search for him. Luna Rossa suggested that Jayne accompany her, and the Lost Dutchman accompany Caramina Falcon, that way the two feuding gentleman would be kept seperate and focused on the task at hand.

    The group eagerly agreed and since Luna Rossa remembered reading about such a portal while studying the ancient scrolls of the elders and the approximate location of the mage shop that it was in, the group bid Alcuin farewell and took off towards the direction of Moonglow.

    Finally after a few futile attempts by using the wrong teleport pads, the final pad took them to the location they were seeking and the mage shop which held the magical portal. As the group enter, one of them notice a warlock right at the portal site and heard the magical words he chanted and suddenly he disappeared. It was obvious that the warlock they had just seen could be none other then that of Mata the Warlock and the group, one by one, chanted the same words to enter the land where he was known to wander in.

    After searching around the jungle town that they found themselves in, they finally located Mata the Warlock in the backroom of the mage shop that they had first entered into. The group approached him and although he attempted to deny anything even whom he was, he finally agreed if they could supply him with 50 fresh demon bones. If they would do this task, he would take them to where he felt the Warlock Tome was more then luckly to be found and that if the group promised to keep him safe and deal with the demons that lurked there, he would search for the tome. The group agreed and left to gather the demon bones only to return shortly to Mata and have him follow through on his word.

    He supplied the last of the runes that would take them to the place where these said demons he spoke of lurk and where this tome they were seeking would be located as that was the last known place it had been. Luna Rossa cast open a portal and the group entered into a dark, dank area where promptly the roar of an ominous creature could be heard. This was the place that held the tome they needed and they had no time to waste so off they went to tackle the demons while Mata the Warlock entered the library area and began his search.

    The plan was going perfectly and they were having no trouble at all at keeping the demons at bay but of course no plan is ever completely perfect and Maeglin, the dark servant of Valthalion appeared to go after Mata the Warlock and to retrieve the Warlock Tome for her master. Suddenly, Mata the Warlock was gone and the group had to assume he must have returned to the land they had found him in...so...the search was on once again and they returned to the mage shop and entered the mage shop within the jungle land. Although the group had honored their part of the agreement, Mata the Warlock seemed to change his tune and taunted the group and their future task to tackle the destruction of Valthalion.

    This double-cross did not amuse Luna Rossa and she promptly issued a “Kill On Site” order for Mata the Warlock and that is exactly what they did. No sooner did Mata try to flee through the portal once again did the group attack him and, as if one queue, Maeglin appeared only to be slain as well. Silverleaf seached the remains of Mata the Warlock and retrieved the Warlock's Tome and handed it over to Luna Rossa and off the group headed on a dead run back to Skara Brae and to Alcuin.

    After Alucin received the Warlock's Tome he studied it and was able to translate what was required in order for them to begin their attempt at entering Valthalions tome. He asked that Luna Rossa also read it and made sure she understood it so that should one of them perish, the other would still know the way. He informed them that both the Tome of Shadows and the Warlock's Tome were to be placed into the chest that held the Nights Eye and that the person that did this, which Luna Rossa had offered to do as she had been the one that sealed the chest that held the eye, that person must keep the Nights Eye on them at all times and obviously be protected from harm as once the eye was removed, Valthalion would be able to enter the guildhouse that once housed it safely. Then Luna Rossa was to decide whom would attempt to first enter the tome of Valthalion. Only one may enter at a time and needed to search for the mage bones of Neira and search inside them. What they would find would assist any that would follow. To enter the tome, the words were to be chanted followed by this person's name and then and only then, would the door be opened for them alone.

    Maeglin had followed them to Skara Brae in hope at retrieving the Warlock's Tome for if she were to fail her master Valthalion surely it would not go well for her but the group were not to be deterred and although she attempted to attack everyone in the community center, including the ancient sage Alcuin, she failed and was slain and the group wishing safe passage for Alcuin and bidding him farewell, left for the SAGE guildhouse and for Luna Rossa to retrieve the Nights Eye from its' sealed chest and for the next phase of their journey to destroy Valthalion to begin.