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The Official Chesapeake FAQ

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Guest, May 23, 2002.

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    Guest Guest

    Welcome to Chesapeake! Thanks for stopping by our humble little shard forum. Here is where many of our good citizens gather to converse on many of the matters that effect every day life in Britannia. Our current slogan is:

    <font color=blue> Welcome to Chessy. Lower your morals, surrender your Coconuts, prepare to be assimilated.</font color=blue>

    The following is a list of some of the many topics that have been discussed here. If you can't find information on what you're looking for, please feel free to post a message and I'm sure many of our readers will be happy to answer you! This FAQ has been built and is maintained by the good citizens of Chesapeake, and by some of the not-so-good ones as well. The information below will be no more than two months old. We hold a monthly roll call to verify that the information is current or what changes/additions to make. If there is no response on any item after two months, it will be dropped.

    What are some of the guilds here on Chesapeake

    <font color=red>House of Pain—HOP</font color=red> - We came, we saw, we ganked.
    About us: Looking for elite pvp? Structured, strategized battles with the best Chesapeake has to offer? Then keep looking! We here at HOP are just out for fun....OUR fun.....and that means doing things OUR way.

    Rules? *spits* l33t Egos? HAH! Just get the hell out of our way because i'm sure there's something were supposed to be doing. We have chaos/order, standard warring and regular fuzzy bunny stones which allow us to take part in every aspect of the game that interests us. We frequently engage oranges, threaten innocents, train skills and even occasionally....very occasionally....take part in monster bashing....BUT only if absolutely necessary.

    We are small but strong and stand by each other without question. What we lack in skill, we make up for with heart and sneaky, underhanded tactics.

    Looking to join: HOP is a small, closely bonded group and therefore closed to recruitment. The only way to attain membership is to befriend one of us enough that an invite is extended. If you are interested in just taking a look around or making first contact, drop by our Open House at the Fel Brit Gate and say Hi! The house is a little brown wooden house and is located about 25 steps north west of the brit gate itself.

    Questions?: Visit my website at http://www.welcometothestate.com Contact information is located on the main page.

    <font color=red>Rogue Squadron [PK!]</font color=red> - The True, The Proud, The Leet
    About us: Guild of the Rogue arts. Stealing, Looters, and PKs are allowed. The guild has been around for about 2 years *Just different guild abbv.* We dont not war unless it is provoked *i.e. Im currently "warring" another guild that is called Rogue Squadron but they wont accept so I just annoy/loot/steal from them*

    We are located in Felucca *Just north of Trinsic, along the coast*

    Rules - None really, just either have ICQ or AOL IM *Or member of stratics forums so I can PM* so I can contact you in one way in case I want to set up a guild event or a meeting.

    Want to join? ICQ me at 27954094 or AOL IM Screenname: CoRrAnHoRnOfUO or just PM Corran Horn *me* on the Stratics Boards.

    Website at http://www.uosrogues.topcities.com

    Where can find some vendors?

    <font color=blue>Felucca Forge Corwyn</font color=blue>; 66o5' S--30o47'W (Felucca)
    --vendor name; merchandise; (player name)
    <font color=blue>Vengeance's Brit Gate Vendor Mall</font color=blue> (Small white marble house, just west of the Fel Brit Gate); Vengeance/DeliriumLQ
    <font color=blue>Treasured Goods Shoppe</font color=blue>; 127o47'S—35o34'E (South of Trinsic, Trammel); Alarialle

    Where can I find some good RUNE libraries?

    None supplied yet.

    Where can I find Arms Lore houses?

    None supplied yet.

    Where can I find Lockpicking houses?

    None supplied yet.

    What is it with all these coconuts?

    Still waiting for DeleriumLQ's input on the subject

    Are there any player-run towns on Chesapeake?

    <font color=red>Mythendale</font color=red> is nestled in the woods just off the Western Road outside Britain on the way to Trinsic with these approximate coordinates: 28°33'S, 14°28'E. The Tavern is a fine place to gather, if you don't mind the occasional gambling Orc... *hehe* (Really, he plays a mean game...) Lucky comers are treated to some real fine RP.

    Are there web pages run by members of this forum?

    M3PhIsTo M3Ph's Shrine to Chessy PKs
    DeliriumLQ http://www.welcometothestate.com/
    Corran Horn
    Treasured Goods Almanac

    Is there a site with everyone's picture

    You may find one or two at the U-Hallers in Real Life (URL).

    What is this PK Scorecard I sometimes see references to?


    4 pts---Solo
    1 pt----Offers challenge
    1 pt----Answers when spoken to
    1 pt----Healthy victim
    1 pt----Victim not fighting monster
    1 pt----Resurrects victim
    1 pt----Heals or Gates victim


    +2 pts---Honorable (honors conditions of challenge)
    +1 pt----Does not kill mount (horse, etc.)
    +1 pt----Saves mount if endangered
    +1 pt----does not loot
    +1 pt----does not use magery
    -1 pt----attacks crafters
    -1 pt----Noto type
    -1 pt----three or more in gank party
    -1 pt----uses blue healer
    +/-1 pt----discretionary

    How do I make one of those cool sigs?

    The following was provided by Raspberry Jello.

    Well, first you have to decide what kind of sig you want. Would you like something with pictures? Simply a text sig? Do you want something that contains pics from UO or would you rather just have pics you got from the net?

    Once you have decided what kind of sig you want, you need to gather up the pics (if you are using pics). You know how to save images from the net I'm assuming? Simply right click the image and save it somewhere on your comp or a disk. Just be sure that the images you take are free for your use. I'm not going to bother providing links on places you can find images, any search engine will provide much more than I could link to. If you really want some orignial stuff, I suggest looking at art sites rather than just looking for a good library. Check the FAQ for the site or send an email to the artist to see if they mind you using their stuff, some do and some don't. Never hurts to ask though!

    If you want UO pics in your sig, then you need to get those. You can do that a couple of ways, my preferred way, is to get screenshots. There are lots and lots of screen capture programs out there. You can use any one you like. There are several designed for use while playing UO, but any screenshot program will work. some free screenshot programs I have used include:

    uo outpost screenshot utility
    uo screenshot utility

    I prefer grabby of those listed, but depending on what you will be using it for, one of the others may suit your needs better. Grabby and grabber2k both offer you the choice of taking timed pics (nice for getting shots while fighting since you don't have to keep taking the pic) or by using a hotkey. But look at the features and the size of the programs and decide for yourself what you like.

    Another option for getting pics to use in a sig is using a program like inside uo or character viewer. I can't offer much advice on these, I prefer the screenshot method.

    Now that you have the pics you are going to use, you need to create the sig. Lots and lots of ways you can do this. Most people have some kind of paint program on their comp. That program typically allows you to view your pics and do most basic editing. If you want to go a little further, you can invest some cash into a good program with all the bells and whistles, or you can be cheapskate like me and get a free one. A couple you can try are ifran view or photoplus 5.

    I use photoplus 5 and love it. The completely free version no longer lets you create gif images, but if you want that option, it only costs one dollar. I've been using this one for over a year and I think it's simple to use. If I ever decide to invest some cash, I'd upgrade to one of their products. But for free, you can't beat this one in my opinon. It also makes animated stuff simple to create and alter by breaking it down frame by frame. And plenty of neat effects you can play with too.

    If you don't want to take up space on your comp with a viewer/editor of your own, there are some free ones on the net. I suggest trying gifworks or imagemagick studio. Gifworks is simple to use but has a size limit on the graphics and only lets you alter gif images. Imagemagick takes some time to learn but doesn't have those restrictions.

    There are many sites that offer a place to do free text sigs/banners. Rather than list them, try this site for some examples. They don't list flamingtext which is a pretty good one imo so I'm gonna mention it.

    So now you've got your sig, what next? Now you need a place to host it. Lots and lots of options for this as well. However, the common spots for doing your own site, are not always the best spot for hosting an image. Many of the big free sites (Angelfire, Geocities etc.) no longer let you. Check with your internet provider, most offer you some webspace. Ask a friend to host it if you are that lazy. Or, try hosting it using a site listed here. I use space provided by my isp, but there are free hosts out there, you just have to find them.

    I hope this info helps, and if anyone needs a little more, feel free to pm and I'll do what I can. Creating sigs isn't hard, but you do have to take the time to learn how. And be sure to pay attention to the size of your sig, Stratics (and most other sites) have restrictions on the file size as well as the pixel size of the graphic.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This will be the list of scams found in UO so that players will be informed and know how to avoid them.

    Four Basic Rules--TanisHalfElven

    1) ALWAY'S check what is in those trade window's. A lot of scammer's will try and get a person confused so bad that by the time they try to pull the scam the person they are pulling it on just want's to get the trade over with thus they do not check the window's. Very simple rule to follow and will shut down a good 1/4 of the scammer's out there.

    2) If at all possible use a 3rd party for the transfer that is trust worthy. A scammer will 10 out of 10 time's not agree to this but a legit person will half the time agree to doing this. The better known the 3rd party is the better. A lot of well known player's DO NOT want to ruin thier rep over a scam. It hurt's them in so many way's they they will stay on the up and up.

    3) Scamming is frowned upon so if at all possible if and when you do a large trade take screen shot's. OSI will not be able to ban the scammer with out some concret evidence and that is only VERY rarely that they ban anyone at all for it. But that does make them aware of the people and from time to time they DO check up on scammer's to make sure they are not using a exploit/bug. If your lucky enought to actually have a screen shot of a scammer using a exploit/bug then immediately page a gm and keep the scammer there as long as possible. Also make sure you send the screenshot as well as any info you can of someone using a exploit/bug to OSI.

    4) If it look's to good to be true it proablly is so even though you can get those gold sign's in your eye's because of the great deal, decline it anyway's.

    The Check Substitution Scam -- LanDarr

    I was spamming at the West Brit Bank selling Verite Runics for 600k when he comes up and wants a Bardiche. I said fine, show me the money first.

    He does, its a check for 600k, I tell him to meet me inside the bank &amp; I will make the weapon.

    Made the weapon, put it in the trade window, he drops in the check for 600k. I click the blue diamond, he says thanks &amp; makes like hes banking the weapon.

    Then says oops, I goofed, let's do it again, I drop the weapon on him &amp; he drops in a check for 60k, &amp; immediately clicks his diamond.

    More Tips -- CemeteryBandit

    Never put the stuff in a bag. If he/she asks you to bag it, they are scamming you,and will pk/steal to get the item.

    Never hand your stuff to a smith to repair. Hand the smith blank scrolls to make contracts with. Real smiths are rarely offended by this. Handing the smith 500 gold per scroll is a good idea too. He doesnt even get skill from this.

    Like the guy said, check everything every time in trade window!

    The ICQ Trojan Trick -- M3PhIsTo

    One tip for the ICQ users of the world. If someone wishes to send you a picture of the house or item in question, say no. An experience I had with a person wanting to sell me a large tower, sent me a pic that was titled (tower.jpg .exe) Notice the handy .exe at the end. That would be a Trojan Horse virus he planned to steal my info with and jack my accounts. So never accept pictures over ICQ or go to websites you are not familiar with. When in doubt, see it in person and get the proof.

    The Boat Scam -- SunRunner

    Anyone that takes this information and uses it to their benefit I would like to remind "What goes around comes around..10 fold"..I do believe it will help more people than it will harm....

    The basics are that someone sails into a good spot and logs out on their ship....the wait till they timeout and then have someone else move the ship away..the next unlikely sap that puts his ship there has opened himself up for getting his hold cleaned out....when the the "scammer" logs back in he is now on YOUR ship....

    Watch where ye put down anchour, watch what ye keep in yer hold, and never carry the key on ye or in the hold..if it's in the hold they can claim the ship..if it's on you and yer not in a guard zone they can kill you then claim the ship...

    More Tips -- Morgaine-le-Faye

    1. ALWAYS click on what's in the trade window. A favorite scam is to get a llama/horse/ostard and name it "Ethereal Horse/Ethereal Llama Statuette/Ethereal Ostard Statuette" It's quick, and easy and 600k a pop makes the scammer instantly rich. Please beware.
    2. If anything feels wrong, contact a friend immediately. Let them witness the trade.
    3. OSI does nothing about scams anymore, my friend and I got gms called on us all the time before. Nothing. Don't fall for it.
    4. If they ask you to set a macro, don't be ********. Don't set it
    5. Don't go around spamming, "SO AND SO IS A SCAMMER!" Not only is it annoying, but people usually never listen to it.
    6. Scammers almost ALWAYS incognito, so you MUST keep the "deal" going for about 5 minutes, long enough for it to wear off so if you are scammed, you do know their name.

    RL Account Scam -- Cynewulf

    Beware of pages which are set up to look like the OSI official pages. Make sure you always link to your account management on OSI from the game itself or directly from their site at www.uo.com.
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