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The One and Only Pre-UOR Thread! Update -- 3 Polls of Results

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Guest, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color=red>**Latest Update**</font color=red>

    I can't believe this topic has survived an entire year. Right now I am thinking of holding a second Pre-UOR shard rally at the end of May. Possibly on the 28th. I will update this topic soon with all the new Pre-UOR related news from the past year.

    <font color=blue>**Older Updates**</font color=blue>

    Recently there have been several polls about Pre-UOR. Things like this should help the developers see there is a strong interest in a Pre-UOR shard. The UO Stratics Poll of the Week after almost a week of polling came out to 68% of this board users would be interested in playing, while only 25% wouldn't.

    UORadio.com is also running a poll, with nearly the same results. Over there, 67% of visitors would be interested in playing on such a shard while only 24% would not.

    In the other Ultima Survey Thread, that was reposted from the official survey, also had strong results. So far 55% are interested in playing on am original ruleset shard while only 32% would not.

    Also this week, Developer Leurocian posted in a U Hall thread that he and other team members would, "love to see a Pre-UOR shard." This is a very good sign, but he also cautioned, "Whether this will ever happen or not, I really don't know. It is a topic that keeps coming up, and I know it was asked and noted at the DC meetup." So they are definitly listening. Don't lose hope!

    The Pre-UOR rally held on May 29 was a smashing success. Announced only a week before, it drew well over 100 players. Some estimate over 200. Not only current players were represented, but at least one even went out to purchase a current copy of UO to login! A great example of the dedication for the Pre-UOR shard cause.

    The rally had it's share of surprises. After the biggest IDOC event on Atlantic finished (amazing conincidence, eh?) I went to check out to the bank 3 1/2 hours before the rally start. There were 5 players already waiting!


    As 5PM came closer and closer the bank began to fill with players.


    Word of the rally certainly was wide spread. Sonoma's Event Moderator Masara even made an appearance before the event.


    I was too busy to go over and see what he was saying, maybe someone who was there can fill us all in. What I do notice from the screenshots I took was how respectful players were around him. Notice they are not standing on him or spamming things like "Can you give me your robe?" Well at least I didn't see any of that in the few screenshots I have =]


    More and more players flocked to the bank on their own. In fact, most walked there on their own. Partly this was my fault, all my helpers were pre-occupied by other Atlantic events =[

    By 5PM the bank was flooded with players. I don't have any good screenshots due to being on gate duty. When I arrived back around 5:30 it seems some neferious activites were underway.


    The Anti-PreUOR players were out to cause mischief anyway they could. At one point they sent in 3 necromancer murderers deep into the crowd in an apparent sucide withering.


    However it did not keep players down for long. Some helpful paladins mass ressurected with their holy sacrifice abilities.


    Around 6PM I did a little welcome speech. It was just a little something to thank everyone for coming. Later I became aware how the communication crystals were broken! I am not sure how many actually saw me speak. I remember in Pre-UOR how we actually had comm crystals that worked.........hehe.

    Looking back at the rally I wish I formally planned some events and entertainment. I have never hosted an event like this before, there was no telling what to expect. Several have asked whether another will be hosted. The answer is most likely. But there can't be too many of them. Someone mentioned bi-weekly, such a schedual would cause them to lose their specialness (best word I could think of). Right now I think it would be best to shoot for another rally in one month on a different shard. Anyone who would like to organize such an event should contact me. Perhaps we could have an Olympic style where hosts will offer up their shard and the public can vote where it will be. With all that was learned from this rally, the next one should be bigger, better, and louder.

    Once again, thank you to all who came. Here is some of your opinions:


    PS- I would like to give a shout out to SX guild for making things more interesting with their green robes!

    Link to the reply with Admiral Ruffie's Pre-UOR Interview!

    Jeremy has sent in this link of old Alpha, Beta, and early UO!


    Seeking Pre-UOR screenshots! If you have an interesting screenshot please send it to [email protected] Your screenshot may be featured in this thread or in some other form of Pre-UOR support. The screenshot can be of anything, but must be Pre-UOR. Please include "UOR" in the subject so the email filter knows where to put it!

    Permission has been granted for the creation of one thread for dicussing Pre-UOR, specifically the creation of a Pre-UOR shard.

    To discuss Pre-UOR first everyone should know what it was. The following is a list of points of what Pre-UOR UO was:
    [*]There was only a single facet, what is now know as Felucca. The whole game consisted of what is now called the "Felucca Ruleset". T2A did exist.
    [*]There was no item insurance, power scrolls, stat locks, factions, BODs, Runic Weapons/Armor
    [*]You had to refresh your house every 10 days or it would decay
    [*]Houses could be declared public or private, if private you would flag grey to all owners/friends/co-owners of the house
    [*]No house customization
    [*]There was only leather, no spined/barbed/horned
    [*]Magic weapons and armor were easier to get, and had fewer types. The only "properties" were damage increase, increase of tactics, durability increase, and AR increase
    [*]All damage type was either physically or magical. Physical was reduced by AR and Magical was reduced by Resisting Spells Skill
    [*]Murders could not enter towns
    [*]Chivalry, Necromancy, Bushido, and Ninjitsu skills did not exist
    [*]No veteren rewards (Yes, this means no Ethernals!) and all players had 700 skill points, no age bonuses
    [*]Dungeon Khaldun did not exist
    [*]Starting gold was 100
    [*]Player killers would experience "stat loss", losing skill upon ressurection if they did not work off enough murder counts
    [*]Poisoning skill did not enhance a mage's poison spell or poison fields
    [*]You had to use a specific skill to gain in it, Weapon skills would not gain anatomy and Magery would not gain Eval Int
    [*]There were no combat special moves except wrestling disarm and paralize
    [*]*More to come, post replies if something should be added

    After a quick poll of this thread to see who was for and against the total comes out to:

    <font color=green>34 For Some type of Old Style Shard</font color=green>
    <font color=red>5 Against</font color=red>

    An overwhelming <font color=green>87%</font color=green> support an Old Style Shard!

    <font color=red>Note:</font color=red> This poll was taken by quickly skimming each reply, those with no definitive answer were excluded. Anyone who wants to get better numbers, I will glady post them here. This poll is not meant to represent any group of persons except those who felt compelled to reply to this thread.

    <font color=yellow>*Original Post requesting Rule being lifted*</font color=yellow>

    It is absurd that a board rule is based on a comment nearly 4 years old by a UO team member who is no longer working at OSI. In addition, by having this rule it stems any support which could be gathered for such a shard. A lot of players would love to play or come back to a Pre-UOR shard, so why stop something that everyone wants to talk about? Here is the comment cited in the UHall FAQ:

    From old Read-Only FAQ board (Updated 10/23/2001)

    This FAQ was originally posted by Cynthe

    If you don't want the board cluttered up with threads that is a reasonable response, but that is usually solved with a single sticky thread.

    <font color=blue>Will you ever create a pre-UOR rules shard?</font color=blue>

    <font color=red>No.

    Turning back time three years to reinstate the code as it was then is not possible, and there have been far too many improvements and additions made to the game since then to create a new shard without those!

    We also have no current plans to get rid of the Trammel or Felucca ruleset.</font color=red>

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Why couldn't we have one thread to discuss anything about a Pre-UOR shard?
  2. Second Motion Granted.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I couldn't agree more... look at WoW's servers.... seems like they have a server for every combination...

    if we can have a test server with FAR different rules than a Siege server with FAR different rules than a regular server, why not broaden the base?

    Want UO to surge in population? shut down freeshards and offer them an official alternative....

    125,000 subscribers is no longer playing with the big boys... it's time to think big.
  4. Dol'Gorath

    Dol'Gorath Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Agreed. But I would prefer a Publish 15 based shard.
  5. LadyDiana

    LadyDiana Guest


    Why couldn't we have one thread to discuss anything about a Pre-UOR shard?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Sure :) I don't care, and there are only two reasons why it had become a standing rule.

    A) Those types of threads tend to multiply, popping up each and every day, multiple times a day, over and over and over again...


    B) It had been a pretty solid position from the dev team (not just from one four years ago) that they would not be going backwards.

    I don't mind if you have one Pre-UOR thread, perhaps it will be useful for the developer team. I would think that any options to bring back solid subscriber numbers would be on the table.

    *waves her wand*

    Permission granted. I bet ya weren't expectin' that one JC ;)
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It isn't going backwards though... that's just some 'catch phrase' a developer used to make it sound bad...

    For comparison:

    I'm going to the bank to empty my account.


    I'm going to the bank to withdraw all of my money.

    Which one sounds worse?
  7. Smaug82

    Smaug82 Guest

    well all i have to say is that from your own words there is alot of interest in this kind of thing and I agree that it could be done, even using alot of the current code...

    you said..

    A) Those types of threads tend to multiply, popping up each and every day, multiple times a day, over and over and over again...

    so I will use that as a basis for calling for this to happen. if that many people open that many threads about this subject then maybe it should be looked at further...

  8. Guest

    Guest Guest


    it should be looked at further...

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Good point...

    another thing that should be looked at when that happens is poster rudeness (multiple copies of same thread) ... but with this issue, it is certainly a popular one
  9. LadyDiana

    LadyDiana Guest

    Well, you also have to look at the caliber of most of those PreUOR threads.

    "OMFG, you've RUINED this game. You suxxors. BRING BACK UOR. These changes suck. This game sucks"

    etc etc etc

    Verrrry infrequently were the PreUOR threads well thought out, reasoned posts.

    If there is a constructive debate (that refrains from referencing specific named freeshards) that is respectful, I really have no problem with it. It's all about respect with me.
  10. Cody McCourt

    Cody McCourt Guest

    I Must Agree. I like trammel but sometimes it's just too much. I'd like to see just 1 shard jsut felucca even on seige the guards cause issues and quite honestly people are just as spread out and people still sit around.
  11. <blockquote><hr>

    *waves her wand*

    [/ QUOTE ]

    ooo pretty =] I have one but not as powerfull [​IMG] It's just a -28 Magery Healing Wand but I like to pretend it can do all sorts of magical stuffs and glitters when I wave it [​IMG]

    One thread for it sounds like a good idea. Keeps everyone happy.
  12. MinorMage

    MinorMage Guest

    So can we get a mod to create a sticky thread?

    And make sure that there is ample warning in it that all similar threads will be dealt with?
  13. LadyDiana

    LadyDiana Guest

    Perhaps we will create one in a little while, i try to keep the number of stickies at a minimum however.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    yay! We won =]
  15. DeathByMe

    DeathByMe Guest

    That whole "code is 3 yrs old we can't do it" is such [censored]. If I wanted to, I could download a UO server and place it in the T2A era. All I'm asking for is a pub 15 server. I would go ape [censored] over that =)
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    let it go.. really.

    Every day another one of these pre-uor posts comes up. yada yada.
  17. Lord_Reed

    Lord_Reed Guest

    I agree
    If a band of amatueur programmers can design a uo emulator from scratch using the net framework and C#, then I fail to see how EA can't do it.
    Mind you, this is the company who's artwork is poor to dismal compared to artwork made by our own posters.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok, there needs to be some kind of rules here.

    The whole point of allowing a thread like this is so that ideas can be gathered, and maybe EA will eventually be convinced that something like this would be good for them. Maybe not. Either way, if you don't like the idea of a Pre-UO:R shard, feel free to post why. If you do like the idea, same. What this thread isn't for is to toss "witty" 1 liners back and forward about how people who disagree with you are morons. If you think its a waste of time, feel free to take your time elsewhere. No need to troll this thread.

    And as a small bit of advice to pre-UO:R shard advocates...making passive-aggressive rimshots at the Devs regarding how easily it should be for them to make and maintain a new shard with a completely different rule/featureset probably won't do anything but dampen any desire they may have to do such a thing. Especially when they know what the code they have to work with looks like and you don't. You catch more bees with honey, etc.

    And a closing reminder: No talking about third party shards.
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Every day another one of these pre-uor posts comes up. yada yada.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Why are you addressing the subject of the thread rather than the content? Are you against the idea? Are you for the idea? What?

    Your post really doesn't even answer the question. I'm sure many people are sick of this kind of thread, but they STILL agree that a Pre-UOR shard would open up UO to a slew of new players... good for the developers, good for the players, and good for UO.

    Posting to give it up just because it's a difficult issue to address really doesn't contribute anything worthwhile to the thread/discussion.
  20. Nixon[I-C]

    Nixon[I-C] Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 14, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Why though? :)

    When the playerbase is clearly behind it, it makes good sense. Given the support the number 1 player shard(which i wont name) has, an OSI one of similar era or before would have closer to double, which alone would make up 10% of the current subscribers
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    With their whole "no working backwards" policy... has anyone here even played Ultima Ascension? Freaking AMAZING... if they worked backwards to that... it would be an awe-inspiring thing...

    "working backwards" has absolutely no legitimacy to saying why this would be a bad idea... for proof, just play Ascension....

    Obvioiusly the developers of Morrowind don't think working backwards is a bad thing... might be why they are sitting on mountains of cash.... it's obvious they took Ascension and worked from there...

    Bottom line: look at what players want, avoid catch phrases like "working backwards", and pray your servers will be able to support the surge of new players/accounts [​IMG]
  22. Hemisphere

    Hemisphere Always Present
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 21, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Well, now that it's been okayed, I may have to restate a few opinions :)

    I truly believe that a pre UO:R ruleset shard would by far and away blow ANY future UO expansion out of the water (Pirate expansion pun intended).

    Picture if you will the UO expansion box, split down the middle with a big sword. The left half has all the typical close up 3D shots, information about all the new features, custom boats, player races or whatever they're going to put in, and in general plays the game up to a new player, then on the right half, the blurb opens with<blockquote><hr>

    With (insert name of expansion here) you will not only be able to experience all these new features, but we're giving you the option to go back to the roots of Ultima Online - Experience the untold perils of the ruthless Britannia of old, where it's every man for himself, and you'll need to have your wits about you to be succesful

    [/ QUOTE ]etc etc. I'm no marketting genius, and it could certainly be worded better than this, but I feel it would be very possible to corner two markets in one game, in the exact same way was attempted by the Tram/Fel split, but taken to greater extremes.

    There's are many issues with the Tram/Fel split that simply can't be resolved, because they're simply polar opposites, and for each change you add to the game, you're going to piss off one, or both sides, of the playerbase.

    It's been said that supporting 2 very different game styles wouldn't be easy, and it wouldn't, however, I doubt it would be much harder than the current debacle. Every time something in PvP is nerfed, it inadvertantly nerfs PvM unnescessarily, and everytime something is added that would be a great addition to PvM, it ends up being turned into a PvP gimp tactic.

    Mixing the best parts of today's UO, with the best parts of yesterday's UO, could be the greatest success in MMORPG history.

    Imagine if in the early days of UO we had had custom housing, mouseover item properties, context menus, the new guild system, the new overview, necromancy, ninjas, paladins (though paladins would need to be toned down imo), samurais, Ilshenar, Malas, Tokuno, follower slots, bonded pets, the current vendor system, factions, the gardening system, the solen quests, etc. There are so many great additions that have been made over the years that could go hand in hand with the old UO, to make an unrivalled playing experience.

    I truly hope that this thread, or it's successor, flourishes, and the opinions contained herein are duly noted. I read an amazing thread on IGN the other day that truly shocked me, the almost unwavering opinion of 3 pages worth of posters agree that pre UO:R UO was the best gaming experience ever. I would almost be willing to wager that, at this point, UO's market for old players who quit, is equal to or bigger than it's market for new players. Here's the thread: http://vnboards.ign.com/UO_General_Forum/b5053/77091381/?67
  23. BrNz

    BrNz Guest

    Ok this is my take on it.

    There will NEVER be a pre-uo:r shard.
    [*] <font color="red"> EA will not spend the time or money on it. </font>
    [*] There are no developers that would want to work on it.. and if they do there bonified insane and should be locked up.
    [*] <font color="red"> EA will not spend any time or money on it.</font>
    [*] "There is no going backwards" You have no idea how true this is. Most freeshards use code that was taken from one of the UO Expansion disks that accidently had all of UO's code on it (or something akin to that urban legend).
    [*] There is no CVS for this code - and if they did have 7 years of fully backed up able to restore code - why would they want to spend the time to attempt to revert to code that they could not support much less try and unscramble?
    [*] <font color="red"> EA Will not spend any time and money on it.</font>

    I'm sorry - but this is my opinion - but I feel that I'm about 99.99999% correct. And it isn't going to happen. But please discuss.. this is just my 2 cents about it.
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I believe the only reason EA won't spend time on it is because you have developer(s) stating that it would be "working backwards". If they really wanted to do this, they would probably have to market the idea better than that....

    And, of course, that's why we loyal Stratics posters are here... [​IMG]
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Ok this is my take on it.

    There will NEVER be a pre-uo:r shard.
    [*] <font color="red"> EA will not spend the time or money on it. </font>
    [*] There are no developers that would want to work on it.. and if they do there bonified insane and should be locked up.
    [*] <font color="red"> EA will not spend any time or money on it.</font>
    [*] "There is no going backwards" You have no idea how true this is. Most freeshards use code that was taken from one of the UO Expansion disks that accidently had all of UO's code on it (or something akin to that urban legend).
    [*] There is no CVS for this code - and if they did have 7 years of fully backed up able to restore code - why would they want to spend the time to attempt to revert to code that they could not support much less try and unscramble?
    [*] <font color="red"> EA Will not spend any time and money on it.</font>

    I'm sorry - but this is my opinion - but I feel that I'm about 99.99999% correct. And it isn't going to happen. But please discuss.. this is just my 2 cents about it.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    I believe EA would spend money on 1,000 Pre-UOR shards if it brought in more subscriptions. You have to remember UO is a business to make money. If a Pre-UOR shard could be filled with users then it would definitly be worth spending money on, and there is evidence and enough interest that a Pre-UOR shard might become the most populous shard ever.

    I would really like to see them put up a "test shard" with whatever they can to make it Pre-UOR. If enough players went there and started a community then a full time shard could be considered. I know I would go there. It should be that hard at all. Just remove all the facets except felucca and turn off item insurance. That is all that would be needed for the test shard.
  26. Limdul

    Limdul Guest

    *bows* Thanks for the permission (= I was expecting the lock.

    I have always liked this this Idea. The main reason is that I miss being able to pvp without haveing to spend days or weeks getting items, Or spending cash to buy them on Ebay or from someone. I'm not saying get rid of the skills because some of the new skills are pretty cool (alto I would give up the newer skills if I had to). I think it would be neat for them to put up a temp shard for the pre-ren and see how many people play on it. I mean I like Siege and all but its just like a normal shard except skill gain and insurance (well and no tram ruleset).
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    They should also keep the exploit/bug fixes... all they really have to do is take the current code, put up a new shard, and then ask for player advice on what they would like to see included on this shard.... things like bounties... theives in towns.... no guards... etc... etc...

    That's not working backwards.... that's listening to the players... although some would argue... nevermind
  28. Goetia

    Goetia Guest

    I would love an old time shard. I'm so bord with UO the way it is. Please make an a Pre-UOR shard and I'll there.......I might even get rid of my house that's out side Luna in LS and only play the Pre-UOR shard.
  29. V(r6)dubEr

    V(r6)dubEr Guest

    I would like to see a pre aos shard i liked uo:r it was the last good expansion but in this shard instead of tram they can have tok but be all fel rule.
  30. Dodge

    Dodge Guest

    My take on the whole Thing

    In my opinion trammel was the biggest mistake ever made by EA sure less pvp was needed to keep the RPs , PvMers in UO but insted of messing up UO for the pvp minded people and buissniess hungry crafters they could have put up a few shards using the trammel ruleset think "seige not so perlirous" , and giving the playerbase a Pre UO:r shard would fix mistake Nr.1
  31. Kallitcha

    Kallitcha Guest

    That would be a great marketing Idea. I am so for this. Dont get me wrong I do like the game now. I defently know I liked the game before. I would love to see a shared with the old code. I would defently play it in addition to the newer code. I would love to see a shard with pre UOR, and one with code pre pub 15.

    Why not? It sounds like a great idea. I know several who left the game to play the pre pub 15 free shards because they hated the game after pub 16. I know I dont get the same feelings of enjoyment that I got out of the game before all the changes. Before it truely ment something to GM a skill. It truely ment something when you earned your gold. The ingame market wasnt flooded with all the gold. There wasnt all the new overpriced insane items. It was fun going out PVPing naked or wairing gm armour. You could go out and compete without having to be rich. Now the way it is you have to have mega millions or be extremly lucky enough to have the uber items that are pretty much required to compete.

    Things were much simpler and in my opionion and so much funner.

    For those in that have said its going backwards, why waste the time BLAH BLAH BLAH. BTW its not going backwards if you still continue to forward the current system. I am a customer who would greatly appretiate the opportunity to play the older versions of the game. I know there are others.

    If this were to be offered, there would be so little maitnance to be done. After all, you wouldnt be adding new publishes so it would be a one time set up so to speak. Doing this you might just keep some of us older players sticking around. You might even bring back some of those old players that left after all the changes.

    I cant see a single reason why it could not be a viable option. I can see why the Devs do not want to address this issue. They are probally taking slight offense to the idea. Imagine it, they are probally thinking... "I spend all this time working on changes and all they want is a revert..." I would like to say that I do truely enjoy the work they do. I would and will continue to play the newer publishes. If they were to offer a few of the older versions of the game, I would greatly enjoy playing them as well.

    Im all for it. [​IMG]
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Good read.

    The only problem is, if they are offended by it, then they are insulting Siege players, Mugen players, Test Center players, etc, etc.

    Having hurt feelings is, again, not a legitimate reason for avoiding this issue
  33. Dodge

    Dodge Guest

    Well the devs should not feel insulted by what the playerbase says , they should use it to try and make the playerbase happy :p , Almost every Expanison/Publish/Fix/Patch since UO:R has been ehmm less succsesfull so to say

    *shamelessly dumped couse im not letting this die*
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    YOu need to discuss how much of Pre-UOr you want and or how much of post UOr you want still....

    TO be honest one should have a complete list of how it was back then..... what one could do, what one didnt have or do.... blah blah.... the restrictions on NonCon Pvp... ect.... what was the state of town guards? do you want them to chase a thief or teleport and whack them? can they (town guards) teleport to roofs to deal with griefers standing on them casting field spells on to folks down in the street? Can field spells be used in guard areas??

    Skill and stat locks? keep them or go with a pure Pre UOR? Remove pet bonding? repair deeds and deal with griefers pretending to be a Smith and taking off with your uber Silver Broadsword of Vang??

    No customizable housing...less storage in the old housing if you recall..... remove housing add ons also.... no SE lands or Malas and doom arties... no Ilsh..... prolly no Lost lands... Just brittania and its existing dungeons....

    Just Dragons and drakes and WWs and Mares to tame and not beingable to bond them or summon with a pet ball.... No bags of sending.... spending hours looking for Regents to buy for the night.... you have to go back to the restocking code from Pre UOR....

    No Chiv or Necro, or Bushido or Ninjawhosit....

    I will lay odds not many will want a actual true Pre UOR shard... but rather one with just the stuff the majority dont like... Insurance and item properties.... and pretend its a pre UOR shard and how tough they are to be playing on a diehard shard....

    EDIT: Lets not forget the wonderous gain and lose skill points just by standing next to someone training a skill like.... camping.. and same with stats.... constant see sawing... dont forget skill atrophy.... aka dont use a skill for 30 mins or so while logged in it auto drops a full point.. remember no tenths of points no longer....
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well we don't want to end up with the chicken/egg problem... should we discuss what we would like to see on such a shard or should we wait until the developer(s) step forward and say that such a shard could be possible if the details are firmly in place, etc, etc.

    I agree with Microelf... we, the players, must first step forward with what we (collectively) want... then if the developers don't respond to that, well... we'll wait for that to happen first
  36. Dodge

    Dodge Guest

    Heres my list of stuff id like too see and not see

    Stuff id love too se :

    Pre cast
    Old house rules (No lock downs / secures , lose your key lose your house)
    No bonding
    No rune books
    Horses beeing useless in PvP like the old days (Horse lagg ftw)
    Old style archery
    Talk while hidden :p becouse its fun
    Just "fel" no t2a no Artie lands
    And ofcourse Colored armour of Npcs :D
    Dreadlords / Great lords !

    Things i wouldnt want too see

    Insta hit (everyone being a hally mage gets dull)
    Heal trough poison
    Old style moongates (seriously they suck ^^ )
    Noto system
  37. Chamfort

    Chamfort Guest

    Now that the ban has been lifted, let the discussions begin.

    I would just be happy with a shard that was exactly like it was back in '97. I might even go as faar as say that I would love to have the same graphics as well from back then. You all remember the old paperdoll graphics from '97 right? Give me it all back.....noto system, skill atrophy, housing rules, etc.

    Chamfort-(DoC) Great Lakes
  38. Blind fury

    Blind fury Guest

    A Pre-UO:R shard would be great. When I first heard about the secret project I pretty much expected there to be a new graphics engine, which more then likely would bring in a lot of new people, but as time went on and the announcement that UO won't even be at E3, I'm doubting there is even a secret project. I'm not to sure where I am going with this but... imagine they added a Pre-UOR server and a new graphics engine, wow would they ever get a lot of subscribers. Oh and the option to play in 2D!
  39. Hemisphere

    Hemisphere Always Present
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    Sep 21, 2002
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    You all remember the old paperdoll graphics from '97 right?

    [/ QUOTE ]This is quite a hefty presumption [​IMG]

    There's a limit to how far most players want to go back, really. Become too "hardcore old school" and you'll alienate a lot of people because they simply didn't play that long ago, and it would also be a lot harder for the devs to code.

    I'd like to see something along the lines of pub15 but minus the Tram/Fel divide, and with just about every agreeable feature added since then, most of these "agreeable feature" are purely cosmetic and whimsical additions, as I was saying earlier, things like custom housing, gardening system, etc.

    If a pre UO:R style shard is ever going to happen people will probably have to accept a few compromises. It'll probably never be exactly as we remembered it - The lack of a volunteer system wouldn't help - and I doubt they kept all the statistics from back then so it probably wouldn't all be spot on, and as I've said, there are some great features that could be carried across that would be very beneficial even to a pre UO:R ruleset.
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

    JC you taking notes? lol.... make a list on the first page and you can add/subtract depending on player comments
  41. floydpepper

    floydpepper Guest


    I'd like to see something along the lines of pub15 but minus the Tram/Fel divide, and with just about every agreeable feature added since then, most of these "agreeable feature" are purely cosmetic and whimsical additions, as I was saying earlier, things like custom housing, gardening system, etc.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    i'm gonna go ahead and agree with this.
    while it would not be my main shard, i would all sorts of play it.
    i think it would be alot of fun and honestly believe that it would bring alot of people back to UO.
  42. Blind fury

    Blind fury Guest

    I wish bounties and dismemberment were brought back.
  43. kafka

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    Feb 27, 2004
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    I would happily go back to playing a Pre-UOR shard with non of this "best armour / weapons" wins the game bull sh*t.

    - Kafka
  44. I agree there is money to be done with a Pre-UO:R shard.

    Now I disagree with people saying "you only have to download emulator XXX and you have a pre-uor shard". Of course EA can't do that. Emulator shards aren't really the same code as EA's. The client has been re-programmed. It looks the same but it isn't the same.

    <font color=red>The solution is to put together what we loved in Pre-UO:R and we would like to see, and also what we don't want to see anymore</font color=red>

    This is not a "back-up" of the code from 5 years ago. There were bugs fixed since then, and additions that aren't showstopper that you can't just wipe all. So we must to say what.
    Example: I would like to keep bonzais, but what I don't want to see again is tamers with several dragons (pre pub 16).
    Or: I want no customizable house, all public and lockable by keys (maybe with [suggestion] in order not to be scammed too easily), but I don't want to see the "wanted system" when reds were killing themselves between friends to get the money.

    We must be constructive, precise so devs have less work and less arguments against.
  45. CitizenKane2

    CitizenKane2 Guest

    Replying to the 1st post.

    JC, I'm going to agree with you on this one.

    If a pre-UOR shard (obviously with no char transfer allowed [​IMG]) would bring more players to UO and increase subscribers, I think EA should consider doing this.

    Of course, this is subject to ... whether it's even possible to create such a shard.

    I think LadyD summed it up nicely :

    <blockquote>I would think that any options to bring back solid subscriber numbers would be on the table.</blockquote>

    Also, allowing a pre UOR shard to operate under EA could be the start of further developments along the lines of "specialised shards" (eg specialised role playing shards ? specialised "abyss" rules shards, where players can play as monsters ?).

    And allowing players more flexibility and options in UO has to be a good thing.
  46. Derrick83

    Derrick83 Guest

    Chalk up another member of that shard.

    Id go there in a second. I played UO since it started. How i woudl love to go back and paly a game without chiv and necro, bushido, ninjitsu.... FC/FCR/HCI/DCI.... blah blah.... Id love a pre UOR shard. everyone starting from scratch.. no advanced chars...no golem training.. NO ARTIFACTS

    Itd almost make me cry... the special moves only being on 2h weapons... and it being random when they go off...

    MAYBE the only new htign id liek to see stay would be powerscrolls. The chamion spawns and harrows (toned down a bit for lack of slayer weapons and chiv and bushido and such). It woudl give fel a goal. The shard woudl be packed and spawns in birtania and T2A (which should be the only lands there) woudl be packed... and people would be there...ohh it would be such bliss... but... even without the PS and champ spawn idea... it would be briliant.

    What maybe would be a list of things that you might want to see from pre-uor shard...

    1)MAYBE PS/champs
    2)ability to lock/raise/drop skills/stats so its not random and u lose stats and skills.
    3)Ability to use whatever stat cap you have and get stats over 100 so a dexer doesnt waste 25 stats on mana and mages dont waste stats on dex.
    4)The current calculation for HPS([str/2]+50) instead of the direct relation of Str=hps
    5) maybe keep battle focus so that dexers have ways to regen stmaina like mages would still have meditation(i think pre UOR had meditation..maybe not... if it didnt forget this one)

    anyways their is a few things. Like is aid if we had a choice of ONLY pre UOR and no changes at all... id still go to that shard in a SECOND... it would be awesome.
  47. Evil Elmo

    Evil Elmo Guest

    I'm against a pre-ren shard but thats not why i'm posting, I actually think they should put one up just to prove a point.

    The thing that amuses me the most when this topic comes up is, oh but we want this and that from post-ren but not that etc. If you want a pre-ren shard that is what it should be, no extras from the future. Besides do you really think that they would spend the dev time to create an entire new ruleset shard, which is what your asking for by wishing to mix new with the old?

    So if they are going to ever do it, it should mean a download of the client that was available then and a stock pre-ren server. Anything else isn't a pre-ren shard, its just a cut and paste of different parts of UO's past and present.
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