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The PvP Dynamo Gauntlet, Day One, Saturday, July 24th, 7:30 p.m. EST

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by EM Kasaven, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. EM Kasaven

    EM Kasaven Visitor

    Mar 2, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Good eve, Catskills.

    We'll be holding a variety of events on Saturday, all centered around player vs player combat. The global rules will not vary from event to event, as they will be minimal, but the actual rule set and goals for each event will differ. On Saturday, depending on our time limit, we will be holding three events. I will give a brief explanation of each after explaining the rules.

    Global Rules:

    Combat - No offensive-powered pets. By this I mean pets such as Cu-Sidhes, Dragons, Dreadmares, Bane Dragons, Bakes, any and every pet capable of dealing or taking large amounts of damage. Non-offensive mount pets, such as warhorses, llamas, etc, are allowed.

    Teams - For each event, teams will consist of a maximum of four players, a minimum of three, obviously in every event it is to your advantage to have four players at all times. Teams can formed by players beforehand, and this is the recommended course of action. Of course, if you do not have a teammate, or a full team, we will assign based on who is remaining. Keep this in mind when forming a team - One event on Saturday WILL require one teammate to have the stealing skill (at least if you wish to have a high chance of winning). Also keep strategy in mind when forming a team, all factions may not always be the best route, lest you find your entire team in stat early on.

    All who plan to attend this event need to email me at [email protected] with your team member's names, murderer status(red/blue) and faction status. I need the names of all who intend on attending this event so that I can plan and construct the arenas accordingly. I will edge toward rounding the numbers up, but if you are not signed up beforehand, there is no guarantee that there will be room for you or your team. Also, if sign up is insufficient, the gauntlet will be postponed.

    No leaving the event area and returning (I.E, recalling out). Bring your resources with you. Teams will consist of no more than 4 players. No substitutions during an event. Substitutions can be made after an event. A team can only substitute two members in one night.

    NO FIGHTING within the PvP house unless it is part of an event. Doing so will find you banned from the house and from further competition.

    If needed, there will be a 20 minute cool down between each event to discuss the rules of the next event and to allow everyone to exit statloss. I'm sure this will be required. Take the time to use the restroom and have a beer (grab one for the presiding EM), but there is to be NO FIGHTING during this downtime. Fighting at this time will waste everyone's time, and you will find yourself disqualified and banned from further participation.

    Last but not least, expect death! This is for fun, but you will die, you will lose insurance. If you are not comfortable with dying to another player, do not attend.

    There are also a few common courtesies that should be followed at all times whether during downtime or during events.

    Murder counts: Avoid giving murder counts. This allows for all play styles, reds and blues, to attend the event and enjoy themselves. Don't ruin it for others.

    Trash talking: There is no place for it at these events.

    Rules are subject to change, and be added, at any time before July 24th at 7:30. Global rules (those that apply to every event) will be explained again before the events start, and individual event rules will be explained before each event.

    A brief introduction to the events of the Dynamo Gauntlet:

    1) Item Hoarders

    Our first event will require teams to obtain “Dynamo Gauntlet Chests” which are made heavy enough that you may only drag them (think bag ball). A multitude of these will spawn in a center area. You will return this item to a grouping of tiles at your base, placing one on each tile, which you must carefully guard. Once all 6 tiles are covered, the chests will start to lock down on their tile, one chest per minute, as long as all 6 tiles are covered The winner will be determined either when one team has all of their tiles covered with a locked down chest, or when the time limit has expired. The time limit is TBD, depending on number of participants.

    2) The Thieves’ Treasure

    This event will require the participation of a thief on each team for best results. I often am told how thieves receive little love; well here is your chance to prove yourself! There will be items locked down throughout the area. It is the thieves’ job to hunt them down and return them to their base. The items will work like doom artifacts; they must be stolen to be unlocked. Once unlocked, they are obtainable by anyone. Bronze hued items will be 1 point. Silver hued items 2 points. Gold hued items 3 points. You must return these items to your respective starting locations and place them inside the chests. They will be cursed (and timered). The team who obtains all the items, or has the most at the end of the event, is deemed the winner.

    3) Battle Royal

    This is quite self explanatory. Last team alive wins. There will also be a time limit, and if it is reached, those with the most players still alive will be declared the victors.

    Event Time: Saturday, July 24th, 7:30 p.m.

    Meeting Place: Tram or Fel Britain Counselor's Halls. In Fel, you may enter the PvP house for safety. It can be found through the teleporter next to the Fel counselor's hall and to the north. Remember there is NO fighting within the house. If you are banned from the PvP house, you are barred from further competition.

    Also be prepared for Day Two of the Dynamo Gauntlet in the next couple of weeks. Each event will win you victories or points, and at the end of the Dynamo Gauntlet, there will be winners declared and awarded. This Gauntlet may span two days worth of events, or ten, it depends on player participation, enthusiasm, and cooperation. I would like to be as creative as possible with these events and run as many as we can. I am open to player suggestions for additional Dynamo Gauntlet events.