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[Discussion] The Rare Collectors Festival (participants please read)

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by DVI, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. DVI

    DVI Guest

    Due to some scheduling issues and communication issues as I have touched upon in other threads there have been some individuals who have had some complaints.

    In order to rectify this I'm letting everyone know that as of today the auction will be lasting until 6pm on Sat the 7th of june

    In addition we will be running 3 new raffles(with 3 new items) for those players who feel they got left out or did not have a opportunity to participate. The vendors for the raffles will be up either this evening or tomm afternoon and shall also run to Sat the 7th of june at 6pm. All players are welcome to participate regardless of whether they won the original 3 raffles.

    I know many players have expressed concern over the festival events running that long, but in order to please players from all time zones I feel its necessary to allow equal participation, in addition with all self nominations due by saturday june 7th it will give all participants an opportunity to be part of the meeting of the rares council.
  2. a longer auction? Now I gotta stay another week.. bah!

    I hope LS enjoys my company.
  3. DVI

    DVI Guest

    A number of individuals had suggested mid week to end it, but the middle of any week is a difficult time for players to find the game time they may need or to be awake or present to bid.

    A weekend is always the best time to hold or end an auction to ensure that players have the ability to be present and make bids.

    I apologise for any inconvenience it may cause, but its a situation that makes it impossible to please everyone.
  4. I see your point. It was somewhat confusing to me that people were still adding items to the auction after it started. Virtually giving anyone the oppertunity to keep adding up until the end.

    I think if there is another auction if theres a 3rd fest, the items need to be submitted or a list created up 2-3 days prior to the luanch of the event. That way an end date can be established and a content list can be provided so people know what to look for and know how long they have to bid on an item.
  5. DVI

    DVI Guest

    The problem wasnt that items were being added, it was that some of the promised items had not been delievered and we had difficulty reaching the owner so we had to put a hold on them and substitute other items.

    The the reason for extending it till tuesday initially was due to the turn out and complaints about the time frame.

    But im being told now that people do not want to wait till tuesday so im going to return the auction end date to tuesday, and leave the raffle to the ppl.

    Do you want a second raffle?
    The end date would be non-negotiable.
  6. prison bound

    prison bound Guest

    i understand that it was a difficult decision to make and frankly, i feel it was the right one. although there will certainly be those who are dismayed by the extension, there are others who will have a better chance at participating
  7. I got an idea that may potentially help the next fest.

    get a list of submitted items available 2 weeks before the event. End the list the weekend prior to the luanch of the event, then use the entire week to bid on items. The end date for that auction will be the last day of the event.

    How it would work in theory is..

    1) people submit items they're going to enter into the event 2 weeks prior the rares fest.
    2) once the list is finished, the auction begins a week before the rares fest
    3) the weekend of the event, people bring over the items with their own stuff. They give the items in the auction to the auctioneer or whoevers in charge of it.
    4) the last day of the fest, the auction ends and people may pick up the items and collect gold etc.

    As for the raffle, I really didn't have a clue how it was being run. I didn't buy any tickets so I can't say it affected me. But from what I understand, the raffle was announced 2 hours before its announcement was suppose to be.

    And the fact it was announced early raised a lot of hands and turned a lot of heads.

    But its just one of the situations where someone couldn't spread news fast enough, and everyone else was left wondering "wtf?"

    So in my opinion, it was all due to lack of communication. I think it would help everyone to have a rares community website with event countdowns/updates/changes etc. with a website moderator. And set up a committe ICQ if anyone else has further questions during the event.
  8. Uriah Heep

    Uriah Heep Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 26, 2008
    Likes Received:

    A simple heads up right here in the rares forum would have sufficed. :)
    But thats the end of the subject for me, cause I aint gonna :bdh:
    Better luck next time !
    *waits for announcement of next fest*
  9. THP

    THP Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 13, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Listen here!! I was only making a very polite point about the time starts of the events..Stop this THP is a troubler make rumpus!! lalala

    People like me living in Europe were logging into your shard in the early hours of the morning (after -midnight) expecting/looking foward to an event, to find out it had taken place some 2 hours early....Jeepers that aint pancakes thats just saying hey we wish we had known u were starting 2 hours earlier then we could have logged in at a normal playtime...[END]
  10. Tomas_Bryce

    Tomas_Bryce Rares Collector Extraordinaire | Rares Fest Host
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 14, 2006
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    There is no meeting planned for 7th for rare council. That is the deadline for people to nominate themselves to be part of high council. This will be followed by few days for each candidate to explain why they should be selected followed by elections. There has been no in-game meeting planned though for Saturday.
  11. AtlanticVlad

    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    GAHHH LONGER AUCTION!!! i wouldn't have entered in it if id of known it was gonna be longer then the weekend! GRRRR!!

    (PS Ignore me please IVE had a terrible last 4 days IRL Im grumpy and irritable and I wanna go back to Atlantic)
  12. The date was Re-reverted back to tomorrow TUESDAY. Hope that brightens your day :thumbup1:
  13. DVI

    DVI Guest

    Kratos your idea is a great one which is why I've attempted to use it myself, but most of you are so lazy that you refuse to give me any indiciation you plan to attend let alone submit an item list of any kind.

    and thp I made no remarks about you in this thread.