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The return of the Everwood and Bladebinder Family

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Piper Everwood, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. As Piper entered the Inn the warthm of the fire drew her in. Her long red hair was still damp from the rain that had fallen earlier, sending a chill through her body. Her slender legs uncovered by her short skirt were freezing. As she took a chair close to the fire, she saw many were looking at her. Saddly there wasnt a face she knew. She had been gone for so long.
    She sighed as she thought, this wasn't the homecoming they had hoped for. The village that had once been their home now stood abandoned. She thought about her family. Her older sister Kittiara and her husband Ritt Bladebinder, his younger brothers Sazabi and Rage, Piper's twin brother Berum and their cousin Anderial. They had set out over three years ago trying to find some peace and were surprised as their juorney brought them home again. She thought about their old friends and wondered where they had gone. What had caused them all to leave the home and village they had all built?
    Her heart still ached for her lost love. Would she ever see him again? Her cyrstal blue eyes always had a hint of pain in them. Piper shook her head to clear her mind. Some good had happened to them since their return. They had met a very kind man named, Elvin. And now thanks to him they were building new friendships.
    As Piper looked around the room she wondered who would become friend and who would become an enemy? It never failed, ever since their parents were murdered Kittiara,Berum and Piper always seemed to have someone after them. Now the Bladebinder family was involded due to Ritt and Kittiara's marriage. She prayed they would finally find peace and be able to remain. She hated all the running. Her pets were always agravaited and on guard.
    She looked back into the fire and couldn't help but think of the only one who had ever gotten close to her heart. Many siad he wasnt even human, but she knew the truth. She hoped he was alright and prayed someday she would see him again.
  2. As Piper stared into the fire her mind shifted to her older sister, Kittiara. Since Kitt's betrayal,death and her coming back from hell, she had changed. She was no longer the strong brave warrior she had been. It seemed she had picked up some new powers while being "dead". Kitt had never before been able to use magic, only Piper and her twin had that gift. But now Kitt was using very powerful magic, dangerous magic. Once again Piper found herself very worried for her sister. For her sister was heading down a dark path. One she could not and would not follow. She wondered why Kitt was so open to the dark path. This wasn't the first time she had been down it and the first time ended with Piper having to kill her own sister. As the fire crack and popped in front of her, she thought about what she could do to save her sister from another painful end.